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SurveyHero is a tool that works online for creating surveys. It creates an optimized and mobile compatible survey. It enables the publishing of the questions and getting the answers in real-time. It contains a bunch of different themes and customizable designs for creating the survey.

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Top SurveyHero Alternatives
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Qualtrics
  • Polls Everywhere
  • Surveypal
  • Survey Solutions
  • QuickTapSurvey
  • QuickSurveys
  • Survey Anyplace
  • Survata
  • Survey System
  • QZZR
  • Insticator
  • KwikSurveys
  • Spark Chart
  • KeySurvey
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Top SurveyHero Alternatives and Overview



SurveyMonkey is a free online survey software that allows you to give more context to your results.

By: SurveyMonkey Inc. From USA
Based on 555 Votes


Qualtrics is an online survey software ideal for enterprise customers with the powerful insight platform.

By: Qualtrics, LLC From USA

Polls Everywhere

Polls Everywhere allows you to create polls and voting to improve your audience engagement.

By: Poll Everywhere, Inc. From USA


Surveypal is a feedback automation software that helps you to create surveys with good response rate.

By: Surveypal, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes

Survey Solutions

Survey Solutions is an interview technology that is computer-assisted. It...

By: Survey Solutions
Based on 12 Votes


QuickTapSurvey, established in the year 2011, was built with the Nobel idea to make data collection and offline surveys, hassle less, intuitive, and engaging.

By: TabbleDabble Inc
Based on 14 Votes


By: Toluna
Based on 9 Votes

Survey Anyplace

It features multiple device support, customizable design, quiz capabilities, web and native embedding, offline responses...

By: Objective7 bvba From Belgium
Based on 13 Votes


It features result analysis, survey analyst, census representative results, post-survey calls, up to 6 questions...

By: Survata, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes

Survey System

It contains many types of question banks suitable for projects on the web, mobile, and...

By: Creative Research Systems
Based on 1 Vote


It blends in with the font and color of your brand to give a more...

By: Qzzr
Based on 10 Votes


This tool fulfills on-demand requests to highlight deliverables as preferable to digital users...

By: Insticator
Based on 10 Votes


It features SSL encryption, report builder, unlimited questions, unlimited responses, full country and referrer analytics...

By: Problem Free Ltd. From UK
Based on 13 Votes

Spark Chart

It is a cloud-based platform to add client value...

By: Spark Chart
Based on 37 Votes


It features survey builder, survey design, mobile surveys, offline surveys, logic and branching, data workflow...

By: WorldAPP, Inc From USA
Based on 14 Votes

SurveyHero Review and Overview

Surveys play an important role in many businesses, e-commerce sites, etc. The answers given to the questions present in the surveys make it clear that what a person wants and what he/she think about the respective topic. SurveyHero helps in creating mobile-friendly surveys online.

How to create a survey?

The builder of this software is known as Drag and Drop survey editor. You can choose the type of survey you want to do and the related questions. You can use the pre-defined questions from the software or can also modify them according to your suitability. You can create a survey in multiple languages by using SurveyHero. You can choose from the available different types for questions like multiple-choice, forms, tables, and many more. You can also provide a drop-down list for your user so that he can pick from a list of options. They give you an option of white label surveys, which look as if they are coming from your website.

How are the answers collected?

SurveyHero enables you to use different methods of sharing your survey with the participants. You can share the link of the survey through emails, social media channels, etc. and get the answers recorded. You can include the survey on your website and even allow the user to answer manually. You can use the method of QR codes for sharing the surveys. These surveys are mobile-friendly, so you can check it whenever and from anywhere you want. You can send bulk email invitations of these surveys. You can create multiple links for collecting the responses. It also gives you the feature of preventing multiple participation.

Analysis of the answers

The SurveyHero tool is capable of creating reports related to the answers automatically. The report is in the form of charts and graphs to display the results. They have a variety of charts available with them; you can choose according to your understanding and suitability. You can check each and every response of the survey. You can apply filters on the report to get a detailed analysis with respect to the filter criteria. You can extract the response chart from this software to your PC in the form of Excel sheets. The charts can also be downloaded in PDF format. You get the option of switching between different report charts.

Company Information

Company Name: SurveyHero

Founded in: 2015