Twilio SMS

Twilio SMS

By: Twilio Inc.

Twilio SMS services allow users to in terms of sending, receiving and tracking SMS messages across the globe. It lets users to build intelligent applications and SMS logic in web apps over short-code, local and toll-free numbers worldwide. It also allows people to make use of text messages for communicating with clients and customers using their existing numbers or twilio numbers if they don’t already have numbers.

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Top Twilio SMS Alternatives
  • TrueDialog
  • TextMagic
  • BulkSMS
  • Tropo
  • MSG91
  • Esendex
  • Clickatell
  • Plivo
  • Message Media
  • SMS Global
  • Skebby
  • SMSCountry
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Top Twilio SMS Alternatives and Overview



TrueDialog provides the texting platform for enterprise businesses, allowing you to send promotions, notifications, reminders, and other text messages to your customers.

By: TrueDialog Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


TextMagic is a professional SMS messaging service that assists businesses to send alerts, confirmations, marketing campaigns, reminders and notifications to their customers.

By: TextMagic Ltd. From UK
Based on 17 Votes


BulkSMS offers professional SMS services that allow users to send 2 way messages right from their computers that have internet connectivity.

By: Celerity Systems (Pty) Ltd. From South Africa


Tropo offers exceptional SMS messaging gateway services to users that want to improve their business through various channels.

By: Tropo LLC From USA


MSG91 offers professional bulk SMS service that helps businesses in sending alerts, verification messages, advertising campaigns and reminders to their customers.

By: MSG91 From India
Based on 1 Vote


With the direct connections of Esendex, people can send high quality messages to their customers, employees, clients and partners.

By: Esendex Limited From UK


It allows people to integrate this facility into their system or application and send notifications...

By: Clickatell Corporation From USA


However, as the customer base increases, it is becoming more challenging to reach all of...

By: BSG From USA
Based on 4 Votes


It lets people to receive SMS for free...

By: Plivo Inc. From USA
Based on 12 Votes

Message Media

It offers services with which users will be able to communicate with their suppliers, staff...

By: Message4u Pty Ltd From Australia

SMS Global

It lets people to grow their businesses, increase revenue and decrease costs with its professional...

By: SMS Global Pty Ltd From Australia


It helps users in collecting contacts and communicating with anyone instantly...

By: Mobile Solution S.r.l. From Italy


It helps businesses to send personalized messages to their customers...

By: ComVision Sp. z o.o. From Poland


The custom telephony solutions let users to send generic SMS messages to groups or personalized...

By: SMSCountry Networks Pvt. Ltd From India


It allows users to send SMS messages from computers to mobile phones across the globe...

By: Upside Wireless Inc. From Canada

Twilio SMS Review and Overview

The most preferred API for programmable SMS trusted by millions of developers all around the world. Use your preferred coding language to programmatically send and receive text messages. Amplify your productive workflow using our six server-side libraries, powerful tools for monitoring and debugging, and guess what?

Even, get to host your code in an absolutely serverless environment. Pick tested numbers from thirty-two countries with appropriate skills to solve your project. Reach unknown boundaries using the wings of your imagination.

Out of the box API

Instead of APIs with which you just get started, Twilio APIs help you to scale up your production. Using a single API request, reach millions of users using the Passthrough API. Industry-leading Providing unparalleled security, Twilio Authy works seamlessly across all operating systems and platforms.

It solves tough challenges invisible to the ordinary human eye. Catering to the needs of your business and customers, build ingenious bots, train them with new conversational data and make a shadow of you stand beside your customers throughout the day using Twilio Autopilot. During these days, fraud frequencies are increasing at a very rapid rate and sometimes, it becomes too late to detect the culprit.

Verify API of Twilio comes handy in this case by validating users by means of SMS and voice. Use Twilio Proxy to secure all of your conversations.

A short tour of unique features

Twilio comes with its own robust code editor known as Twilio Studio. You can build your own code or drag and drop Twilio’s code to create or modify SMS flows. Twilio regularly tests network reliability and keeps optimizing it so that you face absolutely no problem in sending messages.

Things do not always go in the way you like, and your code might break at some point in time. In that case, our support engineers will assist you to fix your code to ensure that you do not waste any unnecessary time trying to fix the code, all by yourself.

The SMS you build meets enterprise-grade security norms such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and SOC-2 certified for 2FA. We keep detecting and fixing bugs in our service and provide you with regular updates. Our services ensure that you do not face any spam. We work around the clock to enhance our service and fix any problem you face.  

Company Information

Company Name: Twilio Inc.

Company Address: 645 Harrison Street 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA, USA

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

Core Features
  • Easy Administration
  • Usage Logs
  • Elastic Scale
  • Monitoring Messaging
  • Task Router
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Local Connectivity
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • SIP Interface
  • Recording Calls
  • Voice Conference
  • Termination & Origination
  • Secured Trunks
  • Local Connectivity
  • Shortcode Phone Numbers
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • Storing Media
  • Worldwide SMS Sending
  • Multimedia Messages
  • Format Supported
  • Two-Way API
  • Message Queuing
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Recording Audio
  • Echo & AGC
  • Hardware Abstraction
  • Call Queues
  • Conference Calls
  • Smart Fallback
  • Real-time Presence
  • Global Audio Conferencing
  • Media Transcoding