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For a buyer interested in digital currencies, xCoins is certainly a dependable option. Although larger purchases are often difficult to execute, this platform still boasts of a professional user-interface that aims at keeping things simple for the customers. Moreover, this is one safe and secured Bitcoin broker with a host of facilities targeted toward the buyers.

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Top xCoins Alternatives and Overview



Despite having its share of cons, this platform is still a great way to deal in Bitcoins— courtesy the expansive client base and a user-friendly interface.

By: Coinbase
Based on 16 Votes


Allows you to trade your bitcoin and a few cryptocurrencies, as well as exchange them, using the largest and most advanced platform.

By: iFinex Inc.
Based on 16 Votes


Provides a simple and secure platform to trade and exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Based on 1 Vote


Tidex is an online platform that allows users to trade in virtual currencies.

By: Tidex
Based on 1 Vote


By: CoinAll
Based on 2 Votes


Quoine is a platform explicitly designed to supplement the users in trading.

By: Quoine
Based on 1 Vote


The fee structure is not quite explained in the official website, which might discourage some...

By: OKCoin USA Inc.
Based on 2 Votes


Paxful is one reliable network of Bitcoin sellers and buyers...

By: Paxful Inc

Foxbit Exchange

Of course, international users are welcome, but it is always better to choose a bitcoin...

By: Foxbit


Moreover, this platform boasts of a professional layout, clubbed with the simplest of registration policies...

By: Coinmama.
Based on 1 Vote


It also has links with local Indian banks to make it easy for the users...

By: S Capital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Moreover, the user interface for the bitcoin exchange marketplace can be too confusing, especially for...

By: Cryptopia Ltd.
Based on 18 Votes

247 Exchange

The service is offered risk-free by a reputable company...

By: 247exchange


Has its own wallet system with virtual and physical debit card...

By: unichange.me


The company only lists the discount that the users can get for different cash amount...

By: Changer.com

xCoins Review and Overview

Unlike certain web-wallets, xCoins offers a more holistic approach towards lending or rather rendering digital currencies. As proposed, this company comes forth as someone that lends Bitcoins instead of putting them up for purchases. Moreover, PayPal attracts chargeback when purchases are made and therefore lending is more of a preferred option for the customers. In addition to that, this platform also levies certain charges against the offered loans which can even go up to 20 percent in some cases.

Over the years, bitcoin has grown as an important and futuristic currency. Payments made employing bitcoins are secured by a public ledger known as the blockchain. Due to its increasing demand, one may find oneself in the urgent need of these bitcoins. Using xCoins, one can easily exchange money for bitcoins. Updated with real-time rates, xCoins is a secure bitcoin exchange platform. Unlike other exchange platforms, xCoins can offer bitcoins in a very short period. xCoins can accept payments through different modes. In the case of loans, xCoins rate of interest is way meagre as compared to others.

Easier to Decipher

Although, this lender proposes higher interest rates as compared to some of the existing online clients; it still comes with a host of benefits for the registered customers. One simple theory regarding loan repayment over xCoins is that buyers need to payback the number of Bitcoins based on their USD equivalent. Therefore, if the value increases customers only have to pay a particular portion of the digital currency depending upon the global rates. This is one beneficial aspect that works miraculously well for the buyers.

Reputation and Credibility

At present, this online platform is being extensively used by more than 25 thousand customers, spread far and wide across 40 countries and more. Apart from that, customers are also reaping the benefits of secured lending that is actually at par with currency exchange. xCoins is a fast and quality lender that process credit card and PayPal payments quicker than any other client. Lastly, this company boasts of a secured layout when it comes to addressing the payment issues with customers finding it easy to rely on the associated policies.

Well, for starters its quite easy to use

Through the sign-up button on the home page of xCoins, one can create an account with ease. After initial sign-in, only a standard e-mail verification is required to get started. One is required to log-in after the initial formalities are over. Once someone enters the interface of xConis, he can request an amount of bitcoin he desires. xConis will run an initial scan for available lenders of bitcoin. If the desired amount is available with xCoins, it will then direct the person to the final payments page.

This online lender focuses of seamlessness when it comes to dealing with digital currencies. The user needs to sign up at the official portal in order to get things started. Although the process takes only a few minutes, it is always advisable to read through the concerned policies and guidelines before proceeding further. The best part about this firm is that the process of lending depends on the specified amount and even smaller purchases are readily allowed. Once the payment i.e. the USD equivalent of the concerned digital currency, customers can start filling up the wallets with Bitcoins. When it comes to the ease of usage, instant Bitcoin availability, select payment methods and redemption of currencies are also available.

Benefits over Exchange

Quite lately, customers have been focusing on currency exchange instead of lending services. However, the former is a step-pronged process and requires a lot of patience. A typical exchange policy takes a few days to commence. Moreover, bank transfers are the preferred modes of payment over these online portals and web-wallets. Lastly, Bitcoins, once purchased cannot be returned back to the wallet under any condition. However, the likes of xCoins offer a better set of services to the customers by simplifying the process of currency procurement.

The payment portal

The payment is the final step before a person gets his desired number of bitcoins. When it comes to exchanging standard currencies with digital currency, many services put a limit on the mode of payment through digital currency. xConis, however, is quite different from this aspect. It accepts various modes of payment, including credit and debit cards. After making the payment, it gets processed by xConis. This processing time lasts only for a few minutes, after which the person gets his bitcoins. This bitcoin(s) gets stored in the xConis wallet associated with the account.

What makes us different from standard services?

The most striking difference between us and others is that if someone intends to exchange bitcoins from the xCoins wallet in terms of money, he will receive the money. Whereas, in standard services, once bitcoins are transferred, they cannot be returned back. For further queries, please check out our vast knowledge resources.


xCoins deserves a lot of accolades for what it brings to the table, especially when digital currency procurement is concerned. While this company has actually changed the way customers purchase Bitcoins, it also has mitigated the sudden rise of these exchange-specific platforms. Lending digital currencies is the way into the future as customers can always return the same if they are getting better exchange rates, somewhere else.

Company Information

Company Name: xCoins.io

Top Features

  • Safe & Secure process
  • Credit Card Accepted
  • Instant Support
  • Quick & Easy Signup
  • Various Payment Method
  • Fast Bitcoin Receive
  • Worldwide Access
  • Fast Withdraw Process
  • Low Fees
  • Get Customer Support