Anti Spam Software

If you are you a business owner who is looking for a platform that help you get rid of viruses, spam, Trojans, spyware and many other threats that are borne by inbound emails, then you should try a reliable anti spam platform. Such a program can help you in this regards as well as additional tasks such as email management, data leak protection and security breach protection.

Below are some reputed anti-spam software programs for you to research about and choose from:


SpamAssassin helps users to identify spam in their emails. It works as...

By: The Apache Software Foundation From USA


SecurityGateway offers security technologies to businesses for protecting email infrastructure from identity theft, malicious attacks and message tampering.

By: Alt-N Technologies From USA


Luxsci offers spam protections, attachment filtering, content filtering and virus protection services to organizations for their email messaging systems.

By: Lux Scientiae,® Incorporated From USA


SpamFighter's software package offers easy-to-use and effective spam filtering services to organizations for protection against phishing fraud and spam.

By: SPAMfighter ApS From Denmark
Based on 15 Votes


SpamTitan reduces malware, email threats, viruses and spam by more the 99.9 percentage.

By: Copperfasten Technologies From Ireland
Based on 38 Votes


SpamExperts offers professional anti-spam and email management services to business belonging to different types on industries.

By: SpamExperts BV From Netherlands


MailCleaner offers professional anti spam and virus protection services to businesses.

By: Fastnet SA From Switzerland
Based on 18 Votes

Mailwasher Pro

Mailwasher Pro allows business to screen all their email accounts in a single space.

By: Firetrust Ltd. From New Zealand

MX Guarddog

MX Guarddog's spam protection systems help businesses without having to install hardware or software.

By: IK2 Limited From Hong Kong

GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials offers anti-spam services to companies that want to block spam messages and protect their network against email borne cyber threats.

By: GFI Software Development Ltd. From USA
Based on 9 Votes

Symantec Email Security

The Cloud Email Security service by Symantec filters unsolicited messages and protects mailboxes from cyber attacks.

By: Symantec Corporation From USA


PureMessage lets the users in organizations to work securely and productively.

By: Sophos Ltd. From UK

Vipre Email Security

The advanced and policy-based security software from Vipre Email Security protects organizations’ networks from email threats, phishing, spam and viruses.

By: ThreatTrack Security, Inc. From USA

SonicWall Email Security

The SonicWALL Email Security systems from Dell combines email protection, content filtering, anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities to provide anti-spam services to organizations.

By: Dell Inc. From USA
Based on 6 Votes

Barracuda Spam Firewall

The Barracuda Spam Firewall filters and manages outbound and inbound email traffic for protecting companies from data leaks and threats delivered within email messages.

By: Barracuda Networks, Inc. From USA


SpamStopsHere helps companies to stop malicious email like Trojans, viruses & cryptolocker and spam before the same get to damage businesses.

By: Greenview Data, Inc. From USA

CYREN Email Security

The phishing, malware and spam detection capabilities of CYREN Email Security help companies to make sure that they get superior protected and uninterrupted messaging communication.

By: CYREN Ltd. From USA

Exclaimer Anti Spam

Exclaimer Anti Spam is a platform that provides companies with email utilities that are designed for email signatures, branding, adding disclaimers, personalized email, and retention-policy enforcement, regulatory compliance, anti spam and auto replies services.

By: Exclaimer Limited From UK

Check Point Email Security

Check Point Email security and anti-spam software offers complete protection for email infrastructure of companies.

By: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. From USA

Cyberoam Email Security

Cyberoam Email Security provides companies with complete email security that covers email such as IMAP, SMTP and POP3.

By: Sophos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. From India

EveryCloud Tech

EveryCloud Tech provides professional services such as archiving, continuity and protection for email infrastructure of businesses.

By: EveryCloud Technologies Ltd. From UK


Byteplant has been offering email management and email processing services to organizations through a range of online services and software programs.

By: Byteplant GmbH From Germany