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SoGoSurvey is the next generation online survey software that can be used for customer satisfaction, market research, events, education, and human resources. It allows you to design engaging surveys, brand your surveys, reach people anywhere, generate powerful reports quickly, and share your results instantly. There are four pricing options available: Basic, Pro, Plus, and Enterprise.

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Top SoGoSurvey Alternatives
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Qualtrics
  • Polls Everywhere
  • LimeSurvey
  • Zappi
  • QuestionPro
  • SurveyPlanet
  • SmartSurvey
  • Zoho Survey
  • Netigate
  • GetFeedback
  • eSurvey
  • Survio
  • Pollfish
  • SurveySparrow
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Top SoGoSurvey Alternatives and Overview



SurveyMonkey is a free online survey software that allows you to give more context to your results.

By: SurveyMonkey Inc. From USA
Based on 555 Votes


Qualtrics is an online survey software ideal for enterprise customers with the powerful insight platform.

By: Qualtrics, LLC From USA

Polls Everywhere

Polls Everywhere allows you to create polls and voting to improve your audience engagement.

By: Poll Everywhere, Inc. From USA


LimeSurvey is an exhaustive survey tool with an open-source license...

By: LimeSurvey
Based on 26 Votes


Zappi Surveys is a popular e-marketing and survey solution offering several products for branding, consumer testing, and other advertising developments.

By: Zappistore
Based on 11 Votes


QuestionPro is a survey software that is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

By: QuestionPro, Inc. From USA
Based on 14 Votes


It features real-time survey result, additional tools for Pro users, unique and professional themes, Image...

By: Survey Planet, LLC.
Based on 19 Votes


It provides powerful and intuitive tools to create engaging and compliant surveys brought to the...

By: SmartSurvey
Based on 10 Votes

Zoho Survey

It features easy editor, branching and logic, sharing and collaboration, collect responses, advanced reporting, CRM...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From India
Based on 28 Votes


The application helps various organisations and companies to understand what works, helping them to make...

By: Netigate
Based on 4 Votes


It features mobile-device compatibility, easy-to-use software, the ability to share your online surveys via email...

By: GetFeedback, Inc. From USA
Based on 39 Votes


It is complete software for managing surveys and very powerful software too...

By: eSurvey
Based on 3 Votes


It features professional templates, clone survey, extra secured layer, the Net Promoter Score survey, multiple...

By: Survio s.r.o. From Czech Republic
Based on 17 Votes


The age-old survey techniques are too slow for today's fast-paced markets...

By: Pollfish
Based on 3 Votes


The software is very user-friendly and helps us to create conversational surveys in a very...

By: SurveySparrow Inc.
Based on 38 Votes

SoGoSurvey Review and Overview

Obtaining feedback is an important business process. The feedback can be from the employees, customers, or vendors. Collecting feedback and survey and then organizing the collected data into something meaningful requires a lot of work. Typically these processes work well when automated.

Also, a lot of surveying in the modern-day companies is carried out using specially designed tools. SoGoSurvey is one of such tools that offer survey tools for capturing data related to employee experience and customer experience. In addition to this, it also offers an online survey tool and an online quiz tool.

Employee experience survey

The employee experience survey features help users to conduct employee satisfaction and employee engagement surveys and gather related data. It also lets users design custom survey templates that help companies customize the survey and feedback questions according to their preferences.

Some of the survey templates that can be built using the tool are self-appraisal survey template, manager effectiveness template, employee benefits survey template and team evaluation survey template among others. The customer experience survey features help users to design customer surveys based on insights generated from data collected from the customer journey.

Automation features

It also offers automation options that let users automate processes of data collection, distribution, tracking and analysis. Additionally, custom survey templates for customers can also be built. Some of the custom survey templates that can be built are project evaluation survey template, net promoter score survey, helpdesk feedback survey and customer feedback survey among many others. The online survey tool offers a survey platform that is intuitive, powerful and reliable. It has been rated as the best online survey platform.

The form builder tool

In addition to the tool, a form builder software is also on offer. The users can choose from a range of hundreds of aesthetically designed templates to create effective forms in a matter of a few minutes. Forms such as contact us form, event registration form, employee registration form, and maintenance request form.

Some of the benefits of using this tool to build forms are that they are fraud protected, mobile-ready, multimedia can be easily embedded and options for auto-translate are also available. The online quiz tool is an innovative way of engaging with the audience and collecting data. The tool lets create quiz templates, embed multimedia elements and distribute them. It further assists in the collection of results and sending it to the test-takers.

Company Information

Company Name: SoGoSurvey LLC.

Company Address: 2291 Wood Oak Drive, Herndon, VA, USA

Founded in: 2010

Top Features

Core Features
  • Built-In Poll Application
  • Poll Results
  • Third-Party Ad in a Survey
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • Firewall Security
  • Time Zone Compatible
  • Browser Compatible
  • File Library
  • Scanner-Ready Survey
  • Survey Calendar Planner
  • SSL Encryption
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Use at Events/Kiosks
  • Unlimited Responses
  • Android-Compatible Surveys
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Export Data
Survey Design
  • Deploy Multilingual Surveys
  • Branching/Skip Logic
  • Survey Bank
  • Pre-Defined Templates
  • Customize Look and Feel
  • Customize Survey Font and Size
  • Progress Bar
  • Drop Down Question Type
  • Radio Button Question Type
  • Ranking Question Type
  • Textbox Answer Option
  • Change Textual Format
  • Define Textbox Size
  • Date Question Type
  • Matrix Grid Questions
  • Add Footer Text
  • Add Header Text
  • Custom Redirect
  • Own Survey Logo
  • Embed Multimedia
  • Real-Time Survey Responses
  • Print Surveys
  • Auto-Translate Survey Questionnaires
  • Sending Email Alert
  • Advanced Survey Layout
  • Auto Save
Launch Survey
  • Sending Survey URL
  • Sending HTML Email
  • Distribution Reports
  • Publish Surveys on Social Sites
  • Contact Manager
  • Quick Send Invitations
  • Survey Drop-Out Report
  • Opt-Out Notifications
  • Schedule Email Invitations
  • Sending Test Invitation
  • Mail Merge
  • Email Manager
  • Detailed Distribution
  • Detailed Bounce Report
  • Embed Survey in a Webpage
  • Bypass Spam Filters
  • Website Feedback Survey
Survey Reports
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Online Reports
  • Bar Graph Report
  • Verbatim Report
  • Response Table
  • Advance Charts
  • Export Reports
  • Data Reporting
  • Share Reports on Social
  • Conditional Report
  • Individual Report
  • Cross Tab Report
  • Comparison Report
  • Frequency Table
  • Email Reports
  • Saved Reports
  • Track Response Time
  • Pivot Table
  • Advanced Bar Graph Report
  • Assessment Summary
  • Statistical Report
  • Response Rate Analysis
  • Filter Manager
  • Ballot Box Stuffing Report
  • Data Cleansing Module