Mobile Device Management Software

Many enterprises and large companies allow their employees to use their own or companies’ mobile devices such as, tablets, laptops, and smartphones for official work. Traditional IT department of the company may not be qualified enough to manage the security and access of various types, platforms and OS versions of mobile devices. There are many dedicated applications and software known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools that provide a complete management system/platform for enterprises to manage all their mobile devices from a single interface.

Here are some of the most widely used Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications.


AirWatch MDM application is designed to allow enterprises to manage and control the deployment of Android, Apple, Windows, and all other mobile devices from a single platform.

By: AirWatch, LLC From USA
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Bushel is an online cloud based MDM platform for management and monitoring of Apple devices.

By: JAMF Software, LLC From USA


Amtel is a mobile security and management application that provides complete mobile management solutions for enterprise mobile devices, apps, content, and more while keeping the cost low.

By: Amtel, Inc. From USA

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is a secure enterprise mobility management solution that gives organizations the ability to manage all mobile devices within their premises.

By: SOTI Inc. From Canada
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XenMobile is a complete enterprise mobility management solution that offers services like, mobile device management, mobile application management, and productivity apps for companies.

By: Citrix Systems, Inc. From USA


Filewave Mobile Device Management is a tool that can be used to manage iOS, Android, Mac and Windows mobile devices from a single web based interface.

By: FileWave Financial Services GmbH From Switzerland

MobileIron MDM

MobileIron Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables companies to secure, monitor and manage employees’ mobile devices while giving them freedom to be able to work using their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

By: MobileIron, Inc. From USA

Casper Suite

Casper Suite from JAMF Software is an enterprise mobile management solution designed specifically for Apple devices.

By: JAMF Software, LLC From USA

Miradore Online

Miradore Online is a free cloud based mobile device management platform for complete control and management of all enterprise mobile devices.

By: Miradore Ltd. From Finland
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Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus from ManageEngine allows enterprises to control and manage mobile device management (MDM) tasks from a single platform to monitor all mobile devices in the company premises.

By: Zoho Corporation From USA

Fiberlink MaaS360

MaaS360 from Fiberlink is Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that is used by organizations to manage and control all employees’ mobile devices, whether company-owned or employee owned (BYOD).

By: Fiberlink Communications Corporation From USA

Kaseya EMM

Kaseya EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) allows organizations to provide secured data access to mobile devices owned by employees or provided by the company.

By: Kaseya Limited From USA

SysAid MDM

SysAid MDM (Mobile Device Management) tool allows organizations and IT administration to define a BOYD policy to control and manage information access to employee-owned and company-owned mobile devices.

By: SysAid Technologies Ltd From USA

Good EMM

Good Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suites allow companies to mobilize their business content, records, data, documents, and everything else without having to worry about security.

By: Good Technology, Inc. From USA

Parallels 2X MDM

Parallels 2X MDM (Mobile Device Management) is an enterprise tool that helps companies in proper and secure management, tracking and control of various mobile devices used by their employees.

By: Parallels Holdings Ltd. From USA

LANDESK Mobility Manager

LANDESK Mobility Manager is a mobile device management application that gives IT administration the ability to control the access to sensitive content and data given to mobile workers and employees of the company to ensure high level security.

By: LANDESK Software, Inc. From USA

OpenPeak Toggle

OpenPeak Toggle is a mobile management platform used by enterprises as a complete BYOD solution to manage their employees’ mobile devices while giving them secure access to organization’s applications and data.

By: OpenPeak Inc. From USA

Kony Management

Kony Management is an enterprise mobility management tool that allows companies to manage their mobile devices, apps, content and access to information for BYOD (Bring your own device) or corporate-owned programs.

By: Kony, Inc. From USA

N-able Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager from N-able is a mobile device management application for enterprises.

By: N-able Technologies, Inc. From Canada

Matrix42 Mobile Silver

Matrix42 Mobile Silver is a web based mobile workspace management application that allows integration of all enterprise smartphones, tablets, apps, emails, and more onto a secured platform.

By: Matrix42 AG From Germany

Mformation MDM

Mformation MDM (Mobile Device Management) Platform is used by enterprises to ensure that all their mobile devices are properly configured and working.

By: Mformation Software Technologies LLC From USA