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Email clients are used by professionals and organizations to handle their email systems. Although with the emergence of online email tools, the popularity of these email clients has taken a hit, but they still offer some unique advantages. The ease and convenience of using email clients to handle email interactions are second to none. Apart from the email interactions, they offer several other options, such as the option to set reminders, create contact groups, and schedule emails.


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Despite the emergence of better communication technologies, emails remain the channel for formal communication. In most places around the world, emails are considered a valid legal document and can be used for various official purposes. The technology concerning emails has also improved significantly over the years. Various new security features have been added to the email tools, making it a safer and secure experience for users. Like other online tools, emails have also undergone a transformation of sorts over the years. The email clients that are available in the marketplace today come with all the modern features and options.

Why use email clients?

Email clients are an important part of our day-to-day work. They offer us the convenience to view and reply to emails from any device. Additionally, they come with mobile access features that make it easier for professionals to carry out their email activity on-the-go. These modern-day email clients offer additional plugins such as vocabulary tools that make it easy for users to type emails quickly without any spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. The other prominent feature that makes these email clients even more accessible is the number of sign-in options on offer.

Accessing emails on-the-go

The users can make use of their smartphones to sign-in and can even set quick access codes for their inbox. These features enhance the overall usability of the tools for users. Receiving excessive marketing emails and newsletters is another problem that most professionals face. The unnecessary emails fill up the inbox of professionals making it difficult for other important mails to come through. Therefore, to help professionals combat this issue and avoid such unnecessary mails, the email clients offer a variety of blocking options. These blocking options, in addition to the spam filters, work as an effective way of avoiding unnecessary spam emails that may contain phishing as well as malicious links.

Additional features on offer

Apart from these, these tools also allow users to store contacts and form various groups out of those. The grouping of various contacts enables users to manage their communication with various other users and ensure smooth functioning. Further, these tools also offer users with options to set reminders and schedule the delivery of their emails. The option to set reminders comes as a life-saver for the ever-busy professionals and helps them to meet various deadlines. Moreover, the ability to schedule emails enables users to type and schedule deliveries of important emails much in advance.


Cloud-based access is another major feature of these email clients. The cloud-based access offered by these tools makes it easy for users to save and backup their important files with the cloud. Cloud-based access also enables them to share files and other resources with a more significant number of users and avoid sending unnecessary emails with attachments to every user. Apart from these, the tools also offer options to chat with other users via video calls and in-window chatbox.


1. What are some of the leading email clients?

Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird are some of the leading email clients.

2. I do not want to invest in email clients. Can I avoid using them?

Individual users can definitely use other online email services if they wish to avoid using email clients as they generally have limited email interactions. However, for businesses and enterprises, using email clients is strongly recommended as they have to deal with a large volume of email interactions daily and email clients offer the ease when it comes to handling such volumes.

3. What security features do these email clients offer?

End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and PGP encryption are some of the security features on offer.