Church Management Software

A Church management software is used by any big or small church to manage various operations, activities and data of a church. If you are a Minister or running a church by yourself, you may want to take the help of a Church software to ease up the process of members management, donation and activity management. Since there are available many Church management software in the market, you can choose the one that meets the needs and purpose of your particular Church.

Here are some of the most widely used Church managing software you can choose from.



LOGOS Church Software takes control and automates various church tasks including scheduling, events, member updates, notifications, etc.

By: LOGOS Management Software From USA
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As a Church management application, ACS gives you the power t manage your ministry in the most efficient way with the help of web based church management system that gives the complete control of your church in your hands.

By: ACS Technologies Group, Inc. From USA
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Breeze is a simple church management system designed specifically for small and mid-sized churches.

By: Breeze ChMS From USA
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By: Saraphim Software
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Pushpay is a church management program, designed to give church-goers the best experience while helping workers manage every aspect of the church.

By: Pushpay
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This service allows managers to attract more people to your church masses and effectively communicate with them.

By: Flocknote
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Elvanto is a very popular church software featured with all-in-one church database, customizable design, cloud-based platform, volunteer scheduling and worship planning.

By: Elvanto Pty Ltd From Australia


Subsplash is a Church Management software that helps the religious figures in taking care of their churches and holy temples.

By: Subsplash
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Fellowship One

Fellowship One web-based Church Management Software has been designed to fit the needs of any type of church whether big or small.

By: Active Network, LLC From USA


ChurchTrac is a fast, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable church management system that lets your church staff keep track of people, member attendance, groups, calendar and finances.

By: ChurchTrac Software, Inc From USA
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Excellerate is a widely used church management application compatible with desktop, Mac, Windows and android devices.

By: Micro System Design


EasyTithe is an online giving platform that churches can use to receive donations from their attendees and maximize the impact of their mission.

By: Ministry Brands
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ChurchTools is a platform that assists the churches in managing their day to day operations.

By: ChurchTools
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Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is your complete church management solution that gives you complete power over your church and its activities.

By: Church Community Builder, Inc. From USA
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Planning Center Services

Services is a software system that allows managers to equip with tools and techniques that can help them in scheduling, planning, and organizing their worship team structure.

By: Ministry Centered Technologies
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PowerChurch has everything you may need to manage your church. The software...

By: PowerChurch Software From USA


ParishSoft is much more than a simple Church management application. The software...

By: ParishSOFT LLC. From USA
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Church Teams

If you are looking for a simple yet well-managed Church management software, you should give this one a try.

By:, Inc. From USA


Whether you are a minister, a church staff member or a community volunteer, you can make use of this awesome Elexio church management software to manage church ministry tasks and functions.

By: Elexio, Inc From USA


IconCMO is a web-based church management software that gives you the power to manage all church functions, events and data from a single platform.

By: Icon Systems Inc. From USA
Based on 36 Votes

Text In Church

Text in Church offers messaging services for your church that can help to foster strong bonds with your communities.

By: Text In Church
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Shelby Systems

Shelby Systems allows you to manage various church functions including membership, giving and financials from simple-to-use mobile and website platforms.

By: Shelby Systems, Inc. From USA
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SimpleChurch CRM

SimpleChurch CRM is a featured church management application that gives you access to various church activities and functions through a common dashboard.

By: SimpleChurchCRM

Church Office Online

Want to bring your church online? Then, Church Office Online is the most suitable option for you as it is easy to install, compatible with all systems, guides you through the process and gives you control over complete church activities and data.

By: Church Office Online LLC From USA
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ChurchApp is a complete cloud hosted, web-based church management application that allows you to take control over various activities and data of your church through a simple-to-manage control panel.

By: ChurchApp Ltd From UK

Servent Keeper

Servent Keeper is a powerful, feature-packed church management application that allows ministers and church staff to manage various church activities and database through a web-based platform.

By: ServantPC Resources Inc. From USA

The place of worship is where people seek their inner peace and improve their state of mind. Christianity is among the most practiced religions around the world. It is the Church that helps the masses to understand their practices and faith. The churches have existed for many centuries, but with changing times, they have to handle different tasks. There are dedicated systems available in the market that assist the church in managing its operations. All of the systems are built after doing extensive research on the specific needs of such religious institutions.

Why go for a management system instead of traditional practices?

Running a church is similar to running an NGO, but it serves the common masses. However, the challenges faced by a church are very different. The main concern about using such a system is that it will make things complex. On the contrary, the objective and purpose of the solution are streamlining the management and saving time. It allows the staff and volunteers to ease up the load of administration related work. The system also assists the institutions in managing all their assets. Church management solutions can prove to be very beneficial in various aspects.

Nurture your community and grow it exponentially

The people are the main element behind the church. The community allows them to serve the people and spread their message and practices. It is also the primary source of capital that is required to run a church. With management systems, users can improve their interaction with followers. It allows users to send customized messages and help them find a better self. The communication features support the options to send messages to many people in a single click. The platforms are also handy for providing updates to the community.

Digitize the process of donations and contributions

The church is not a business, and it depends on the people. Although the church is a non-profit establishment, it requires money for executing things. All the capital comes in the form of donations and contributions. Therefore it is essential to streamline the most crucial process. The systems help the church to build customized portals. It enables the community to give their contribution digitally without any hassle. It adds more convenience to accounting and makes it more transparent. The church can quickly provide the expenditure reports to followers and assure them their money is used wisely.

Manage the events and distribution of volunteers. 

A lot of events take place in the church, and its management is a complicated task. With management solutions, the church can book the slots online and save time. It helps them to avoid overbooking and maintains efficiency. The volunteers get the majority of work done, and it is necessary to manage their assigning process. The systems have features that help the users to assign the tasks and ensure no one gets overburdened. It enables the church to keep track of all the activities from the dashboards. All the useful information is available at a glance.