Landing Page Creator

Landing page apps can instantly build powerful and attractive landing pages for a variety of purposes. Most of these platforms are also ideal for creating a sales funnel and automate sales. They can be integrated with third party CRM, marketing automation or email marketing apps. The pre-built templates as well as drag-and-drop features are also one of the most common feature among these platforms. Below are some leading software available in the market today.


Unbounce is a landing page builder software built specifically for marketers.

By: Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc From Canada
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LeadPages is the next-generation lead generation platform that helps marketers create mobile-responsive landing pages.

By: Avenue 81 Inc From USA
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InstaPage is a landing page software designed to help improve your business marketing process.

By: Instapage, Inc From USA
Based on 29 Votes


Wishpond is a landing page builder that allows you to design, publish, and test the effectiveness of your landing page.

By: Wishpond Technologies Ltd From Canada
Based on 10 Votes


Lander is a landing page creator app that allows you to build, publish, and optimize your landing page.

By: Making Sense, LLC From USA
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Tomodo offers web modification technologies that provide API-based products. It requires no...

From Israel


Landingi is a landing page creator software that help to creat thatreate landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

By: Landingi Sp. z o.o From Poland‎
Based on 13 Votes


OptimizePress is a marketing site creator software30-dayhat allows you to create sales pages, landing pages, and membership portals.

By: OptimizePress
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ClickFunnels is a landing page and funnel builder that can help you with a variety of campaigns, primarily the ones to boost sales and gather leads.

By: Etison LLC From USA
Based on 24 Votes

Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel is a marketing strategy that helps marketers persuading more people to become their customers.

By: Deadlinefunnel
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Launchrock is a site builder software designed specifically to help you acquire more customers for your business.

By: Launchrock From USA
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KickoffLabs is a landing page creation software that helps you to create landing pages and opt-in forms in a smarter way.

By: KickoffLabs LLC
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ion interactive

Ion Interactive provides interactive content software and services targeted for modern marketers.

By: i-on interactive, inc From USA
Based on 28 Votes


Populr is an online page creator software that allows you to build engaging web content for your business.

By: Project 10K, Inc From USA
Based on 40 Votes

Inbound Now

Inbound Now is an inbound marketing plugin for WordPress that helps to convert your WordPress site into a powerful marketing tool.

By: Inbound Now From USA

Acquia Commerce

Acquia Commerce is a web-based application that focuses on providing its users with a world-class and industry-leading landing page software, which helps businesses to grow and flourish.

By: Acquia
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PageMutant is a landing page management software designed specifically for data-driven marketers.



PageWhiz provides a landing page generator and landing page templates that help to create high-converting landing pages for your business.

Landing Page Creators - Buyer's Guide

Depending upon the objectives you are trying to achieve - list building, lead generation, direct sales, etc. - your requirements and expectations from a landing page creator would vary, and you should go with one that offers features you are most likely to use. There is no point running after those high sounding features that you don't think, will add value to your project, either now or anytime soon in foreseeable future. Going by what most of the popular landing page creators offer today, here are some important features you can base your selection on.

Basic Design Features

There are some generally accepted good practices for designing an effective landing page. For example, you can't keep your visitors scrolling down for too long, your page should wear a clean and uncluttered look, it should be visually attractive, complete with relevant images and videos, it should highlight the value proposition, it should contain loud and clear call to action, etc. Make sure your landing page creator offers all these features.

Template Based System

Almost all landing page creators offer template based system, and come loaded with ready to use, predesigned templates. The whole idea is to give you a quick head start by saving you time, effort and technical knowhow. Wherever possible, try scanning through these templates to get a broad idea as to what the final output would look like and whether it would go well with your niche. Moreover, see to it that the layout can be easily modified to suit your taste and requirement.

Ease of Customization

Each project is unique and so should be the page design. Your page creator should allow you to add, remove, replace and customize various design elements like header, slider, blocks, boxes, timers, media players, etc. This is usually done through an options panel or a drag and drop framework, or a combination of both. Considering the selection, placement and colors of various design elements, your page creator should be able to give you a unique and personalized landing page.

Responsive Design

If your landing page can't adapt to the screen and resolution of your visitors' mobile devices, you will be losing out a huge chunk of market to your competition. Even otherwise, one who can't give you something as popular and essential like responsive design must be lagging behind on many other technical fronts. So, if at all you happen to come across a creator offering non-responsive design, you can safely ignore it.

Visual Editor

It will help you input your content onto the page without having to write it in HTML or any other computer language. A rich visual editor in fact is so common that you can almost take it for granted; hardly any landing page creator would disappoint you for this. So, the immediate question that comes up is: how is your page creator's editor different from others'? Look out for features like auto save, quick preview, move to trash, etc. And, how about a real time editor? Wouldn't that be great?

Does It Support Your Platform?

However good a landing page creator is, if it does not support your platform, it's no good for you. If your site is on WordPress, you'll need a creator that supports WordPress. If you are planning to use Drupal for your project, the creator should support Drupal. So on and so forth.

Integration with Marketing Channels

Most of the landing page creators offer integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. and with popular email software like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. Check out whether your page creator can be integrated with the specific marketing channel that you'd be using.

Analytics and Optimization Tools

There are a number of tools you'll require to analyze and optimize your page. Make sure your page creator either has, or supports such tools and techniques like split testing, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and Optimizely, among others.

Types of Plans

Some landing page creators offer period based plans (monthly and yearly) whereas others offer site based licenses (i.e. license to use on a particular number of sites you own); and choosing one over the other is best left to you. Many of them also offer a free trial period or money back guarantee for a certain period of time, just in case you want to try them out risk free.

To wrap up, look out for a landing page creator that helps you build a beautiful landing page optimized for maximum conversion.