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Tuhund ERP system is a web-based platform that provides a simple yet powerful solution to companies of all scales to facilitate their business operations while also enhancing revenue and sales. The platform is packed with modules consisting of features that allow companies to be equipped with all the necessary technical tools they could possibly need to perform their tasks efficiently, all from a single, secure, and reliable platform.

Top Tuhund Alternatives
  • Tally.ERP 9
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Epicor
  • ERP Senior
  • KPI.com
  • Kenandy
  • Intuitive ERP
  • Bluesoft ERP
  • IFS Cloud
  • ERPinCloud
  • Applicor
  • iCloudERP
  • MasterERP
  • Suite Betha
  • Stone Profit System
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Top Tuhund Alternatives and Overview


Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP 9 is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps small-scale and medium-scale businesses to keep track of accounting related activities and make operations more efficient.

By: Tally Solutions
Based on 13 Votes

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides cloud enterprise resource planning software designed to manage complex businesses with comprehensive financial management capabilities.

By: NetSuite Inc From USA


Epicor provides SaaS enterprise resource planning software with industry-specific software solutions.

By: Epicor Software Corporation From USA

ERP Senior

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) senior is an advanced software application network that standardizes, optimizes, and incorporates business processes all over the departments including finance, human resources, logistics, distribution, and various others.

By: Senior


KPI.com provides web-based simple ERP solution with all-in-one business app to help manage your business more effectively.

By: Finnet Ltd From United Arab Emirates


Kenandy provides premier cloud ERP software for finance, operations, and manufacturing companies.

By: Kenandy, Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Intuitive ERP

It features procurement, production scheduling, CAD integrations, shop floor data collection, serial number traceability, customer...

By: Aptean Corporation From USA
Based on 11 Votes

Bluesoft ERP

Bluesoft provides distinct modules related to logistics, sales, CRM, accounting, and other relevant categories...

By: Bluesoft

IFS Cloud

It features accounting rules, sustainability management, lifecycle management, document management, business intelligence, quality management, process...

By: IFS AB From Sweden


It features activity feeds, customer and supplier portal, email integration, interactive dashboard, ad-hoc querying and...

By: Bista Solutions Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote


It features complimentary and dedicated database, help desk, free product updates, inventory and pricing management...

By: Aplicor, Inc From USA


Employees can be more productive while customers are served better...

By: CloudNET Co.,ltd


By: Mastermaq

Suite Betha

They are into municipal management, planning, and accounting, collection and inspection, human resources, health and...

By: Betha Sistemas

Stone Profit System

Its clients are from the natural stone industry to tile industry to solid surface industry...

By: Stone Profit Systems
Based on 13 Votes

Tuhund Review and Overview

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are efficient tools that allow companies to perform a wide range of functions efficiently, improve sales and website traffic, resulting in revenue maximization and growth of the business. The ERP software offered by Tuhund is particularly popular as it is highly comprehensive and integrated, provides a wide range of pre-built and customizable modules suited for a business’s processes, and is extremely secure, fast, easy-to-use and cost-effective. The platform also allows users to cut down on various kinds of operational costs and streamline their daily tasks to save time and perform them efficiently.

A unique ERP solution

What makes the ERP system offered by Tuhund genuinely unique and superior to other such platforms in the market is that it is incredibly straightforward to use and does not require any specialized knowledge, experience, or skills. The platform is highly secure, provides real-time intelligence to allow companies to be well-informed, dramatically cut down on wastage and expenses, while enhancing efficiency to a high degree. Tuhund also provides top-tier customer support, with a query or problem resolutions being carried out quickly and efficiently.

Plays various roles

Tuhund’s ERP system provides a range of different functionalities as it is designed to perform multiple functions that help companies and businesses accomplish all their objectives. The platform contains CRM and HRM modules, which allow companies to enhance client interactions leading to greater sales effectively, and simplify HR processes, respectively. Tuhund also provides specialized modules for sales, finance, inventory, project management, administration, etc. that include powerful tools to facilitate these operations of a business and save precious resources.

Fast and reliable technology

The ERP software provided by Tuhund is one of the easiest and fastest to use and implement. Its wide range of customization options provides swift implementation as well. Tuhund’s website is one of the safest experiences a user can engage in, having multiple layers of security features, requiring strict access for every level and all user activities being tracked. It is virtually completely safeguarded from any virus or intrusion attacks on the Internet. Moreover, the platform regularly performs an automatic backup of the user data at a remote location, hence ensuring that the user does not lose any sensitive or important data in the case of a power outage, system crash, or any other unforeseen event.

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