By: The Buzan Organisation, Ltd.

WiseMapping is a free online mind maps creating and editing software for individuals and organizations. It is a simple to use, web based platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime with a browser and an internet connection. WiseMapping is suitable for businesses, schools, colleges, homes, entrepreneurs, and everyone else. In addition to creating beautiful mind maps and presentations, it also allows sharing, embedding, and importing exporting of maps and data.

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Top WiseMapping Alternatives
  • Inspiration
  • XMind
  • MindMeister
  • Bubbl.us
  • MindNode
  • iMindMap
  • Scapple
  • MindView
  • Stormboard
  • TheBrain
  • MindMaple
  • SimpleMind
  • SpiderScribe
  • MindGenius
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP
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Top WiseMapping Alternatives and Overview



Inspiration is a graphic tool used to create mind maps, diagrams, map views, presentations, and much more.

By: Inspiration Software, Inc. From USA


XMind is used by thousands of people to mind interactive maps to manage and simplify complex projects and to get the work organized.

By: XMind Ltd. From Hong Kong
Based on 10 Votes


MindMeister is simple and intuitive mind mapping software used by people at schools, businesses and homes to mind maps for plans & strategies.

By: MeisterLabs GmbH From Germany
Based on 11 Votes


bubbl.us is used by schools, businesses and universities to create colorful mind maps online for brainstorming and generation of ideas.

By: LKCollab, LLC From USA
Based on 3 Votes


MindNode is a mind mapping tool used to create mind maps for people to organize their thoughts and to brainstorm.

By: IdeasOnCanvas GmbH From Austria
Based on 15 Votes


iMindMap mind mapping software allows users to create interactive mind maps based on rough ideas and data.

By: OpenGenius Limited From UK
Based on 23 Votes


The dashboard is like a text editor where users can write down notes anywhere on...

By: Literature & Latte Ltd. From UK
Based on 1 Vote


Its MS Office integration feature allows users to import & export data easily between MS...

By: MatchWare Inc. From USA


It supports online brainstorming and collaboration between multiple users situated remotely...

By: Edistorm Inc. From Canada
Based on 23 Votes


The software allows users to take notes of ideas as soon as they come in...

By: TheBrain Technologies LP From USA


The software can be used for managing projects, concept mapping, task scheduling and brainstorming tasks...

By: MindMaple Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


It also allows synchronizations of maps across all compatible platforms to enable access anywhere, anytime...

By: Software & Consulting B.V. From Netherlands
Based on 2 Votes


It supports multiple data formats, including files, text, image, calendar events, locations, etc...

By: Disarea LLC From USA


It is an efficient way to create, visualize and use ideas and data for making...

By: MindGenius Ltd. From UK
Based on 16 Votes

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

The software allows users to easily organize and manage ideas, create connections between data, and...

By: CS Odessa LLC From USA
Based on 15 Votes

WiseMapping Review and Overview

The Human being is known as the most intelligent creature on the planet Earth. This intelligence is because of the presence of the brain in the human body. Brain not only remembers things but also create fresh ideas. Some people are blessed to have a good memory, but some do lack of sharp memory. In daily life, you need to learn, understand, develop new concepts and ideas. Every time it is not easy to remember or understand “only text” containing information.

The best way is to create a “mind map.” A mind map is a symbolic form of representation that is known as “Diagram” in everyday language. It is a fact that the brain remembers graphic images more nicely than just text.


The idea of a mind map is very creative and helpful in terms of developing new ideas and then presenting it for a better understanding of people. The question arises that in a hectic schedule of life, how to create mind maps with ease and speed? The solution lies with “WiseMapping.” We help you in creating mind maps with extreme ease and clarity.

Benefits of Using WiseMapping

WiseMapping does not ask for money because the priority is to help businesses, students, professionals, and educationists to create and structure their ideas by making mind maps. Along with the creation of maps, the provision of sharing these maps with your concerned group of people is also available.

The mindmap editor of WiseMapping has very important features in which drag and drop, change colors, insert icons, history recovery, are to name a few. Nowadays, “blogs “are playing a vital role in life. Many people are into it. To enhance the writing of your blog, it gives you the provision of incorporating mind maps into it.

How does it provide security?

Whenever a person tries to make use of any internet-based technology, the prime concern for him is security. This concern is taken care of by WiseMapping as it is a web-based service. It does not ask people to install any software because all the work is done on the web with the use of HTML.


Company Information

Company Name: The Buzan Organisation, Ltd.

Company Address: Belgrano 3975 15C, San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Founded in: 2007

Top Features

Core Features
  • Simple Web-based Interface
  • Mind Maps Creation
  • Sharing Mind Maps
  • Team Collaboration
  • Restriction-free Usage
  • Embeded Blog
  • Embeded in Websites
  • Business & Education Friendly
  • Importing Mind Maps
  • Exporting Mind Maps
  • Open Source
  • Making Backups
  • Security Measurement Configuration
  • Printing Mind Maps
  • Graphical Mind Maps
  • Organizing Informations