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Storenvy is a platform that allows users to create their online store and sell their unique items without worrying about rent, maintenance, and other charges. It allows users to sell whatever they want at their price. Buyers just have to browse through the Storenvy platform, and they can then place the order, the notification of which goes to the seller. All the sellers have their unique profile on the platform, which can be stalked by buyers in case they are interested in items provided by a particular seller.

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Top Storenvy Alternatives
  • Bigcommerce
  • Ecwid
  • 3dcart
  • ViaBill
  • OpenCart
  • Spree
  • Venda
  • Handshake
  • Teespring
  • VTEX
  • Trusted Shops
  • nopCommerce
  • EasyStore
  • Vendio
  • Ashop
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Top Storenvy Alternatives and Overview



Bigcommerce is an Aussie company which provides eCommerce and shopping cart platform for any type of business, from startup to big enterprise.

By: Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. From Sydney
Based on 17 Votes


Ecwid allows you to sell your products everywhere, build social commerce, reach global customers, and create mobile-friendly eCommerce website with unparalleled security features.

By: Ecwid, Inc From Russia
Based on 43 Votes


3DCart is a feature-rich shopping cart software which offers a fully customizable online store builder with no transaction fee.

By: Infomart 2000 Corporation From USA
Based on 15 Votes


ViaBill is an established payment processing software that offers customised and unique payments based solutions for small and medium-sized companies that are looking to implement modern ideas to drive their businesses forward.

By: ViaBill
Based on 15 Votes


OpenCart provides fast and responsive shopping cart solution for online business, with hundreds of payment and shipping integration options.

By: OpenCart Limited From Hong Kong
Based on 15 Votes


By: Spree Commerce
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VendaPay is a cloud platform that allows you to handle global transactions easily...

By: Venda Inc From UK


The application makes it extremely easy for businesses to maintain their supply chain and keep...

By: Handshake
Based on 14 Votes


Assistance to the user is provided at every step of selling...

By: Teespring
Based on 1 Vote


VTEX was created in 1999 as a Brazilian multinational e-commerce business site...

Based on 10 Votes

Trusted Shops

The company has been operative since 1999, with detailed online stores and Trustmark service to...

By: Trusted Shops
Based on 3 Votes


It features mobile commerce, multi-store, multi-vendor, search engine optimization, anonymous checkout, customer service, shipping calculation...

By: Nop Solutions, Ltd From Russia
Based on 35 Votes


The company helps you to kick-starting your business in the e-commerce sector...

By: Exabytes Ecommerce
Based on 5 Votes


The centralized management system allows you to sync the product data from all stores in...

By: Vendio Services, LLC
Based on 3 Votes


It provides well-designed templates for your online store, along with various integration options, top-notch security...

By: Ashop Pty Ltd. From Australia
Based on 5 Votes

Storenvy Review and Overview

The wave of globalization has hit almost all the countries in the world and made it easier for most users to buy and sell products from even the most distant corners of the world. This has encouraged many users to open a store of their own and showcase & sell their creation to other users with interest in them at a fair price. Storenvy is one such platform of encouragement and allows users from all over the world to create their store and upload the photos and description of the item they want to sell. The best part? It’s open to everyone.

What makes Storenvy different?

Users might wonder why the platform has been named as a combination of Store + envy. There has got to be some connection, right? Well, it does signify a lot about how this platform works. For every item uploaded by any user, if the potential buyers stalking through feel that they badly want to buy it for themselves and also want other stalkers to go through it, they can click on ‘heart’ shaped icon. Clicking on it symbolizes that they want (envy) the item, and more the number of envies an item gets, more is its probability of reaching the feed of other users on the platform.

The envy system leads to huge exposure of the item, and the sellers get an opportunity to sell it at the price they desire and earn not only a good revenue, but also a great reputation on the platform, which is going to pay in the long term. Also, while uploading items, sellers have to describe what type of item they are uploading for sale so that Storenvy sends the right items to the right feed and also helps other buyers to filter only through the category of items they want to buy.

A lot more than your ordinary store

Alongside selling and buying, users also get an opportunity to customize the look of their store to gain more attraction from buyers. Users can either use the tools provided by Storenvy to change the appearance of the store using drag-and-drop elements, or they can use the API to code in HTML and CSS themselves. Want a store that’s adorable, customizable, allows you to make quick bucks selling what you love to make? Storenvy is the perfect destination.

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