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SecureGive is a fundraising company that aids in giving donations to churches since 2005. It has been assisting non-profit organizations and religious sects in upgrading the amount of givings and helps them in spreading peace and harmony. It has proudly helped several churches all over the globe including James River Church, Grace Chapel, etc.

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Top SecureGive Alternatives and Overview



Raisin is an online fundraising tool, and incorporates modules, for example, pledge management, payment processing, mobile giving, membership management, event management, donor management, CRM, contribution tracking, campaign management, auction management and much more.

By: raisin
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By: Revv
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Network For Good

Network for Good works for non-profit organizations. The Network for...

By: Network for Good
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FundRazr offers a complete toolset for raising funds for various causes.

By: FundRazr
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Anedot is an online fundraising platform trusted by over 18000 churches, political organizations, schools, and non-profits.

By: Anedot
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Flipcause is a Fundraising tool that helps a non-profitable organization to raise sponsorships and conduct campaigns.

By: Flipcause
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It provides several templates to build forms for various groups of donors...

By: GiveCampus
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It helps organizers to build websites to support the events conducted by them...

By: Mightycause
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Double the Donation

Providing the proper connectivity between donors and fundraisers, Double the Donation helps a large chunk...

By: Double the Donation
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It helps the user to reach out to more people to raise funds for a...

By: GivenGain
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By using GiveWP, not only can a person get online donations, but are also able...

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Salsa Engage

It provides various facilities such as marketing automation, social media marketing, built-in fundraiser coaching, advocacy...

By: Salsa Labs Inc.
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They have different types of fundraising platforms, such as peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, various events, etc...

By: CauseVox
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It aids do-it-yourself campaigns and promotes awareness about your cause...

By: Ruffalo Noel Levitz
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It is a cloud-based software solution that makes it easier to raise funds...

By: DonorDrive
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SecureGive Review and Overview

People have been donating their money to religious temples and they want to do more but they can’t find a platform on which they can rely on. SecureGive clears all your doubts and you can easily contribute through its kiosk to the religious kirks in a safely. It helps the churches in finding the donators as well as assists them in improving their social services. The founder While Marty, is himself a lead pastor and actively participates in many social activities that led him to come up with a great idea to start SecureGive.

Setting up for online giving

If you want to donate to a church that is far away from your house, SecureGive provides you with the option of online giving. This option helps you in getting funds from any region of the world and increases your budget exponentially. With the responsive user interface and customized portal, it promotes your brand and helps in getting more endowments from people.

It also has the feature of Multi-Site support that helps in managing multiple branches form one point. SecureGive even lets you set the amount to be donated and the date and time for the recurring transactions.

Donation through mobile

This process of donation is the fastest of all. You can contribute by just sending a message or by downloading the SecureGive app. The optimized application saves your gifting history and your card details that helps in consistent donations. You can give as much you want from anywhere by using this app. The user after completing the donation gets a confirmational receipt through email. It also helps you in sending faster donations by using self-made keywords to search the categories for contribution. You don’t even have to register if you want to send gifts via messages.

Secure funding as the name suggests

SecureGive knows that you are concerned about your donation whether it has successfully reached the destined account or not. That is why all your fund transfers comply with PCI guidelines which assure you that the money you have donated is in safe hands and cannot be stolen by cyberthieves.     

Company Information

Company Name: SecureGive

Founded in: 2005