Managed IT Services

IT (Information Technology) is a very important part of an organization and usually the most expensive, complex and time consuming one for the management. Many small and big organizations like to outsource their IT department to a more expert team or company that can manage and control all technology operations on behalf of the client company. This way, Client Company has to pay only to IT Service Company while all resources, people and time are spent by the tech service provider.

Looking for a qualified Managed Services company? Here are some suggestions.



Quest Managed IT support involves real-time security, intelligence, information technology monitoring and reporting for computing, mobility, video, VoIP, network, servers, databases, and other enterprise level services and applications.

By: Quest Media & Supplies, Inc. From USA


Ericsson offers managed IT services and solutions to companies looking for a cost effective and more efficient alternative to replace their current tech staff.

By: Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson From Sweden


Buchanan IT managed services are designed to suit the information technology needs and environment for organizations in every industry.

By: The Support Group, Inc. From USA


Apparatus specializes in reliable managed IT solutions that can adapt and evolve based on different needs of different industries and with time.

By: Apparatus From USA


Presidio Managed IT services are designed to fulfill all daily Information Technology management needs of companies so that the internal tech staff of the organization can focus on strategic aspects.

By: Presidio, Inc. From USA


ePlus managed IT services are useful for companies that want to replace their existing Information Technology department with a more efficient but less costlier option.

By: ePlus inc. From USA


Avanade is a complete managed IT service solution for companies that want to outsource their information technology tasks to be able to focus more on core business issues.

By: Avanade Inc. From USA


Syncplicity provides global collaboration tools through which you can build an online organization following all aspects.

By: syncplicity
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mindSHIFT is a complete IT management solution for organizations and businesses of any size.

By: mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc From USA


Logicalis provides complete IT solutions and managed Information technology services to the companies worldwide.

By: Logicalis Group Limited From USA

All Covered

All Covered is a complete managed IT support solution for organizations to make sure that important technology services are always there to support the business in need.

By: Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc From USA


Synoptek offers IT infrastructure as a service to companies looking for an easier yet more efficient method for handling their information technology operations.

By: Synoptek, Inc. From USA

Imagine IT

Imagine IT services are mainly used by small and midsize businesses to fulfill the needs of a healthy and efficient information technology system in the company.

By: Imagine IT, Inc. From USA


Dataprise IT management and Infrastructure services are there to provide remote and local technical support to companies that are unable to manage their information technology operations on their own.

By: Dataprise, Inc. From USA

Thrive Networks

Thrive Networks Managed IT is a nice option for businesses that spend a lot of money every year on their information technology infrastructure while still not getting the desired performance.

By: Thrive Networks From USA

Peak 10

Peak 10 allows companies to hand over their Information Technology services to be managed by the more sophisticated infrastructure and a well qualified team of technology experts from Peak 10.

By: Peak 10, Inc. From USA

Corporate Technologies

Corporate Technologies provides efficient IT managed services and support to its clients, handling all technical issues as soon as they arise so that the client can focus on the core business part.

By: Corporate Technologies LLC From USA


TekLinks information technology solutions are designed to help clients with the power of a well managed and expertly implemented IT infrastructure to support all technical tasks in the workplace.

By: TekLinks From USA


OneNeck is a perfect solution for companies looking for an Information Technology partner to manage day-to-day IT tasks and operations.

By: OneNeck IT Solutions LLC From USA


ComputerSupport help business leaders get the best out of their technology investment, both on-premise as well as in the cloud.

By: ComputerSupport From USA

IBM Managed Services

IBM Managed Services are there to help organizations with their Information Technology issues and problems.

By: International Business Machines Corporation From USA

Taylored Systems

Taylored Systems is an all-in-one Indiana-based technology and IT-services company headquartered in Noblesville.

By: Taylored Systems From USA

Two decades ago, when the IT companies started to gain prominence around the world, they started scaling their operations rapidly. The rapid scaling and expansion meant the requirement for more systems, consequently resulting in a demand for vendors and service providers who could fix and maintain these systems. These service providers back then used to provide support and services for specific tasks charge the client based on that. The model was commonly known as break/fix services. The services were on-demand and effective, but they lacked the continuous support desired by clients. However, all this was set to change in the late 90s

The emergence of outsourcing services

South Asian countries like India opened up their markets to foreign players in the early 90s, leading to a transformation of the outsourcing market. The rapid emergence of globalization and outsourcing services in the early 90s enabled IT firms around the world to outsource their maintenance and management tasks to third-party service providers. The outsourcing services helped IT firms to focus on their product line-up rather than worrying about the maintenance of various support systems. It also helped them save costs and become more efficient. Back in the day, the service providers started as application service providers, wherein they used primarily provide remote monitoring and server management services. The service providers essentially operated from their offices in the South Asian countries, making it feasible for them to provide services at competitive rates.

What are managed IT services?

However, with time other technologies developed, and subsequently, the scope of these service providers also increased to cover more advanced systems and applications. They gradually started comprehensive service packages that included services like data management and security, network maintenance and management, Human resource management, and payroll services, among others. Today, the managed service providers offer services in all these areas and also facilitate the migration of firms to a cloud-based infrastructure. Apart from cost savings, there are several other benefits of using the services of these managed service providers.

The benefits offered by managed service providers

For starters, these managed service providers enable IT firms to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and practices. Additionally, these service providers offer proactive support that allows firms to function round the clock with minimal downtime. The expert support provided by these service providers enables business owners to concentrate on the critical aspects of their business, such as sales and marketing. Looking at the benefits offered by these service providers, one can say that it is a win-win for both the client as well as the service providers. However, there are riders attached to this assertion.

The drawbacks

There are some drawbacks to the outsourcing models offered by these service providers, and the client needs to take note of these before finalizing on a service provider. Accountability is one of the major issues. For one, both the client as well as the service provider need to enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that clearly states the scope of the service provider. A well-drafted SLA brings in more accountability into the process while also making it more transparent. The other major challenge posed by the outsourcing model is finding a reliable service provider. The service providers need to effectively demonstrate their performance and gain considerable goodwill among existing clients to acquire new contracts. The clients, on the other hand, need to carefully examine and evaluate the performance of various service providers before zeroing in on one.


1. How do I start with the process of selecting a service provider?

The process is straightforward. To start with, search for various service providers and ask them for an evaluation of your IT infrastructure and requirements. Many service providers offer the evaluation services for free and then, based on the evaluation report, ask them to give you quotations.

2. What if the services offered by the service provider are not satisfactory?

The SLA holds the utmost importance when it comes to issues like these. Carefully formulate the SLA so that the scope of the service providers is well defined, and there are exit clauses available in case you decide to terminate the SLA.

3. What is the future of these managed IT services?

The managed IT services industry is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years and would be worth $282 billion by 2023.