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Paste is a software meant to help users with creating presentations more easily and interactively. Sleek UI and easy functionality make Paste a popular choice among users and organizations. Making presentations couldn’t get any easier when the application molds well with the purpose you are creating presentations for. Paste is being used by many popular organizations across the world, which include Adidas, Discovery, Pinterest, SAP, and Spotify.

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Top WeTransfer Alternatives
  • SutiDMS
  • Nextcloud
  • TransferNow
  • Degoo
  • WebDrive
  • Amazon Drive
  • Resilio Sync
  • DiskStation
  • SmartVault
  • Odrive
  • Upstore
  • DropSend
  • FileCloud
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Top WeTransfer Alternatives and Overview



SutiDMS is an online document management application that allows you to share, manage, organize, and impart your business-critical data.

By: SutiSoft Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Nextcloud is open source cloud storage program that lets you backup and restores files from anywhere in the cloud.

By: Nextcloud
Based on 28 Votes


TransferNow is a platform that helps out users with transferring files at a fast rate.

By: TransferNow
Based on 2 Votes


The technical revolution in the last few decades has granted us with a better professional and personal life.

By: Degoo
Based on 10 Votes


WebDrive enables you to edit files on cloud, SharePoint, and SFTP servers as easily as editing any file on your computer.

By: South River Technologies, Inc.
Based on 120 Votes

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive praises itself as your hard drive partner on the cloud.

By: Amazon
Based on 26 Votes


This platform is backed by the reliability of TOTVS, which allows it to have a...


Resilio Sync

By: Resilio
Based on 36 Votes


By: Synology
Based on 9 Votes


The software includes several features and integrations to simplify how people conduct businesses and handle...

By: GetBusy
Based on 14 Votes


Odrive is a dependable cloud storage platform that prioritizes synchronicity, shareability, and accessibility of the...

By: Odrive
Based on 6 Votes


By: Upstore
Based on 2 Votes


It is completely open-source, can be easily managed and deployed on company computing infrastructure, and...

By: Pydio
Based on 1 Vote


It assists the companies in managing their report analysis with the team members to enhance...

By: Dropsend
Based on 5 Votes


to help the companies in gaining full control of the data files that needs to...

By: CodeLathe Technologies Inc
Based on 12 Votes

WeTransfer Review and Overview

Today, large organizations and companies need to be on point with their products by being sharp with marketing and presentation skills. While marketing might be a factor that works differently for organizations in different sectors, presentation is a common skill that every organization needs to master. When marketing and presentation skills are combined with excellence, the product is ought to be successful, and therefore, the world has always needed a presentation software that works on this idea. Paste is one such platform that allows organizations to make presentations fast, creative, and attractive without any issues.

All in one

Most presentation apps have a user interface that sticks to the theme selected. It does not matter if the user’s content matches that style; there can’t be multiple themes for multiple decks. Paste get rids of this problem and allows users to create and customize with full liberty. Secondly, most presentation platforms do not guide users. By guiding, we mean that a new user utilizing the particular platform cannot get the hang of what style to select if they want to market the product, or what style to use if they just want to describe the product.

Utilizing styles is an underrated feature that lies beneath how a team showcases or markets their product. Users on Paste need not worry about styling because Paste advises them perfectly for the same. It allows users to select how they want the page to be and sets the style of the page accordingly. Want to use an Introduction Slide? Or a slide that describes the product? Paste has got you covered. And not to forget – users can also see how the deck will look on different screens. Never miss an element with Paste.

Work for perfection

Paste allows user collaboration so that the whole team can work upon the presentation to deliver that perfect sales pitch. Users can even integrate famous platforms like Google Drive, Maps, and even Figma. Links are shortened and enabled to present the story in mini window mode. It is very easy for users to work with multimedia files as a result of drag and drop editor, and the top line of all this is the chat and comment feature that allows users to work together and save a lot of time and effort.

Want to make presentations fast and fun? Paste them.

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