GIS Software

GIS software tools are online tools that facilitate the use of digital maps by providing various options for their usage, storage, and retrieval. GIS software tools easily integrate with a variety of apps and websites and enable them to provide location-based services to their users. Businesses like travel services, payment solutions, healthcare services, and ed-tech services rely on these software tools to provide several location-based services to their users. OTT platforms also use these software tools for restricting certain content for particular regions or geographies.

Google Maps API

Google Maps API, also known as the Google maps platform helps businesses providing the ease of navigation to their users around the world.

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Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is a platform that enables users to have a look at any place on earth from the comfort of their couch.

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OpenStreetMap is a platform that allows contributors from all over the world to add and verify local places on the open map of the world at the platform.

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Citymapper is a navigation tool that helps people to explore new cities by providing them with location and directions to nearby public transport options.

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS is a powerful software which provides essential tools to improve the Geographic Information System (GIS) of any business.

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what3words is an innovative geographic mapping system that has been designed to make addresses easier to locate.

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ArcGIS Pro

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BatchGeo is a strong and workable mapping app across desktop and mobile interfaces.

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PostGIS is a popular open-source software that provides geographical object support for database, object-relational DB PostgreSQL.

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MapMe is a digital map building tool that helps businesses and non-profit organizations design.

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Mapbox is a Global Information System (GIS) mapping software that is suitable for use on any web or mobile application that uses location-based data.

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GPS Visualizer

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Esri ArcGIS

Esri provides an ArcReader, which is a free of cost convenient mapping application that is desktop compatible which assists the user in observing, exploring and printing of maps and globes.

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ERDAS IMAGINE is a software which provides in-depth information on location and tools to analyse the information to solve many business-related problems.

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Azure Maps

Azure Maps helps the developers in managing those data that have locational information attached to it.

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ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise is a GIS mapping software which helps in building a foundation for an effective and efficient system to manage all out geospatial requirements.

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Maptitude is a Geographic Information System software which provides information in the form of demographic data and maps.

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GPS technology has simply changed the way we navigate. Users no longer worry about getting lost in unknown places. In fact, owing to the development of such technologies, people have become more adventurous. They want to explore new places, and these technologies have empowered them to do it on their own. Gone are the days when tourists had to struggle with those inaccurate static maps. Those inaccurate maps have today been replaced by sophisticated GPS enabled digital maps that update users about their current location and enable them to reach them the desired place safely.

GPS and GIS – a combined effort

 But what has brought about this transformation. Is it just the GPS technology alone? Or is there more to it? GPS technology has been a game-changer as far as modern-day navigation is concerned. However, the transformation that we are seeing is the result of the combined efforts of both the GPS technology as well as the GIS software tools. Both the GIS and the GPS work in tandem to aid the user in fulfilling his requirements. Essentially, the GPS collects the information, and the GIS software tools make it available to the users in different forms.

How have GIS software tools helped businesses?

The GIS software has been of immense help to businesses across a range of sectors. Almost all modern-day businesses such as app-based delivery businesses, e-commerce platforms, and cab aggregators are dependent on these software tools in one way or the other. While some are directly dependent, others depend on it partially. For instance, certain appointment booking platforms offer location-based search and booking services. They offer these services as one of the many other services they have on offer. Businesses opting to use these software tools to offer specialized services have proved to be extremely beneficial for them.

What makes these tools popular?

It has added a certain level of convenience to the users’ lives resulting in increased business opportunities for the service providers. Apart from these features, the quality that makes these GIS software tools even more popular is the ease in which they can be operated. The software tools come with an intuitive UI and an easy-to-use setup that facilitates their integration into the service provider’s system. Additionally, these tools come with capabilities to store, retrieve, share, and even analyze navigation information and thereby improve a lot of other processes.

The issues with GIS software

While these tools have benefitted humankind in more ways than one, certain issues have been plaguing their use. For starters, there have been cases where hackers have tried to steal sensitive information from these tools and apps that use these tools. These incidents have given rise to apprehensions among users about the security of their data. Although the GIS software developers have tried to eliminate future occurrences of such incidents by offering better security features, the problem persists. The only way to deal with such incidents would be to have dynamic security features that evolve with time to counter the threats.


1. Is there any prior training required to start using this GIS software?

The training isn’t necessary as most of these tools come with an interactive UI. However, in case one wants to learn and study more about them, then there are various online resources available.

2. Is there any GIS software that is available for free?

Yes, there are some GIS software that are available for free use. QGIS 3, gVSIG, and GRASS GIS are some of them.

3. Do these GIS software tools require any specific system configurations?

GIS software tools are designed to run on a variety of operating systems and platforms. They work well with most modern-day computers and do not require anything unique.