By: Virtru Corporation

Virtru facilitates military grade end-to-end encryption for regulatory compliance, security, and/or corporate privacy. It features customer-managed encryption keys, and hence only authorized recipients can decrypt sensitive data. It provides granular control to the user to revoke, expire, and control forwarding. It is focused on areas of HR, Executives, Legal and Finance. It provides free encryption for non-profit organizations. Leveraging its recognition as Google-for-work partner, it facilitates seamless integration with Gmail and Google Drive.

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  • Jumble
  • TigerText
  • Nylas
  • Protected Trust
  • Mailstrom
  • Proofpoint Essentials
  • Hornetsecurity
  • OX App Suite
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  • Right Inbox
  • Sendinc
  • Cloud Email Security
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  • Sophos Email Gateway
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Top Virtru Alternatives and Overview



Jumble is an end-to-end email encryption solution providing security to business emails during transactions as well as in inbox.

By: Jumble Limited From Ireland


TigerText Solutions are aimed at safeguarding enterprise communications, enabling business stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and share information securely.

By: TigerText, Inc. From USA


Nylas is an Application Programming Interface. It helps to sync...

By: Nylas
Based on 8 Votes

Protected Trust

Protected Trust Email Encryption is focused towards healthcare industry, providing email security while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

By: Protected Trust, LLC From USA


By: 410 Labs
Based on 4 Votes

Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is focused towards providing email security to small and medium enterprises, preventing loss of data and enforcing data security policy transparently to all users.

By: Proofpoint, Inc. From USA


but not to be left out...

By: Hornetsecurity GmbH From Germany

OX App Suite

By: Open-Xchange
Based on 1 Vote


It has support for several mailing services, and its features are very easily deployable...

By: Boxbe
Based on 3 Votes

Right Inbox

It helps in the scheduling activity of emails...

By: Right Inbox
Based on 4 Votes


It provides complete end-to-end encryption while maintaining high uptime...

By: Send Technology Inc. From USA

Cloud Email Security

The service encompasses important features including software, computing ability, and support...

By: Cisco Systems, Inc. From USA


It accurately identifies threats and attacks and synchronizes defensive measures across all systems in real...

By: EdgeWave, Inc. From USA

Mimecast Secure Email

It assists secure messaging and encryption along with secure large file sharing...

By: Mimecast Limited From UK

Sophos Email Gateway

Sophos Email Appliance is dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and policy-based application; while...

By: Sophos Ltd. From UK

Virtru Review and Overview

Virtru is a data protection and privacy company that deals with email encryption and data privacy. It was founded in 2012 by John Ackerly and Will Ackerly and is based in Washington D.C. It allows you to build end-to-end encryption to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data privacy.

It allows you to protect and share data across your organization to increase productivity, which is not possible as traditional sharing methods are extremely risky as the data can be misused or stolen. Virtru enables you to unlock the true power or privacy and also data sharing so that you can concentrate on the success of your business instead of worrying about your data privacy.

Data protection in Gmail

Virtru encryption can be used in Gmail to give you control over your emails and data. You can directly view Virtru encrypted emails in Gmail. It also allows you to add watermarks to PDFs, control forwarding and expire messages. On top of all this, Virtru is recommended by Google itself for email and file encryption.

Data protection in Microsoft Email also!!

It allows you to encrypt data in Microsoft email also, which means now you can add watermarks to PDFs, excel sheets, PPT files, and also control the attachments beyond sharing in email. It is also one of the members of Microsoft Accelerator.

Virtru is used by more than 5000 organizations around the world to protect the data so that they can create and share with confidence in data privacy. It gives you total control of your data to ensure total privacy. Your data is protected not only while sharing, but even after that, you can still control the flow of your data. Virtru is one of the best data protection company there is on the market right now, and they are gonna be here for a very long time because of their potential in the industry that they are holding. They are and will be the best in the upcoming future, and you cannot miss the opportunity of protecting your data with them, alas it's your data.

Company Information

Company Name: Virtru Corporation

Company Address: 1808 Florida Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Founded in: 2012

Top Features

  • Sending Encrypted Emails
  • Email Forwarding Control
  • Email Access Restriction
  • Setup Expiration Date
  • Revoke Email Access
  • Military-grade Email Encryption
  • Email Attachments Encryption
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Sensitive Emails Encryption
  • Sensitive Content Encryption
  • Automated Email Encryption
  • Distribution Group Supported
  • Distribution Alias Supported
  • Message Revocation & Expiration
  • Reading Email Receipts
  • PDF Watermarking Attachments
Instant Message
  • Messages Encryption
Connectivity Management
  • Data Loss Prevention