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Vaizle is a social media tool that allows tracking, analysing, improving, and reporting users' social media platforms. Providing all the required data in simple, accessible formats with the option to choose who to perform competitive analysis against helps a user understand what's going on and gives insights from which a user can take actions accordingly.

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Top Vaizle Alternatives
  • Brand24
  • Linktree
  • Mention
  • BrandMentions
  • Socialinsider
  • Radarly
  • Pulsar CORE
  • Helixa
  • Zoomph
  • Social Software
  • Geofeedia
  • Rival IQ
  • HowSociable
  • LocoWise
  • Mentionlytics
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Top Vaizle Alternatives and Overview



Brand24 is a social media monitoring and analytics tool that helps to bring your social media conversations in one place.

By: Brand24 Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


Linktree is a link shortening and social media marketing service that helps users to build their online reputation.

By: Linktr
Based on 12 Votes


Mention is a real-time media monitoring application that helps to keep track of all your social media activities.

By: Mention Solutions SAS From France
Based on 26 Votes


By: BrandMentions
Based on 39 Votes


By: Socialinsider
Based on 22 Votes


Radarly is a social media intelligence solution, with brand and social media performance monitoring.

By: RTGI SAS From France
Based on 1 Vote

Pulsar CORE

By: Pulsar Platform
Based on 24 Votes


By: Helixa


It features social search, volume and social reach analytics, collage and social hub, mobile apps...

By: Zoomph, LLC. From USA
Based on 2 Votes

Social Software

The social media analytics feature sentiment analysis, social reporting, and competitive analysis...

By: Cision, Inc. From USA


It allows you to monitor any location, filter any search, visualize social activity, analyze your...

By: Geofeedia, Inc. From USA

Rival IQ

It features multiple competitor tracking, social analytics and top content, manage multiple landscapes, SEO keywords...

By: Rival IQ Corporation. From USA
Based on 8 Votes


All the necessary resources, tutorials, reviews, and workshops required for you to be at the...

By: HowSociable
Based on 2 Votes


It features accurate data analysis, campaign performance analysis, competitor analysis, fast customer support, faster social...

By: Locowise Ltd From UK
Based on 14 Votes


By: Mentionlytics Ltd
Based on 24 Votes

Vaizle Review and Overview

Make an Impact

The effect of social media in today's age is undeniable. Businesses use it to make tremendous differences in the sales and growth of a company, especially start-ups. However, it is possible to be overwhelmed when diving into it as a new user. Many social media platforms have a considerable influence in promoting a company, understanding what the customer wants, and how to compete with rival companies to stand out.

Social Butterfly

The use of pie charts, and bar, and line graphs to present social media data is regular, but even these simple figures can be challenging to interpret. Vaizle helps understand this data and gives actionable insights. Its interface and features designed to simplify and assist in making the process smooth and less time-consuming. Setting up a dashboard takes less than a minute, access all analytics in a compact space, and create groups to manage clients. With a built-in report builder, users can make most of these reports by adding notes and opinions.

Win the Content Race

With Vaizle, users can choose their competitors and create competitive analytics reports. These reports can give detailed information such as what hashtags and posts profit their competitors, and how to tackle these. With detailed descriptions of a user's social profile, they can plan improvements to their existing strategies to increase engagement and amplify their results. The platform is so simple to access that all this data is visible even on mobile.

Company Information

Company Name: Vaizle

Founded in: 2017