Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which marketers and brands focus on specific key individuals rather than the target markets or people. People believe a story when it is told by someone they knew and trust. Influencers are people, who can tell your story to your audience on social media on your behalf. It is the best word-of-mouth marketing solution. An influencer marketing platform allows companies and brands to track and meet their key influencers and take their help for effective brand marketing.

Here are some of the most widely used influencer marketing platforms and software.



Heepsy is a social media marketing software that can help you find media influencers to promote your business.

By: Heepsy
Based on 3 Votes


Carro is an easy to use Shopify application intended to help online business owners with their influencer advertising activities.

By: GoVyrl, Inc.
Based on 2 Votes


Make your online media influencer-marketing business relentless. Paladin's campaign management programming encourages...

By: Paladin Software
Based on 5 Votes


Tribe is a cloud-based community software that connects to your marketing stack.

By: TRIBE Group
Based on 20 Votes


From finding the right influencers to overseeing incentives and analyzing results, Activate has all the features to help you grow your business online.

Based on 17 Votes


GRIN is the best influencer advertising software to assist brands with overseeing influencer-marketing programs at scale.

By: Grin
Based on 20 Votes


Marketing groups depend on Grapevine's influencer marketing tool to kick off online word-of-mouth by teaming up with trusted social influencers to make unique content on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

By: Grapevine Logic Inc.
Based on 4 Votes


By: #paid
Based on 6 Votes


Shirley is an influencer management platform that helps brands manage and collaborate with influencers to gain more out of their influencer marketing efforts.

By: Shirley Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Julius is an influencer marketing platform that provides brands and agencies with rich influencer data and the management tools required to organize successful influencer marketing campaigns.

By: Thuzio Inc. From USA
Based on 9 Votes

Little Bird

Little Bird helps businesses discover the best and most relevant influencers and content, and use them to build better marketing strategies.

By: Little Bird, Inc. From USA


Keyhole is a hashtag tracking tool for Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.

By: Assetize Inc. From Canada
Based on 17 Votes


By: Scrunch
Based on 10 Votes


FameBit influence marketing platform makes it easy for brands to find, hire and engage top influencers and creators for promotion on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms.

By: Famebit, Inc. From USA
Based on 5 Votes


Klear is a social platform for influencers and organizations. It allows businesses...

By: twtrland Inc.
Based on 5 Votes


Augure is influence marketing software for PR agencies, marketers, teams and businesses.

By: Augure, SA From France


Octoly is a social media marketing software that connects leading brands with influencers of macro, micro, and nano-scale.

By: Octoly
Based on 1 Vote


BuzzStream is an online social platform that helps influencers promote their clients’ products and services to build brand reputation.

By: Rel Equals, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


SociaBuzz is an online network of Twitter influencers that enables businesses to promote their brands to social media users.

By: PT Komunika Lintas Maya From Indonesia


With so many companies emerging every day, it has become competitive to establish your mark in the business world.

By: Influenster Inc.
Based on 18 Votes


AspireIQ is a trusted enterprise level influencer marketing platform that helps companies promote their products with the help of talented social media influencers around the world.

By: AspireIQ
Based on 2 Votes


HYPR is a social media marketing platform that enables the brands to simplify the process of finding influencers and enables efficient management of advertisement campaigns.

Based on 21 Votes


Fohr is an Influencer and Social Media marketing software that promotes your business on various social media with the help of famous influencers and internet celebrities.

By: Fohr
Based on 1 Vote


Buzzoole is a community platform for influencers and brands. It allows businesses...

By: Buzzoole S.r.l. From Italy
Based on 2 Votes

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a multi-purpose online marketing tool used by businesses for lead generation, content research & marketing, cold calling & emailing, blogger outreach, influencer marketing, and much more.



Adly is an online marketing platform that connects brands and marketing agencies with influencers and famous people to increase the reach and engagement of their campaigns.

By: Adly Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


Influence4You is a marketing platform that employs the services of micro-influencers to promote the services and products of a business.

By: Influence4You


Traackr is an influencer marketing and management platform that gives businesses the opportunity to know their key influencers, build healthy relationships, and measure their effectiveness for the brand marketing.

By: Traackr Inc From USA
Based on 16 Votes


InfluencerDB is a marketing technology company that has established itself as a leader in the European industry.

By: InfluencerDB
Based on 14 Votes


Launchmetrics is a marketing software company that develops business intelligence to empower companies in the fashion and cosmetics industry.

By: Augure
Based on 1 Vote


SocialBook is a digital marketing tool that provides influencer marketing services for individuals, teams, and brands collaborating with an influencer.

By: SocialBook
Based on 3 Votes


Influitive is an advocate and influence marketing platform that allows businesses and marketers to find and recruit top advocates or influencers to support their marketing campaigns, share good reviews & recommendations, and refer new clients.

By: Influitive Corporation From Canada
Based on 21 Votes


Glambassador utilizes Word of Mouth marketing by tapping into talented influencers and personalities that are found on social media.

By: Glambassador Enterprises LTD From Canada


CreatorIQ is an influencer marketing product that helps brands exercise contemporary marketing campaigns successfully.

By: CreatorIQ
Based on 12 Votes


Mavrck is your one-in-all tool to master influencer marketing and spread your brand name and fame across a more extensive audience base.

By: Mavrck
Based on 14 Votes


Webfluential is a global community of influencers and brands that come together to help each other reaching their goals.

From South Africa


Linqia is an influencer marketing platform that connects influencers and brands.

By: Linqia
Based on 11 Votes

Popular Pays

Popular Pays is an influencer recruiting platform that maintains a community consisting of thousands of influencers.

By: Popular Pays
Based on 21 Votes


NeoReach is a social influencer marketing platform that connects brands with top social media influencers for better reach and influence.

By: NeoReach Inc. From USA
Based on 7 Votes


Dovetale is a social media marketing software that influences innovative ways of creative collaborations.

By: Dovetale, Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Revfluence is an online platform that features hundreds of popular brands and content creators.

By: Revfluence, Inc. From USA


TapInfluence is an influencer marketing automation platform to help brands and agencies find the best influencers in their niche.

By: TapInfluence, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Onalytica is a very effective influence marketing platform that researches and finds top influencers for the specific content provided by the brand or marketer.

By: Onalytica Ltd. From UK
Based on 7 Votes


Crowdly is a popular advocate marketing platform used by many businesses and brands to empower their influencer marketing campaigns with the help of right advocates.

By: Crowdly Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote


Socialix is an influencer relationship platform. It brings marketing influencers, bloggers, and...

By: Socialix
Based on 2 Votes


Mustr provides a platform for corporations and marketers to effectively manage and organize a healthy online network of journalists, bloggers and social influencers.

Based on 6 Votes


BrandBacker is Influencer Marketing Software. This tool helps talented influence wielders...

By: BrandBacker
Based on 3 Votes


GroupHigh blogger outreach and influence marketing software is an online tool to help companies do successful blogger outreach to find and engage top influencers and bloggers in their areas.

From USA
Based on 15 Votes

Right Relevance

Right Relevance is an online platform for brands to find the right and relevant material, articles, influencers and conversations for marketing and promotion of their own services.

By: Right Relevance, Inc. From USA


Buzzweb is AI-powered influencer marketing platform that lets find and reach to the most engaging and relevant for your brand social media influencers that can help grow your business.

By: Buzzweb Promotion LLC From Canada


InstaBrand is an online platform to help businesses find the right people to share their stories.

By: InstaBrand, Inc. From USA

Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence (FYI) is an online community platform for bloggers and marketers.

From USA


IZEA is an influencer marketing platform that makes it easy for brand/agencies to find and hire influencers.

By: IZEA. Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


Blogmint is an online influence marketing platform and community that allows brands and businesses to take help of professional bloggers and influencers in their target niches.

By: Blogmint Digital Private Limited From India


Markerly helps brands and businesses find truly helpful influencers to build brands’ reputation in the target market.

By: Markerly Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


BlogDash is an online community of millions of bloggers and content experts, who help brands and businesses build their reputation and market their products to potential customers.

By: BlogDash Inc. From Canada
Based on 16 Votes

Upfluence Software

Upfluence is an influencer platform where companies can find online influencers for writing about their products and services.

By: Bright Wolf Industrial IoT Platform
Based on 17 Votes


Zuberance advocate and influencer marketing platform connects brands with the right influencers.

By: Zuberance, Inc. From USA
Based on 11 Votes


Jamballa blogger outreach is an online community of thousands of professional bloggers and market leaders from various industries.



InNetwork influencer marketing software is an online platform for influencers and marketers to meet and build strong professional relationships.

By: InNetwork Inc. From Canada


Sverve is a social influencer platform that helps businesses and influencers connect and engage for a mutual beneficial partnership.

By: Sverve Inc. From USA


ReadyPulse is an influence marketing tool used by brands to find and meet the right influencers in their markets and social communities.

By: Readypulse, Inc. From USA


Exposely allows businesses to reach their target customers and audiences through right influencer and engaging content.

By: Exposely, Inc.


Inkybee outreach marketing and management platform is designed to help marketers and agencies find the right content and influencers for better social media marketing.

By: Forth Metrics Ltd. From UK
Based on 2 Votes

Ahalogy Muse

Muse is an influencer marketing platform offered by Ahalogy to identify current trending topics and related content, to enable brands and individuals to market effectively.

By: Ahalogy
Based on 3 Votes


Appinions allows brands to use effective data-drive content marketing strategy for the planning and promotion of their products.

By: Appinions Inc From USA

Klout Perks

Klout Perks is a social media and influence marketing platform designed for businesses to help them find, target and engage the best influencers and experts in the market.

By: Lithium Technologies Inc. From USA


InflueNex is an advertiser marketing tool that is simple to use but efficient and accurate, helping users locate, track, evaluate, and contact users.

By: InflueNex
Based on 1 Vote

Lead Peep

Lead Peep is an online lead finding tool for b2b companies to find and put together b2b lead lists for use in cold emailing, cold calling, direct mail and other outreach campaigns.


Fourstarzz Media

Fourstarzz Media is a platform for influencer marketing that allows users to build successful businesses by helping them improve their content quality and consistency, conceiving, and executing effective marketing campaigns.

By: Fourstarzz Media LLC
Based on 2 Votes

Pitchbox Influencer Marketing

Pitchbox is an influencer outreach program that helps companies track and find the best talented influencers, bloggers, reviewers and experts in their niches and build real, personal connections with them.

By: Pitchbox, LLC From USA

Zoomph Influencer Marketing

Zoomph is a social media marketing and influencer engagement platform used by marketers to promote their clients’ campaigns and content on social media sites.

By: Zoomph, LLC. From USA


Publishr empowers native ads campaigns for popular brands and businesses by introducing them to the best social media influencers in their target markets.

By: Upfluence Inc. From USA

The marketing space is an ever-changing and dynamic world. It is one of the significant deciders for the success of your company. Whether you are capable of successfully expanding your consumer base and able to dive into new market areas is utterly dependent on your marketing strategies.  It is, after all, a very competitive market. Your company will be up against thousands of other brands in the same industry.  One of the most successful marketing methods in recent years has been influencer marketing. Someone on a social media or blogging platform has a good following, and their interests align with yours. So, you reach out to this ‘influencer’ for a collaboration where the person will recommend your products and services to the audience. So, through their ‘influence’, you can reach out to a new audience.   

What is an influencer marketing platform?

Sure, you can simply go to the desired platform, say YouTube or Instagram, and find out all the people who are involved in your niche. You can fill out spreadsheets with the names you have shortlisted, mail them, follow up collaborate, and well, conduct influencer marketing. But the truth is you’ll end with unending multiple columns, hundreds or unorganized mail threads, and no head and tail of analytics reports. Now, this is where you need to turn to an influencer marketing platform, a solution that helps brands find the right social media influencers for their campaigns. They connect you with potential influencers in your niche so that you can successfully carry out your marketing campaign.  It helps you keep track of all influencer collaborations as well as gives you the analytics so that you know how the influencers’ collab posts have performed and how many new leads and customers you got from their audience. So, basically, it is like an influencer marketplace.   

Why should you invest in influencer marketing?

To sum up all the benefits of influencer marketing: you can increase your brand awareness, reach out to a new audience, build credibility by giving a human face to your products, drive sales, grow your consumer base, and boost your marketing ROI. You pay the influencers in terms of products or money or gift cards, and, in return, you get new customers from their audience. 

Finding influencers on an influencer marketing platform

With the boom of influencer marketing, social media platforms today aren’t free from ‘fake influencers’. You know, the kind where their followers are mostly bots and their likes and comments are all bought? You have to find out those influencers whose large following is synchronous with the engagement they are getting on their posts. In other words, they must have An organic and loyal following.  You also should be targeting more than just one influencer at a time. If you pay one influencer with 1million followers 1000 USD for a single post, you may be running in loss. One post and their followers will forget you. Instead, if you find two influencers with 500k followers in a more niched down market and pay them both 500 USD for a post, you now have people reaching your products from two different sources. Of course, you can pay 1000 USD to two influencers with a million followers, but that is only if your budget permits. In short, run multiple campaigns across multiple platforms for the best results.    

Which influencer marketing platform should you choose for your business?

 Once again, you land yourself in a dilemma. Now, which platform to choose? While your budget will be a deciding factor, there are some other considerations you should make before investing in the influencer marketing platform. How many influencers are there in the databse of the organization? Are there a substantial number of influencers in your niche? See if they meet your requirements of celebrity influencers, bloggers, niche Instagrammers, and micro-influencers. The platform should have an easy contact and communication option so that you can comfortably discuss rates and deliverables. You also need a robust reporting dashboard so that you can track which profiles or websites are driving the maximum traffic to your landing page. This way, you can continue to work with certain influencers and not take it forward with others. Lastly, the platform should offer scalability. If your influencer marketing campaign is fruitful, and you want to collaborate with more influencers, the platform shouldn’t hinder the growth. There mustn’t be any restrictions, none whatsoever, whether you are running one campaign or dozens of them.