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Teachable is an online platform that allows businesses, teachers, schools, universities and individuals to create and sell academic courses online through their own websites. The software gives people a chance to sell their unique talents in the form of interactive courses and tutorials online. It features several design tools to allow users to easily design their online academy even without any previous experience and coding knowledge.

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Top Teachable Alternatives
  • Patience
  • INE
  • Kaggle
  • Curiosity
  • Platzi
  • OpenLearning
  • Cybrary
  • Thinkific
  • Dataquest
  • Teachoo
  • Highbrow
  • WizIQ
  • Frontend Masters
  • eCornell
  • Code Avengers
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Top Teachable Alternatives and Overview



Patience is an E-learning website that provides tools for users to create their online schools and educational websites to sell online courses and teach online.

By: Minerva Lehr- und Lernmittel GmbH From Germany


INE is an educational platform focused on IT expertise and training that can be used for individuals as well as teams to learn the essentials of IT and hone their skills to stand out in the professional world.



Kaggle is a community available online and is used by machine learning people and data scientists.

By: Kaggle
Based on 2 Votes


By: Curiosity
Based on 4 Votes


Platzi is a powerful software which provides essential and powerful services and tools for teaching and learning courses.

By: Platzi Inc
Based on 10 Votes


OpenLearning is an online community of teachers and learners that allows anyone to create and teach academic courses online.

By: Open Learning Global Pty Ltd. From Australia
Based on 2 Votes


The company focuses on enabling students with hands-on experiences so that they can catch a...

By: Cybrary
Based on 5 Votes


It works as a hosting platform for online learning courses and academies...

By: Thinkific Inc. From Canada
Based on 11 Votes


It is a boon for candidates with zeal in coding as the course material is...

By: Dataquest Labs, Inc.
Based on 20 Votes


By: teachoo
Based on 1 Vote


Founded in 2014, Highbrow has effectively given many knowledgeable courses...

By: Highbrow
Based on 1 Vote


The application features a comprehensive online academy builder with integrated live classes, cloud storage, course...

By: WizIQ Inc. From India
Based on 14 Votes

Frontend Masters

The platform is primarily focused on providing education and teaching the necessary skills amongst front...

By: Frontend Masters
Based on 2 Votes


The site is a leader in providing the best and professional online courses to train...

By: eCornell
Based on 14 Votes

Code Avengers

Their team is decked up with professionals from the developers, teaching, marketing and designing industry...

By: Online Education Ltd
Based on 1 Vote

Teachable Review and Overview

This online application helps users in creating online courses for a variety of streams and monetize them. It can quickly set up an education-oriented portal on your existing website through plugins and enable your subscribers to access them. Creating compelling content in any format is also possible. Assessing the progress of your students is also possible.

Start teaching quickly

Teachable provides utilities that can help you create an online teaching course efficiently. A powerful editor is available, which can help in creating engaging multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions. A user dashboard provides insight into all the aspects of your online coaching business, such as users, payments, and site settings. The interface can be integrated with a variety of platforms to expand your business by also providing insights into your financial data. One can create compelling sales pages to get money from their subscribers. You can also invite new authors, team members to create more content for you.

Customize your courses

You can upload unlimited amounts of videos, courses, and coaching services as well as teach unlimited students on the platform you have created. One-on-one or group sessions are designable in real-time with call hosting and task features. You can also schedule and take bookings with Zoom and Calendly. Progress is assessable with quizzes, and certifications are also available to the students. Third-party forms and surveys can be integrated with their interface to gather student feedback efficiently. Course progress is trackable by statistics such as completion status and assignment submissions.

Get paid effectively

You can offer advanced pricing options such as subscriptions, memberships, one time payments, bundles, and more to the students. You can effortlessly integrate affiliate marketing tools to help you advertise your courses quickly. It can easily accept money in 130+ currencies through PayPal and mobile payment options.

Company Information

Company Name: Teachable Inc.

Company Address: 115 W. 18th St. Flr 2, New York City, NY, USA

Founded in: 2013

Top Features

  • School Branding
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Custom Domains
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Course Page Editor
  • Web & Mobile Optimized
  • HTML & CSS Editing
  • Multimedia Lectures Creation
Learning Tools
  • Built-in Blogging Platform
  • Quizzes Creation
  • Discussion Forums
  • Student Feedback Collection
  • Third-party Apps Integrations
  • List Segmentation
  • Coupons & Promotions Creation
  • Accepting International Payments
  • Advanced Sales Options
  • Landing Pages Creation
  • Custom Affiliate Program
  • Conversion Pixels Support
  • Third-Party Marketing Integrations
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Course-wide Student Insights
  • Third-party Analytics Integrations
  • Exporting Contact Data
  • Exporting Revenue Data
  • Student Enrollments & Refunds
  • Multiple Instructor Support
Hosting & Security
  • Seamless Hosting
  • Data Ownership
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • SSL Certificate
  • Instant Upgrades
  • Stored Payment Data