Calendar Software

A Calendar software or application is basically used for scheduling of meetings, events and business plans. Modern calendar software are much more than just a basic calendar application. They integrate features like easy sharing and collaboration to allow multi-user access to one calendar. Mobile compatibility has made it easier for users to access, edit and manage their calendars any time, from anywhere. Many advanced and featured calendar software even support event management and ticketing services.

Here are some of the most widely used online calendar applications you can choose from.


Tandem calendar software is used by schools, universities and organizations to schedule and manage various activities and events.

By: Intand Corporation From USA
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ECAL event calendar marketing software can be used by organizations and individuals to create, manage and promote events from one platform.

By: E-diary Pty Ltd From Australia


Teamweek is a complete online planner and work management application mainly used by business professionals to manage and plan project information, schedules, teams, work data, and much more.

By: Toggl, LLC From Estonia


CalendarWiz is an online calendar application used for staff scheduling and appointments management.

By: CalendarWiz, LLC From USA
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Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar is an all-in-one calendar application equipped with several tools and features for proper management of tasks, meetings and schedules.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA

Teamup Calendar

Teamup is calendar software used for scheduling and group organizing. It allows...

By: Teamup Solutions AG.
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Trumba is online calendar software mainly used for planning and management of events.

By: Trumba Corporation From USA
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SetMore Calendar

SetMore is one fine calendar application that allows users to easily manage their meeting schedules, appointments, customers’ information, staff, and much more from a single interface.

By: SetMore Appointments From USA

Keep&Share Calendar

Keep&Share calendar software allows users to combine and use all their calendars, business files, to do lists, contact information, and much more from a single web based platform.

By: Gee Whiz Labs, Inc. From USA

Active Calendar

Active Calendar is not just a calendar, but complete event management software that allows users to handle event communications, invitations, ticketing and registrations, all from one place.

By: Active Data, Inc. From USA

GoDaddy Online Calendar

GoDaddy Online Calendar is a workspace management calendar application from GoDaddy.

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. From USA

Calendar Connect

Calendar Connect from Doodle is a complete calendar solution that allows users to create meeting schedule, plans, and participate in meeting polls.

By: Doodle AG From Switzerland