KnowBe4 Trains Your Organization to Be More Aware of Phishing Attacks and Other Cyber Security Threats

Summary: When it comes to combating cyber security threats in your organization, preparation and prevention become the most important things to do. This is because a single human error can potentially cause a devastating damage to your organization if you are not careful. For instance, a single phishing email responded by your employee can result … Read more

Cofense Provides Companies with the Best Defense Against Phishing Attacks Using the Collective Human Intelligence

Summary: Phishing has become one of the most favorite methods for hackers to get into any company’s network in order to break their security from the inside. There are many incidents of company important data being stolen just because one employee received a phishing email and clicked on the link provided in such an email. … Read more

Muck Rack – The PR Software Any Company Should Have to Enhance Their Public Relations

Summary: Nowadays, having a good and positive online presence is essential for any company to succeed. With the high-speed information transfer via social media and other online channels, any company can be brought to ruin just by destroying their good reputation. That’s why companies are constantly in need to employ good public relation (PR) strategies … Read more