By: Dobility, Inc.

To develop products that satisfy user needs and current trends, companies need to develop a feedback and response type of workflow. A unidirectional and stagnant mentality can never lead to the evolution of a company. For mutual benefits of the sides of the customers as well as of the companies, feedback of service from the customer's side is highly essential. SurveyCTO gathers feedback like none else.

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Top SurveyCTO Alternatives
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Qualtrics
  • Polls Everywhere
  • Netigate
  • GetFeedback
  • eSurvey
  • Survio
  • Pollfish
  • SurveySparrow
  • CheckMarket
  • Polldaddy
  • PeanutLabs
  • SnapSurveys
  • Snap Surveys
  • Surveypal
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Top SurveyCTO Alternatives and Overview



SurveyMonkey is a free online survey software that allows you to give more context to your results.

By: SurveyMonkey Inc. From USA
Based on 555 Votes


Qualtrics is an online survey software ideal for enterprise customers with the powerful insight platform.

By: Qualtrics, LLC From USA

Polls Everywhere

Polls Everywhere allows you to create polls and voting to improve your audience engagement.

By: Poll Everywhere, Inc. From USA


Netigate is an enterprise software that allows users to undertake surveys through various platforms and displays effective data that helps the users to gauge different parameters.

By: Netigate
Based on 4 Votes


GetFeedback is an online survey software that allows you to create engaging online surveys in minutes.

By: GetFeedback, Inc. From USA
Based on 39 Votes


eSurveyTM is a powerful software which provides essential features to efficiently conduct surveys.

By: eSurvey
Based on 3 Votes


It features professional templates, clone survey, extra secured layer, the Net Promoter Score survey, multiple...

By: Survio s.r.o. From Czech Republic
Based on 17 Votes


The age-old survey techniques are too slow for today's fast-paced markets...

By: Pollfish
Based on 3 Votes


The software is very user-friendly and helps us to create conversational surveys in a very...

By: SurveySparrow Inc.
Based on 38 Votes


It is a cloud-based tool...

By: CheckMarket
Based on 14 Votes


It features easy-to-use survey editor, powerful reporting and filtering, email invitation, template customization, multi-device support...

By: Automattic Inc. From Ireland


By: Peanut Labs
Based on 16 Votes


There are various features available, including various types of surveys, automated smart reports, multi-language options...

By: Snap Surveys Ltd. From USA

Snap Surveys

By: Snap Surveys Ltd.
Based on 11 Votes


It provides various features, including ready-made templates, seamless collaboration, real customer support, office compatibility, third-party...

By: Surveypal, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes

SurveyCTO Review and Overview

Data governs the world, both in the past and the present. There is hardly any sphere of life where its importance goes unnoticed. In the past, however, it was very difficult to keep track of all these enormous data points. However, with time, we evolve. We have been able to successfully incorporate technology into our lives. SurveyCTO makes it pretty easy to collect almost all feedback data from customers. Companies can design any type of survey form, and SurveyCTO will relay it from the customer’s side to the company’s side with ease. SurveyCTO encrypts all data before transferring it.

What makes us the perfect choice for companies?

To prevent any unfortunate scenarios in which customers find it difficult to fill-up the feedback forms, SurveyCTO allows the company to run a multitude of tests before final deployment. To ensure proper development, a version control system is necessary to keep everything in place. SurveyCTO comes pre-built with one. The data-requirement type varies from one company to another. SurveyCTO allows a company to create forms for capturing almost any type of data. A company can now run several quality checks before rolling out the final feedback form.

Best-in-class analytics and security

The data collected with the help of SurveyCTO can be integrated with a variety of tools to gain insights of great worth. It can be shared in a wide variety of formats. The feedback data from customers is private and can cause serious damage if it falls into the wrong hands. We host our services in different locations, all around the world, to ensure a zero-point of failure service. Our services comply with the latest international security standards and policies. We respect the privacy of the customers, due to which we try our level best to secure them from the prying eyes out there.

Extraordinarily reliable and best customer-support

In our years of experience so far, we have never faced any sort of server failure. The feedback forms created by SurveyCTO are completely responsive and can adapt to any device. We provide almost a 100% uptime of services, without any fail. Our support team is available round the clock to assist customers. A large resource-set of tutorials is more than enough to get started. We even provide a multitude of training courses to hone the skills of clients.

Company Information

Company Name: Dobility, Inc.

Founded in: 2012