Disaster Recovery Services

Whenever disasters, natural events and accidents disturb business activities, companies get to lose their money; how much they lose is based on how prepared the companies are to deal with such problems. A well-practiced, properly planned and reliable disaster recovery solution from a reputable service provider can help the companies in terms backup, recovery and business continuity. Some of the most reliable and reputable DR solutions providers for businesses to select from after proper research and evaluation:

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is leading is leading disaster recovery services provider that offers information and storage management services.

By: Iron Mountain Incorporated From USA


Commvault’s information management and data protection solutions assist organizations in protecting, accessing and using all their data anytime and anywhere as powerful assets.

By: Commvault Systems, Inc. From USA


Zetta provides its customers with CloudDRaaS, an IT DR solution which can enable them to spin up their virtual and physical servers, network ecosystems and applications in the cloud, so that they can continue running their business workflows, reducing potential impacts of disasters.

By: Zetta, Inc. From USA


Bluelock offers IT disaster recovery services for sensitive data and complex environments for helping businesses to mitigate high risks with confidence.

By: Bluelock, LLC From USA


Arcserve offers a single, comprehensive, scalable unified data protection solution which eliminates the requirement for complicated layers of IT disaster recovery a backup solution.

By: Arcserve (USA) LLC From USA


Unitrends provides its clients with excellent business continuity services. It automates and...

By: Unitrends, Inc. From USA


NetMagic offers IT disaster recovery services that can enable organizations to stay prepared for getting their businesses on feet in the event of man-made or natural disasters and unforeseen events; so clients can stay focused on what important to them – their customers and their business.

By: Netmagic Solutions Private Limited From India


Axcient is a new kind of cloud platform which helps businesses by keeping critical applications up and running, making sure that infrastructures don’t go down and eliminating data loss.

By: Axcient Incorporated From USA

Data Foundry

Data Foundry is a leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions provider to businesses that need multi-site redundancy, private fiber connectivity or dedicate office space through its customized DR deployments.

By: Data Foundry, Inc. From USA


Zerto associates with established cloud service providers across the world for offering reliable disaster recovery and business continuity services which enable organizations for protecting product applications in the cloud and to the cloud.

By: Zerto Ltd. From USA
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Agility Recovery

Agility Recovery is a premier organization that provides IT DR solutions for numerous organizations that demand undisturbed business continuity.

By: Agility Recovery Solutions From USA

VMware Disaster Recovery

VMware disaster recovery is a solution that provides businesses the capability for protecting their mission-critical and onsite business workloads and recovering them in the same when there is a disruptive or disaster event.

By: VMware, Inc. From USA

Sunguard AS

Sunguard AS provides an intelligent approach towards business resiliency. It protects data...

By: Sungard Availability Services LP From USA

Acronis Disaster Recovery

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service is a business continuity solution which protects as well as restores servers, data or whole data centers facing man-made or natural disasters.

By: Acronis International GmbH From USA
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Cosentry is a trusted data center service provider that offers solutions which will help companies in concentrating on the core businesses, while the IT infrastructure operates at a great level of security, reliability and performance.

By: Cosentry, Inc. From USA

Carbonite Disaster Recovery

Carbonite provides simple yet powerful solutions for always-on personal and business data protection.

By: Carbonite, Inc. From USA

StorageCraft Recovery Solution

The StorageCraft Recovery Solution is a set of services and software which helps users to recover everywhere, every time – whether their IT environment is physical or virtual, Linux or Windows.

By: StorageCraft Technology Corporation From USA

Quest Disaster Recovery

Quest provides affordable, robust IT disaster recovery services and helps businesses to survive by offering business continuity consulting as well as DR solutions that will assist them through unexpected incidents.

By: Quest Media & Supplies, Inc. From USA

Seagate Disaster Recovery

The Cloud Resiliency services from Seagate offer protection for vital applications and systems from disasters.

By: Seagate Technology LLC From USA

NetIQ Disaster Recovery

NetIQ is an IT disaster recover service provider which bridges the gap between low-cost tape backup and expensive downtime solutions.

By: Micro Focus International plc From USA

Expedient Disaster Reocvery

Expedient offers a broad range of managed services like cloud computing, equipment management, disaster recovery, remote backups, virtualization, and storage area networks.

By: Expedient Data Centers From USA

Truenorth Disaster Recovery

True North's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should an interruption of your network services occur, you’ll be back up and running quickly.

By: True North ITG Inc From USA

Nowadays, every service is available online, and business opportunities are increasing with it. The organization stores all their data in digital format, which is vulnerable to many types of risks. Some of the establishments do not have any plans for getting their data back in an unfortunate scenario. It results in a lot of damage to the clients and causes unnecessary delays, which can be avoided easily. There are plenty of service providers that offer disaster recovery to the businesses. It allows the establishments to recover from any human-made failure or natural calamity without delays.

Save costs by using the service instead of an inhouse system.

The main reason why organizations do not have a recovery system is that it requires a lot of resources. The upkeep and managing the backup takes up a lot of effort. With a disaster recovery service, the users can avoid this problem and get all the benefits. The service makes it possible for the small and medium scale enterprises to secure their data. It eliminates the costs required for setting up the servers and their maintenance. The clients get expert assistance from the service providers and need not worry about anything.

Avoid one point of failure.

The establishments generally store their files on the local servers or the devices. Sometimes backup of documents is not taken, which causes a lot of loss. The disaster recovery system enables the clients to make a backup of all the files irrespective of size. It helps the clients immensely in case of any failure. The services secure the data by storing it in different places to avoid one point malfunction. It allows the establishments to recover their data in any scenario. The services are very reliable and help the clients to prevent long term damages.

Start the work immediately with a speedy recovery.

Time is a very critical factor for establishments. All the delays lead to deterioration in the service quality and have a significant effect on the customers. Disaster recovery services tackle this problem with their agile and efficient backup process. It allows the users to keep their work going while the data is being transferred to the client. The feature is beneficial for the organization and helps them to save a lot of time. The services allow the users to automate the process of creating a backup of all the files.

Allow IT executives to focus on other tasks.

With the digitalization of all the tasks and services, the stress on the IT staff increases exponentially. Managing a backup system owned by the establishment requires a lot of working hours to keep it optimal. It causes an extra load on the staff. By opting for a disaster recovery service, the organization can reduce the workload of maintaining the backup. It allows IT executives to take care of other vital issues. The service also eliminates any worries about the quality. It is generally straightforward to automate the processes and saves a lot of time.