Stone Profit System

Stone Profit System

By: Stone Profit Systems

Stone Profit Systems is an enterprise resource planning software that helps you manage databases. Its clients are from the natural stone industry to tile industry to solid surface industry. It helps to automate the operations which earlier required man power. It is a stalwart consignment analysis drive. This system is a great help in inventory management. It has solutions for distribution, fabrication as well as manufacturing.

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Top Stone Profit System Alternatives and Overview


Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps small-scale and medium-scale businesses to keep track of accounting related activities and make operations more efficient.

By: Tally Solutions
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NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides cloud enterprise resource planning software designed to manage complex businesses with comprehensive financial management capabilities.

By: NetSuite Inc From USA

Villanett ERP

The more enterprise resources you have, the more difficult it will be for you to manage them.

By: Villanett From Mexico
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Kenandy provides premier cloud ERP software for finance, operations, and manufacturing companies.

By: Kenandy, Inc From USA
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Intuitive ERP

Intuitive ERP provides an intuitive manufacturing ERP system that helps manufacturers to comply with strong regulatory requirements.

By: Aptean Corporation From USA
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Bluesoft ERP

Bluesoft ERP is a cloud-based management software that intends to provide practical, personalized solutions based on sophisticated technologies for its customers so they can efficiently handle all their business management processes.

By: Bluesoft

IFS Cloud

It features accounting rules, sustainability management, lifecycle management, document management, business intelligence, quality management, process...

By: IFS AB From Sweden


The platform is packed with modules consisting of features that allow companies to be equipped...

By: e-Centric Consultancy Services


It features activity feeds, customer and supplier portal, email integration, interactive dashboard, ad-hoc querying and...

By: Bista Solutions Inc From USA
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It features complimentary and dedicated database, help desk, free product updates, inventory and pricing management...

By: Aplicor, Inc From USA


Employees can be more productive while customers are served better...

By: CloudNET Co.,ltd


By: Mastermaq

Suite Betha

They are into municipal management, planning, and accounting, collection and inspection, human resources, health and...

By: Betha Sistemas

Omie ERP

by operating from a single, unified platform...

By: Omie


It features product configurator, traceability, variant management, time and attendance, project and time recording, unique...

By: Jeeves Information Systems AB From Sweden

Stone Profit System Review and Overview

The Stone profit system is one of the largest IT company in stone and tile industries. This system provides web - based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software since 2002 only for stone industries. You can easily access this software from anywhere and anytime if you have an internet connection and operable devices like smartphones, laptop, tablets etc.


It helps the clients to handle the accounting, sales and purchasing features. It helps to get data like special pricing, multiple sizes per slab, landed cost, holds and much more. Different names can be chosen as per client wishes to sell the product. The system helps in making the deliveries at time and also emails and fax the valuable documents in a faster way.


It sends the formal quote to the customers as per we set up in different formats and languages. It shows both consigned and actual inventory for sale separating both to avoid any issues. It tracks the remnant inventory and keeps all the records of slab information. It keeps the schedule of daily tasks, about templates and about the installation which is a very time consuming feature.


It provides inventory consignment, net and gross sizes, costing and many more exciting features.It helps to keep the tracks when the goods are made.It keeps all the data of goods and helps us to keep records of costing, block yield analysis, inspection reports and many more.

Efficient Inventory BarCoding Feature

With the help of bar code module and batch scanner you can easily get information about each and every product in your inventory and manage your warehouse with full of products. You can easily adjust inventory for broken products and remove, revalue, reclassify or split inventory and keep your inventory records clean and precise. With the help of this feature you can also view your all inventory from all locations on one screen and able to move your inventory from one location to another location. This will allow you to be flexible and accommodating to your customers.

Accounting Feature

This feature helps you to manage payments received from the customers and give details about invoices are unpaid. This feature also shows your account's report, summary and flow chart and give a snapshot of profit and loss report and balance sheet . With this feature not only can you manage your account accurately, you can also print checks in various formats. This feature provides monthly and year end closing report once period is closed no any changes are done within that period. This feature makes your financial records clean and accurate and keeps you on top of your finances.


The Stone profit system provides best user friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that you can find on the internet. This software helps you to get quick information about a product in your inventory and managing your account accurately by gaining customer satisfactions. With the various features available with this software can be very helpful for all stone and tile industries.

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