Inventory Software

Inventory software are online tools used by organizations to manage their stocks and inventories digitally. They provide users with various types of data relating to the inventory and help them to plan it more effectively. Apart from that, these software tools also offer users integrations with various types of tools such as CRM tools, shipping tools, and e-commerce platforms. The integrations assist the users in the better overall management and enable them to provide a much better customer experience.


Carta is a simple order and inventory management software that offers easy order management and simple inventory tracking for your business.

By: Archon Systems Inc From Canada
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Unleashed is an inventory software that offers free data conversion for new subscribers that choose the medium and large plans.

By: Unleashed Software Limited From New Zealand
Based on 26 Votes

Inventory Control

Inventory Control is an inventory management software provided by Wasp Barcode Technologies, which allows you to manage your stock in a stress-free way.

By: Wasp Barcode Technologies From USA


inFlow offers a professional inventory management software that helps you to get your business organized, boost your business efficiency, keep your business look professional, and keep your eyes on the real-time inventory report.

By: Archon Systems Inc From Canada


Cin7 provides an enterprise-class inventory management system with various features, such as rich product information management, accurate gross profit reports, multiple-channel sales processing, multiple-branch stock tracking, smart buying and reordering, serial and batch tracking, and more.

From New Zealand
Based on 36 Votes


Linnworks provides an efficient and intuitive stock and inventory management system that helps you intelligently assess your items at multiple platforms.

By: LinnSystems
Based on 5 Votes


TradeGecko is a simple inventory software that features inventory management, in-depth analysis and insights, order management, cloud-based platform, relationship management, and integration with various online services.

By: TradeGecko Pte Ltd From Singapore
Based on 27 Votes


BrightPearl offers an automatic inventory management software that helps to monitor your inventory across all of your sales channels.

By: Brightpearl Limited From UK
Based on 15 Votes


Unicommerce is an Inventory Control and Management software that helps in carrying out an online business with ease and without facing any complications.

By: Unicommerce
Based on 7 Votes


Sellbrite helps to simplify your multi-channel selling by providing a complete inventory management software, which features multi-channel inventory tracking, all product listings in one place, centralized product data, and real-time inventory management and update anywhere.

By: Sellbrite, Inc From USA
Based on 11 Votes

Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs is a platform explicitly designed for inventory management. It has...

By: Stitch Labs
Based on 19 Votes


Ecomdash is an inventory management tool that helps ecommerce business owners automate their online operation.

By: From USA
Based on 12 Votes


StichLabs helps to increase your sales by controlling your inventory in a smart way.

By: Stitch Labs, Inc From USA


SkuVault is a web-based warehouse management software created for eCommerce businesses.

By: Agile Harbor, LLC From USA
Based on 22 Votes


Veeqo is an autopilot inventory management software for online retailers, which enables you to manage your orders and automatically sync your inventory in real-time.

By: Veeqo Ltd From UK
Based on 35 Votes

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is a warehouse management software for QuickBooks users, which offers various features, such as automatic invoice creation, sales and inventory reports, quick reordering and receiving process, and accurate inventory data.

By: ExpressTech International, LLC From USA
Based on 20 Votes


Orderhive is a multi-channel order and inventory management that simplifies your business.

From India
Based on 20 Votes

DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based solution offered by the DEAR system that helps the users in managing their inventory.

By: DEAR Inventory
Based on 7 Votes

Zoho Inventory

Zoho is a software giant producing high-quality platforms for a business and corporate audience.

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Based on 40 Votes

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory is a platform that assists the clients in maintaining inventory for their business.

By: Archon Systems
Based on 12 Votes


Shopventory is a next-gen inventory management system usable by both large and small businesses that want to gain an edge over their competitors.

By: Shopventory, Inc.
Based on 4 Votes

Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner is a powerful tool that allows business users to understand and predict what their inventory needs and at what time.

By: Inventory Planner
Based on 1 Vote

Sortly Pro

Sortly Pro is a simple inventory management application that helps users to spend less time dealing with complexities that are accompanied by inventory management.

By: Sortly
Based on 1 Vote

Finale Inventory

By: Finale Inventory
Based on 24 Votes

By: DropShip Commerce
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Inventoria is a stock control and inventory management software created by NCH Software, which allows you to organize and monitor your inventory, display warnings and alerts when you run out of stock, and let your staff to access the software remotely.

By: NCH Pty Ltd From USA
Based on 4 Votes


SalesBinder is a cloud-based online inventory management software that offers various special features, such as inventory management, barcode scanning, locations and zones, item variations, customer accounts, invoices and estimates, purchase orders, financial reports, and user permissions.

By: Krave Media Group Corp. From Canadaā€ˇ
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ProfitBooks is online accounting software that helps people, especially business owners, understand and make use of their finances to make profitable investments and decisions.

By: ProfitBooks
Based on 2 Votes


Multiorders is an inventory management platform which allows managing inventory management for Multiple Channels.

By: Multiorders, Ltd From UK
Based on 4 Votes


Easy to use complete software for small growing business dealing with traditional product wholesale & distribution.

By: Higher Identity Technology Pte Ltd From Singapore
Based on 34 Votes


Try BarCloud, our online inventory management and asset tracking system for stockrooms and warehouses.

By: ASAP Systems From USA


Megaventory gives total control to your order and inventory management system, allowing you to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

By: Megaventory Inc. From USA
Based on 12 Votes

SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is a platform that allows companies to improve the way they manage their inventories and orders.

By: Saddle Oak Software
Based on 2 Votes


Ordoro provides a simple shipping app with embedded inventory management features, which can be integrated into the existing online checkout process that you have.

By: Ordoro, Inc From USA
Based on 9 Votes


Contalog is a centralized inventory, order and product information management software that provides B2B/B2C business a single point of control for handling management tasks across multiple sales channels.

By: Contus From India
Based on 21 Votes

Skyware Inventory

Skyware Inventory offers a free and affordable web-based inventory management solution for small to mid-size businesses.

By: Open Sky Software, Inc

QR Inventory

QR Inventory is web-based inventory and asset management system with mobile inventory processing.

By: AHG, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote


By: NuORDER Inc.
Based on 26 Votes

Dear Inventory Management

Dear Inventory Management is an inventory management software for small business that offers various features, such as purchasing, manufacturing, inventory control, selling, accounting, and sales channels.

By: DEAR Systems Limited


ClearlyInventory enables you to access, share, and manage your inventory from anywhere.

By: Roton Products, Inc From USA

SalesWarp Inventory Management

SalesWarp Inventory Management features automatic inventory management for retailers across multiple locations and sales channels.

From USA


OrderHarmony is a stock control and order management software created for wholesalers, which helps to automate your purchasing, monitor accurate inventory data, and process your orders quickly.

By: Rivelin Software Limited From UK

Inbox by Taulia

By: Taulia
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Katana MRP

Katana is a smart manufacturing software that helps users control, track, and come up with better plans for their business.

By: Katana
Based on 12 Votes

Running a business successfully in today’s times can be challenging. The humankind currently is facing one of its worst crisis with the pandemic affecting the entire world.

Business and inventory management

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced countries to go into partial and complete lockdowns leading to wide-scale disruption of supply chains. As a result, businesses have had to bear heavy losses leading to even more challenging scenarios. However, the ray of hope in these gloomy times has been the presence of online tools. The online world has proved to be an effective supplement for our real-world and has given much-needed relief to many businesses. The presence of these online tools have made work easy for users and have also opened up opportunities for remote working.

Importance of inventory management

Inventory and stock management are considered as an essential part of almost every business that delivers products. If getting sales is one part of the job, completing those sales orders efficiently is another. And inventory management software tools have had a crucial role to play in these processes. Before the introduction of these software tools, inventory management was considered a tedious task. It involved a lot of paperwork and required a considerable amount of dedicated workforce. And despite such requirements, the accuracy of the processes was not very good; however, with the introduction of online inventory management software tools, all that changed.

What all can the user do with inventory management software?

The inventory management software tools come with a common dashboard where a user can view all the information related to his products and stock. The user can also create groups and sub-groups of the various product his company manufactures and manage stock more efficiently. Apart from these, the software tools also offer tracking features that let users track their stock at various warehouses. Additionally, the users also get the option of integrating data from all warehouses onto a single dashboard for better management. Most modern-day businesses sell in both the online mode as well as offline mode. Selling in the online mode involves sales through various e-commerce platforms, and therefore the users need a control center to manage the various e-commerce platforms.

The various integrations on offer

The dashboard offered by the inventory management software tools acts as the standard dashboard that lets users integrate various e-commerce platforms and manage data more effectively. Moreover, the tools also support integrations with a range of shipping platforms and carriers, thereby enabling the user to ship his products through the best available shipping networks. These features enable users to derive more value out of a tool and also facilitate various other related workflows. Apart from these integrations, the tools also offer CRM integrations with tools like ZOHO and Salesforce.

What makes the inventory management tools a must-have?

Looking at the kind of features and integrations on offer, inventory management software tools come across as very useful. Additionally, there are a lot of inventory management tools available in the marketplace, which makes the competition fierce, ultimately leading to better affordability for the end-users. Moreover, most of these tools come with free trial periods that help the users to understand the product thoroughly before making a purchase. The ease and convenience offered by these inventory management tools make them a must-have for every business regardless of the scale at which it operates.