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vooPlayer is an enterprise video hosting solution that focuses on security, stability, and brand identity. It can be implemented easily in any company page, from where it starts offering exceptional traffic through the sheer smoothness of the content. It is also created to be a lot more customizable than any other embeddable video hosting solution available in the market.

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  • Socialive
  • Shakr
  • TwentyThree
  • Streamrail
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Top vooPlayer Alternatives and Overview



Promo.com allows users to create cutting edge standout videos, social media videos, explainers, product videos, and much more.

By: Easy Hi Ltd.
Based on 14 Votes


Searching for the right software to create animation videos? Consider using a cloud-based software from Renderforest offering free tools for professional intros and outros, animations, slideshows.

By: Renderforest LLC
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Design awesome slideshows from photos, music and videos from Animoto software.

By: Animoto Inc.
Based on 13 Votes


Showcase your video creation with a happening company. Explore software...

By: Wochit Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Eager to turn heads with your impressing video presentations? Get the services from Explaindio offering awesome 2D and 3D marketing videos, doodle videos, training and explainer videos in just a few minutes without any programming skill..

By: explaindio LLC


Making a video is that easy. Check out how to...

By: Biteable Pty Ltd
Based on 15 Votes


The software offers video creation content for marketing, learners across formats and a wide range...



It helps the employees to send customized messages and videos to the customers for personalized...

By: Bonjoro
Based on 17 Votes

Microsoft Stream

By: Microsoft
Based on 6 Votes


The company builds software with easy drag and drop features, video types and products to...

By: Animaker Inc.
Based on 8 Votes


It uses the DRM encryption video streaming technique for selling video with payments, DRM, website...

By: VdoCipher Media Solutions Pvt Ltd
Based on 10 Votes


By: Socialive
Based on 1 Vote


The software offers a platform to create visually breathtaking videos, digital social media content using...

By: Shakr Media Co., Ltd.
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It also allows people to efficiently reach a platform for holding professional webinars and study...

By: TwentyThree
Based on 5 Votes


It provides a network of over 200k advertisers and publishers on its video advertising technology...

By: Streamrail
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vooPlayer Review and Overview

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video says a million more. Videos are one of the best approaches to drive traffic towards a website. On the other hand, an unstable and laggy video sends viewers away from the website in frustration. The vooPlayer is a dependable video playing and hosting platform that not only makes videos run smooth but also melds itself to reflect the brand image while also protecting the content from unauthorized usage.

Enhanced video hosting

vooPlayer offers companies the freedom to either use their previously-used video hosting solution or the hosting services of vooPlayer itself. vooPlayer’s cloud servers are fully equipped to host high-definition videos of any size. The primary advantages that the in-house video hosting solution has over other solutions are its incredible loading speeds, non-existent downtimes, stable streaming even on slower networks through network optimizations and the supreme ability of content protection. The hosting solution also provides some rare features that drastically improves immersion on capable devices, like 360 VR support and 4K support.

Lightning-fast implementations for lightning-fast videos

Implementation of the vooPlayer platform into web pages is a simple process. The first step is to get the video links from a video hosting solution of the user’s choice, which may be vooPlayer’s own solution or some third-party one. After selecting the video, the user gets to create their own unique vooPlayer that can be embedded within their site or social page through customizable parameters. Since the player is based on the HTML5 architecture, customizations range from video control icons and timings, interface customizations, removal of certain control elements, and more, along with the basic aesthetic customizations. 

Exceptional content security

vooPlayer is also different from other players in its treatment of company content. It has a range of security-oriented features that don’t allow others to misappropriate the unique or private content created by the company. These features include HLS encryption and password protection for internal videos, personal links for secure sharing, and a domain security and restriction system. Thus, vooPlayer is also reliable enough for use with confidential briefing operations occurring within the company.

Company Information

Company Name: vooPlayer

Founded in: 2011