Direct Mail Services

Advertising has become a lot more accessible as a result of internet marketing. Many organizations make the total shift to online marketing. These are cost-effective methods which many internet businesses are seeing success with. However, most of these methods totally forget the time-tested offline marketing methods like direct mail marketing. It is a proven method which is very effective and attracts more people than other mediums of advertisement. 

Some of the reliable direct mailing service providers that businesses can think about:



Ballantine is a print and digital direct marketing firm. Ballantine specializes in...

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Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is a leading direct mailing and online printing agency which delivers high-quality printed advertising materials.

By: Digital Room, Inc. From USA
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With the EDDM services from USPS, people can get professional assistance in reaching prospective customers in the nearby neighborhoods without even knowing street addresses or names.

By: United States Postal Service From USA

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail is a pioneer in providing affordable and effective marketing solutions to businesses.

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PostcardMania is an end-to-end direct mailing services company and a leader in the direct mail marketing industry.

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Modern Postcard

Modern Postcard provides professional direct mail marketing services, integrated digital solutions and direct mail products.

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Smartpractice Direct Mail

Mails are still one of the most trusted means of communication today.

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Mail Shark

Mail Shark is a print, mailing and design services company which specializes in developing direct mail solutions which are specific to the industry.

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Cactus Mailing

Cactus Mailing is an end-to-end direct mail marketing agency that has expertise in providing direct mail and postcard marketing services like postcard mailing design and graphics design.

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Macromark is a leading, progressive and reputed monetization, acquisition and retention firm offers eddm services.

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Valpak Direct Marketing

Valpak helps businesses grow, neighborhoods thrive and people save, with its direct mail and digital marketing solutions via local franchisees across the USA & Canada.

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TMR Direct

TMR Direct helps people in driving more sales as well as leads to their businesses.

By: Energize Direct Marketing LLC From USA

Mellady Direct

Mellady Direct is a leading full-service direct marketing solutions agency meets its clients’ needs, business results, solution flexibility and innovation.

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InfoUSA Direct Mail

InfoUSA helps businesses in finding and reaching new prospects with its direct mailing solutions.

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15 is leading provider of EDDM solutions to the country’s leading fundraisers, mid market enterprises and brands.

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16 has more than twenty years of experience in providing direct mail and digital printing services for businesses of different sizes and professional realtors.

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There are various methods by which the establishments attract the customers to buy their products or services. The organizations devise strategies that include different channels for reaching out to the customers. The mediums that adopt a more personalized approach towards the consumers get more business than others. The mail service has been in existence for a long time. It is one of the most reliable methods for ensuring that the information reaches the concerned individual. A business can also mail services for its marketing campaigns and get a higher rate of interaction. 

Is direct mail service still relevant?

Due to the developments in the tech sector, many new marketing options have emerged for establishments. People do not trust the fishy advertisements that lead to some unknown page. It leads to lower click-through rates as the visitors are concerned about viruses or malware. Direct mail services are more trustworthy and don't have any hidden aspects. It improves the chances of getting the business. Most individuals go through all the mail they receive as compared to emails. The studies have also concluded that direct mail is more effective and cost-efficient for the establishment. It is a dependable option in multiple approach strategies of marketing.

Customize the mail as per the recipients

The main advantage of using mail service is the personalization of the content. It allows the organizations to integrate all the customer data for enhancing the chances. A lot of information is available to establishments through online methods. It helps the businesses to personalize the mail for a particular consumer. The targeted approach delivers the most results and allows the organization to get more clients. People like mail that has relevant information and interests them. It also makes customers feel that they are essential for the business.

Make creative mail with cost-efficiency.

The mailbox is generally full of annoying letters, and the organizations have to make their mail stand out. The services allow the clients to use total creativity while designing the templates and structure. With modern technology, it is possible to create any design easily. People like the things that reflect the efforts required for making it. All creativity can be achieved at negligible costs. The clients can print in bulk and reduce the costs of production. It is very convenient for the establishments as the direct mail services take care of all the operations from production to delivery.

Easily trackable performance

It is necessary to track the results of the campaigns to make the required changes. The direct mail service allows the clients to monitor the outputs using various methods. The establishments can use unique code in their mail and quickly identify whether the customer has used it. It also offers options of integrated QR codes that the recipients can promptly scan through smartphones. The organizations can advertise special offers and track the performance of direct mail. Some services provide digital platforms for monitoring all the operations. It makes the process more smooth for the clients.