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Provides free website builder software that allows you to create stunning websites for free, with easy customization. It features HTML5 templates, drag-and-drop website builder, secure and reliable free hosting, Wix App Market, online selling, mobile-responsive templates, and more. It offers various business tools, including contact manager, site analytics, communication tools, and traffic generation tools. Wix provides an online E-commerce website building solution that comes coupled with a variety of tools that make the process easier and more efficient. You can add customizations such as automatic carts, drop shipping, invoice generation, and more. Wix also provides payment assistance through several reputable vendors.

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Top Wix Alternatives and Overview



SITE123 is here to change everything you know about online website builders.

By: SITE123 From Israel
Based on 12 Votes


Provides easy-to-use online website creator software that allows you to create unique websites, online store, and blog.

By: Weebly, Inc. From USA
Based on 110 Votes


Provides website builder software that allows you to build great websites easily and edit it on the go.

By: Jimdo GmbH From Germany
Based on 12 Votes


Provides website builder software that allows you to build beautiful and mobile-ready websites in minutes.

By: Strikingly, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


Webnode is a website builder used by more than 30 million users to create eye-catching websites according to official website.

By: Webnode AG
Based on 7 Votes


Duda is a website builder built specifically for the companies and agencies.

By: Duda Inc.
Based on 17 Votes


It features photo albums, contact page, email addresses, social media sharing, mobile optimization, and more...

By: SimpleSite ApS From Denmark
Based on 9 Votes


Mozello allows you to create powerful sites even if you don't have any knowledge of...

By: Mozello SIA


Users can create websites with drag-and-drop to simply add different elements...

By: UCOZ Ltd.


It features password protection, social media sharing, traffic statistics, blog, online store, web apps, online...

By: Website.com Solutions Inc. ( In2net Network Inc.) From Canada
Based on 10 Votes


It features customizable templates, SEO booster, social media integration, mobile website, local listings, photo and...

By: Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. From USA


It features mobile device optimization, credit card payment, custom forms, product selling and donation acceptance...

By: Webstarts Corporation From USA

Google Sites

It helps users with creating websites in a simple way through an easy user interface...

By: Google
Based on 51 Votes


It features fully integrated eCommerce, mobile website and store, custom domain, developer platform, professional email...

By: Squarespace, Inc. From USA
Based on 155 Votes


Make blazing fast applications and websites without the need of expert web developers or architects...

By: Gatsby
Based on 10 Votes

Wix Review and Overview

This platform also provides a variety of tools to popularise and expand your business. An automatic business name generator and a custom logo maker are available for your storefront personalization. A customized invoice generator is also available, and you can send it directly to your clients.

Wix was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The platform quickly grew due to its simplicity and powerful features. Currently it is used by more than 57 million users worldwide and receves more than 45,000 users everyday.

Wix uses freemium pricing model. As a free Website builder, provides a free account for a limited time to build and design the site of your dream with its diverse templates and quality hosting. Wix targets those who wish to have a modern but professional online presence without facing the hassles of coding or difficult-to-tackle design hurdles. You will surely love to work with some of the excellent tools for creating as well as hosting the site, including the HTMl5 power of designing.

Build your online store

Wix provides over 500 templates and full customization options that let you create the best design for your eCommerce website. The platforms you make using Wix is highly responsive and can work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile platforms. Your plan is implemented by a variety of features, effects, product galleries, and more.  The customization option includes advanced e-shopping features such as wishlists, quick add to carts, and more, and users can customize the cart pages according to their specific requirements and product formats. Customized product galleries are available that can suitably show your product catalog in your preferred form and appealing design.

Different Packages

If you wish to gain more apart from unlimited pages, hundreds of templates, and free quality hosting; you can upgrade to any of the premium plans. The most basic one is the Connect Domain plan that offers you Google Analytics, Wix ad display, and extra support features. The domain connect fine is ideal for someone who simply want their site on their own domain rather than wix's sub domain and have no issues with ads running by them. The Combo plan is for individual or personal sites with no Wix ads but free mobile ads and ability to add Favicon.

Then, the Unlimited plan is for freelancers and entrepreneurs and comes with more storage capacity but with unlimited bandwidth. Lastly, the e-Commerce plan is for small businesses, which offer a shopping cart template along with increased storage and bandwidth.


Even with a free account, you can design and host pages using several offered templates and tools. While most builders allow you to create static pages, Wix facilitates interactive transition between the pages. Free plan allow you to create ad supported website on wix sub domains and with limited number of features. This is an ideal option to get started with platform and learn how it works.

The Drag-n-Drop Editor

Wix offers popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor. The ease of use is felt while being acquainted with the editor in just 15 to 20 minutes. You can organize pages and design backgrounds apart from adding visual components and linking the pages. The editor also allows adding your own code or even a Google event calendar. Thankfully, there are help buttons to guide you in the right direction.

Define your shipping

This platform combines with modalist to provide high-quality shipping for thousands of products without you having to incur any high inventory costs. Paring with a modalist assures delivery within 5-7 days. On each of your products, you can set customized pricing and modify the shipping rules accordingly.  Both USPS and FedEx can be used for international shipping, and you can provide shipping estimates in real-time to your customers. Global shipping is possible as this platform partners with multiple international carriers to provide faster product delivery and lower the cost of shipping across the channels.

The App Market

Wix launched its App Marketing in October 2012 to allow third party products and services to connect with Wix's website in various ways. The app market quickly grew and now hosts hundreds of third party free and paid apps to easily extend Wix's features. This app market makes Wix stand apart from its rivals. The App market has diverse apps that you can integrate inyour site. These apps come with tools for enhancing the site’s functionality. Some of the leading apps includes contact form, site search, form builder, event calender and many many more.

Mobile Display

For building a mobile version of your site, Wix offers a user-friendly mobile editor. It is so friendly that simply tapping your business contact number inserted via the editor can trigger an automatic call. The mobile site builder can convert existing wixwebsites into mobile optimized sites with just a few clicks. It offers various advanced options such as creating mobile navigation, hiding specific texts or even hiding entire pages for mobile visitors etc.

Efficient sales and payments

Sales across multiple channels such as the Instagram and Facebook marketplace can be managed from a single dashboard using the multi-channel sales system that Wix provides. You can configure the channel to sell to any user while tracking and managing their orders in a combined way. Product promotion and client communication are also customizable as per your needs regardless of the platform you are using with Wix. A variety of payment methods such as Wix Payments, PayPal, and more can be offered to your customers, and the payment will be delivered to your account in a secure mode.  


SEO options are available for both HTML5 sites, as flash-based sites do not perform well when it comes to optimization.Wix offers all basic SEO functions for your site to be on par including option to add meta data for website and option to allow search engines to spider your website!

They also have an App called "SEO Wizard and Monitoring Tool". This is a step by step guide to help user's to make their website search engine friendly. It can also create detailed SEO report of your website and its content and make suggestions accordingly to improve.


There is a sandbox feature to preview changes before publishing. However, there is no automatic backup or SSL support. If you're however accepting any payments from reader, these sections are PCI compliant and secure for users to submit any transaction. You can also create password protected pages meant for certain users on your website only.

One Pagers

Certain businesses don't require multi-page websites to put their business online. Wix has one-pager and easy to customize template. Apart from this they already offer hundreds of HTML5 ready templates for regular websites as well.


Wix is a satisfactory builder to add and manage site content. There are many other features such as facebook comments, easy to add blog, polls and live chat to enhance features and functionality of the website.

Company Information

Company Name: Wix.com Ltd

Company Address: 40 Namal Tel-Aviv st., Tel Aviv, Israel

Founded in: 2006

Top Features

  • Free Domain Names
  • Limitless Online Storage
  • Numerousdesigns
  • Professional Image Collection
  • Business Email IDs
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Easy Payment Setup
  • Manage Online Stores
  • PCI Compliance
  • Credit Cards Acceptance
  • Build Links
  • Concrete Results
  • Optimize Content
  • Reports & Tracking
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Time Saver
  • Payment Through Mobile
  • Multi-Device Access
  • Information Tracking