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TransIP is a provider of dedicated hosting services with domains and VPS. Operating since 2003, TransIP has great innovative domain and hosting tools. With a better and advanced interface like BladeVPS, upgraded control panels, and user-friendly interface, this Netherlands based company has helped millions of customers.

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Top TransIP Alternatives and Overview



BlueHost shared hosting service allows you to purchase an affordable yet efficient website hosting plan in your budget.

By: Bluehost Inc. From USA
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The main advantage of webhostinghub hosting is its efficient customer support service that is always there to help you with your issues over chat,email or phone.

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1&1 Linux hosting is one of the most popular and the most reliable one.

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WebHosting is a reliable, fast and affordable website hosting service that provides you featured hosting plans in your budget with several benefits such as, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel, Dedicated IP and other features that you can expect from a hosting website.

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By: Endurance International Group
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Orson is a tool meant for building websites. This tool...

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Petersburg, Russia...

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The basic plan is the cheapest one that comes featured with one website hosting, unlimited...

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The best aspect of HostMonster web hosting is its sound customer support system...

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You can get even luckier if you get to enjoy an offer from them as...

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These services are designed in such a way that they can serve the beginners as...

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The site also helps you pick a custom domain name for your site from a...

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The main reason behind their success is their super-fast cloud-based web hosting servers that give...

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The site allows you to build and launch your site and provide you with customized...

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One does not need to be a professional user to set it up...

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TransIP Review and Overview

TransIP offers multiple domain names and registration services. The three main popular domains offered by TransIP are .eu, .com, and .shop, each of which cost € 7.99, 8.99, and €35, respectively.

TransIP Domain Name Services

Under each domain, users get the license for one year, character limit from 2 characters to 63 maximum. These domains also use the DNSSEC service. Apart from these, every domain purchased supports domain transfer, modification of registrant details, change nameservers, DNS settings, and supply an authorization code. The domain lock is only usable in .com domain.

TransIP Web Hosting

In the web hosting section, TransIP has supplied three main services, viz., XL, L, and S. As you can see, these are named after the t-shirt sizes. They cost about EUR 10, 5, and 3 per month, respectively. In the basic plan, i.e., S size, TransIP offers access to a single database, five email boxes, 10GB cloud storage, and unlimited traffic and backup tools. This is enhanced in the L version with ten databases, 50 email boxes, and 50GB storage. This is made for mid-sized businesses and e-stores.

For larger businesses, the XL plan has 100 databases, unlimited email boxes, and about 100 GB of cloud storage space. The control panel can be used to view and assign SSL certificates, automatic backups, and visitor stats. Admins can even try SFTP client, PHP 7.4, and use a web application firewall. In this section, users can opt to get a subscription for only email, WordPress hosting, and even use Plesk Onyx to host multiple sites. WordPress only hosting offer support for WP themes too.


VPS services include virtual servers, software support, networking, and cloud storage space too. Among the VPS, they are known for their BladeVPS SSD. With the use of HA-IP Pro and BladeVPS, the services can be distributed for better accessibility. There are three main VPS servers in BladeVPS. These are X8, X4, and X1, which cost €50, 20, and €10 per month, respectively. Among these, automatic backups, snapshots, and monitoring tools are common. The change is in the number of CPU cores, RAM, SSD, and pooled traffic, which are higher in costly plans.

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