Wordpress VIP

Wordpress VIP

By: Automattic Inc.

Wordpress VIP is a cloud-based hosting service for Wordpress websites. Some of the most popular features of Wordpress VIP include Open Source platform, security, fast processing, scalability, additional plugins for enhanced performance, etc. Besides all other features and benefits, the most important thing about this hosting platform is that it is operated by the developers of WordPress.com and who can understand wordpress better than wordpress itself.

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Top Wordpress VIP Alternatives and Overview



Kinsta is a popular WordPress hosting service allowing users to host their small or big WordPress websites and application on a fast and reliable server.

By: Kinsta Ltd. From UK
Based on 21 Votes


Whether you have a simple Wordpress blog or a complex Wordpress website, Pressable can host it for you.

By: Pressable From USA
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WPEngine is a managed WordPress hosting service that offers a reliable, secure and fast hosting service for Wordpress websites and blogs.

By: WPEngine, Inc. From USA


Pantheon is a perfect hosting solution for Wordpress beginners and expert developers.

By: Pantheon Systems, Inc. From USA
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WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is a WordPress hosting software. It reduces the...

By: WPX Hosting
Based on 16 Votes


GetFlywheel offers Wordpress hosting and management services with free domain migrations for all servers.

By: Fancy Chap, Inc. From USA


Claimed as one of the fastest and the most secure hosting service, Pagely makes sure...

By: Pagely, Inc. From USA

Easy Blog Networks

One of the major issues with PBN websites has been the server footprints they leave...

By: Niteo GmbH
Based on 1 Vote


It handles every aspect of a business, right from hosting on server to troubleshooting in...

By: Niteo From Liechtenstein


Powered with Solid State Drives (SSDs) for fast speed and top-notch security features, Dreampress ensures...

By: New Dream Network, LLC From USA


The service is integrated with many features and tools to ensure highest performance of each...

By: TechIO Limited From UK
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If you are looking for a safe, secure and fast hosting platform to host your...

By: Lightning Base LLC. From USA


PressLabs support team is always there for your help with your hosting, migration, site optimization...

By: Presslabs SRL From România


Now, you can focus entirely on the growth of your business and stop worrying about...

By: BaseApp Systems From India


Some common reasons why you should choose WebSynthesis as your wordpress hosting service include fast...

By: Copyblogger Media, LLC From USA

Wordpress VIP Review and Overview

WordPress VIP is a cloud hosting platform based on WordPress. Along with all the WordPress attributes, WordPress VIP comes with numerous advanced functionalities. It takes complete care of hosting sites, maintaining code, and following rigorous security measures on behalf of the marketers.

VIP approach

WordPress VIP is a best-in-class digital experience that empowers mission-critical enterprise systems, handles infrastructure, performance, and stringent security of sites, allowing the clients to concentrate on what is important. It also provides expert assistance, hands-on support, and a partner network of the best WordPress design and development. The clients can control, command, and collaborate on their whole application using GitHub, VIP-CLI, and VIP Dashboard.

Journey of implementation

A very well constructed framework is adopted for every client project. Initially, the evaluation of the project is done by considering the requirements, existing platforms, themes, and plugins review. After the complete assessment, a strategy is framed, the team gets trained, and many architectural and security audits are conducted. Once the developed strategy is thoroughly reviewed, the launch follows. Post-launch, WordPress VIP itself handles platform management, updates, and backups and other important functions.

24/7 support and maintenance

Consistent support, guidance, and architectural consulting are unparalleled expertise of WordPress VIP. From handling any potential issues that may arise to advising on following best practices, everything is dealt very precisely. The smooth and harmonious functioning of the core and key plugins are continuously monitored. If the client wishes to make amendments to the websites, it’ll be supervised by WordPress VIP, required once changes are conveyed.

Company Information

Company Name: Automattic Inc.

Company Address: 132 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA, USA

Founded in: 2005

Top Features

Core Features
  • Third-party Wordpress Consultant
  • Unlimited Support Ticketing
  • Managing Software & Hardware
  • Optimization Feedback
  • Security Feedbacks
  • Akismet Spam Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Certified Data Centers
  • Zero Downtime
  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Automated Hourly Backups