Suite Betha

Suite Betha

By: Betha Sistemas

Betha builds and commercializes local, state, and federal government administration tools including technical expertise and support. They are into municipal management, planning, and accounting, collection and inspection, human resources, health and social assistance, management of municipal laws, etc. Their vision is to be a pioneer in WEB applications for public management in Brazil, to achieve this, their mission is serving the public administration tech industry, maintaining the loyalty of clients, staff, stakeholders and enhancing the interaction between society and public servants.

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Top Suite Betha Alternatives and Overview


Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps small-scale and medium-scale businesses to keep track of accounting related activities and make operations more efficient.

By: Tally Solutions
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NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides cloud enterprise resource planning software designed to manage complex businesses with comprehensive financial management capabilities.

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Villanett ERP

The more enterprise resources you have, the more difficult it will be for you to manage them.

By: Villanett From Mexico
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Kenandy provides premier cloud ERP software for finance, operations, and manufacturing companies.

By: Kenandy, Inc From USA
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Intuitive ERP

Intuitive ERP provides an intuitive manufacturing ERP system that helps manufacturers to comply with strong regulatory requirements.

By: Aptean Corporation From USA
Based on 11 Votes

Bluesoft ERP

Bluesoft ERP is a cloud-based management software that intends to provide practical, personalized solutions based on sophisticated technologies for its customers so they can efficiently handle all their business management processes.

By: Bluesoft

IFS Cloud

It features accounting rules, sustainability management, lifecycle management, document management, business intelligence, quality management, process...

By: IFS AB From Sweden


The platform is packed with modules consisting of features that allow companies to be equipped...

By: e-Centric Consultancy Services


It features activity feeds, customer and supplier portal, email integration, interactive dashboard, ad-hoc querying and...

By: Bista Solutions Inc From USA
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It features complimentary and dedicated database, help desk, free product updates, inventory and pricing management...

By: Aplicor, Inc From USA


Employees can be more productive while customers are served better...

By: CloudNET Co.,ltd


By: Mastermaq

Stone Profit System

Its clients are from the natural stone industry to tile industry to solid surface industry...

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Omie ERP

by operating from a single, unified platform...

By: Omie


It features product configurator, traceability, variant management, time and attendance, project and time recording, unique...

By: Jeeves Information Systems AB From Sweden

Suite Betha Review and Overview

This was started in 1985 by an engineering expert Mr. Claudio Balsini and computer professional Mr. Cesar Smielevski joined their expertise and incorporated Betha Assessoria e Desenvolvimento em Informática Ltd. In the growth stage, they developed systems for payroll, inventor, accounting and the main clients were from the retail industry. Turning the page to present the company is offering a comprehensive solution for cloud apps produced with the latest technologies and in collaboration with key players in the public cloud market. This further improves the quality and affordability of goods for consumers.

Values to be held onto

Probity and delivering the best cost-benefit ratio, Explore and apply new ideas and principles continuously. Being socially responsible through organizing campaigns and will do the best to ensure that changes are made to the company's system or services and to interpersonal relationships. Build a fun work atmosphere that will encourage you to develop professionally and personally and appreciate your achievements.

Courses on the go

To be more precise, they offer certified courses and training on the solutions they provide in the respective industry so that candidates will have fewer questions and make greater use of Services and Goods with better awareness and cost-benefit in hand. Blogs are written regularly so that users can keep themselves updated, an article about "Collect more without raising taxes: how can small municipalities generate their own revenue?" is a relevant one in this pandemic because state reserves will be evaporated and they suggested to keep taxpayers, real estate and business records up to date.

Betha's Impact

Intelligent public management is the keyword user can find in Bethacon's desk and that means the person is linked to the best of technology and the government is going in the same direction. They compile and cross-check information to ensure that public service environments are coordinated everywhere. Bethacon is being recognized as the largest official event exclusively for municipal managers which is organized by the private sector.

News articles about the present situation can be integrative for the users in Brazil to be on the frontier end. The Bethacon will be characterized by the introduction of the Betha cloud system, its industry differentiators, and consumer advantages. The company's experts and administrators would be responsible for introducing the innovation to the attendees, not only explaining the processes but also sharing any positive events. Betha was creating a formidable impact in the practical world.

Company Information

Company Name: Betha Sistemas

Founded in: 1985