Sticky Password

Sticky Password

By: Lamantine Software, a.s.

Sticky Password is a secure password manager and form filler software that is easy to use, completely secure, and help to save your time. It features military encryption, optional synchronization, biometric authentication, password database auto-lock, extra strong password generator, and more. It is provided by Lamantine Software a.s., a software company based in Brno, Czech Republic.

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Top Sticky Password Alternatives and Overview



RoboForm offers a top-rated password manager software, which allows you to automatically and securely fill in forms and passwords in the websites that you visit.

By: Siber Systems, Inc. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Dashlane is a free password manager software provided by Dashlane Inc., a company founded in 2009 and based in New York, USA.

By: Dashlane, Inc From USA


LastPass provides four digital security tools in one simple software package: password manager, random password generator, secure digital wallet, and auto-form filler.

By: Marvasol, Inc. From USA
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1Password provides a secure password manager and password generator tool that you can use on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

By: AgileBits, Inc. From Canada
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Kaspersky Password Manager

With advanced (and secure) form filling and login management, Kaspersky Password Manager is probably one of the most affordable solution to store multiple passwords securely as well as secure notes and much more.

By: Kaspersky Lab.
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Abine Blur

Abine Blur is more than a password manager which provides many tools to manage your password, privacy and secure your online identity.

By: Abine Inc.,


It features auto-type, command line options, composite master key, configuration, field references, integration, multi-user, password...

By: From Germany
Based on 36 Votes


It features multi-factor authentication, login auto-filling, secure file storage, data sync across all platforms, secure...

By: Keeper Security, Inc. From USA


It works with the latest version of browsers, such as Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and...

By: Kemesa-Passpack Inc. From USA
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Zoho Vault

It features password organization and storage, password sharing, direct login, ownership and roles, strong encryption...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From India
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It features password management and organization, real-time management, integration, AES-256 encryption, compliance mandate, disaster recovery...

By: Thycotic Software Ltd From USA


The software is built with high security in mind and offer AES-256 bit end to...

By: 8bit Solutions LLC
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It features offline copy, import/export, mobile version, direct logins, one-time passwords, anonymous account, zero data...

By: Clipperz Srl From Italy
Based on 1 Vote


It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Chrome...

By: SplashData, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


It features a simple auto-login, streamlined checkout, flexible access, secure account sharing, encrypted notes, secure...

By: PasswordBox Inc. From Canada

Sticky Password Review and Overview

Nowadays, everything has been digitalized and most of them have secure passwords. Sometimes it becomes tough to remember all the passwords and for the security concern, you cannot keep a single password for all of the different kinds of accounts. You have to trust the password manager that helps you to remember and manage all your passwords. If you are looking for a password manager that is safe, secure and can be trusted, Sticky Password is the best one to choose.

Sticky Password is an efficient password manager introduced in year 2001. Later its founder Alex Tischenko united with a team of security industry veterans and created a company called Lamantine Software in 2009. Now they are trying to revolutionize the security industry by offering software like Sticky Password Premium that does everything you would wish from a password manager. Sticky Password comprises security and convenience to provide customers an easy access to their password and sensitive account data wherever and whenever they need them. It manages all your personal data and passwords; in addition to that it automatically fills different online forms for you.  It offers security to your data with military level encryption.

What are the services provided by the Sticky Password?

Services provided by Sticky Password will assure that you do not stress about remembering all the passwords. It will manage everything for you as well as automatically log you into the websites for which you have saved your passwords in Sticky Password. You can also trust them as they have has 256-bit encryption technology to keep your data as well as passwords completely secure, so that there is no chance of any hacker accessing your accounts. 

Military Level Security

Sticky Password offers AES-256 encryption for your stored data which is the world’s leading standard for security and also used by the military. It gives you a master password which is not known to anybody; even not to the company.  Sticky Password also offers you optional synchronization of your data with the help of local Wi-Fi and hence your encrypted data will never leave your device. To provide you guaranteed security state of the art biometric authentication is also included that includes finger print scanning. Feature like Password database auto lock is also available for you on your computer, smart phone or tablet. With Sticky Password you will be in complete control and anytime you can quite conveniently delete your entire database from the cloud.

Application Handling

Sticky Password provides you ability to enter credentials of different applications that need passwords. For doing this when you will click the button to add a new secure application then Sticky Password will show you list of different applications it can handle conveniently. For instance it handles Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, etc. apps quite easily. So just by entering your username and password you will be able to launch these apps with the help of Sticky Password. Mostly we set our instant messaging system or email to remember all the credentials so that we can start quite promptly, that looks quite convenient but actually that is not a secure way. Therefore not letting your system to remember password and using Sticky Key for that purpose is a more secured way.

License brings better functionality

The licensed version of the Sticky Password will include many more advanced security and features like bio-metric supervision and two-factor authentication as well. It will work on cloud backup so that you can synchronize your data across all types of platforms. If you are a premium member, you can also get the help of the priority support by them. 

You can also store and save your credit card details so that you don't have to enter the details every time and you can check out very quickly. It also helps you to secure your data, whether it is text data or any other information with the help of a vault which is completely secure. 

Password Generation

Whenever you set up any new account and click in the password field then Sticky Password pops up and asks to generate a strong and unique password for you. You are also allowed to launch the password generator from the button menu of your browser. You can choose a length from 4 to 99 characters and hence you select the character sets you want e.g. uppercase letters or lowercase letters, punctuation, digits, etc. and then you only need to click Generate for generation of a secured password. The password generator of Sticky Password also provides the rating of each generated password in percentage and also tells you the password strength in terms like normal, low, high or enhanced.

Convenient Web Form Filling

Sticky Passwords offers you one of the most competent auto form filling features as you can define any number of identities in this password manager. All these identities are nothing but personal information used for filling Web forms. Different elements that are used for this are personal details, online contact information, snail-mail address, business details, and so forth. Sticky Password also includes a finance page that can easily store credit cards’ details and bank accounts’ details. It also allows you to add multiple credit cards and bank account details. It can also capture different data that you have already added in any web form. It spontaneously detects that you are filling a form and then offers you to add all fields that it finds as an identity entry.

Is it trustable?

You can see that everyone around is depending on a secure password manager like Sticky Password as it has more than 2 million users from across the world. And it has been working in the industry for more than 19 years. Sticky Password is also compatible with all kinds of devices and platforms, it will work efficiently on your Windows device, Apple, Mac as well as Android.  


Works across all devices, AES-256 encryption, Automatic filling of forms, Password Generator, Efficiently syncs passwords and different bookmarks among multiple devices, etc.


Do not offer online access to passwords


Sticky Password is a convenient password manager that manages all your personal data and passwords. It offers great flexibility and includes plenty of useful features.


Sticky Password efficiently manages all your passwords and personal data along with guaranteed security. It has a password generator that quickly generates extra-strong new passwords whenever you need them. It also provides you the ability to sync your data amongst any number of mobile devices, tablets or PCs. It also supports all the browsers such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera or Safari. Sticky Password also includes perfect portability with USB portable version. It allows you to do as much work as you want without being bothered about log-ins and unfilled forms. Sticky Password provides you intuitive controls that mean it lets you to access all of your account in the quickest possible manner.

Company Information

Company Name: Lamantine Software, a.s.

Company Address: Rostislavovo namesti 12, 612 00, Brno, Czech Republic

Founded in: 2001

Top Features

Core Features
  • Passwords Management
  • Automatic Forms Filling
  • Generating Strong Passwords
  • Steamlined Checkouts
  • Password Database Auto-lock
  • Database Management
  • Optional Synchronization
  • Perfect Portability
  • Manual Offline Sync
  • Cloud Sync
  • Mobile Application
  • Master Password
  • AES‑256 Encrypted
  • Key Biometrics
  • Fingerprint Scanning