Prepaid Debit Cards

A Preloaded Debit Card is the easiest way to carry money in your pocket without actually carrying money. A prepaid debit card is different from a bank debit card in that it has to be recharged with money in advance to use later. Prepaid Debit Cards are better alternative to credit cards since they do not allow users to spend more than their budget and avoid debts. Prepaid Cards are for you if you are looking for an easier and more convenient way to carry money.

Here are some of the most recommended prepaid debit card services.



Prepaidify Prepaid Card is an easy, affordable and secure way to manage your money and finances.

By: Prepaidify From USA


NetSpend provides MasterCard and Visa prepaid debit cards to users with fast and guaranteed approval.

By: NetSpend Corporation From USA


Payoneer is a prepaid account service mainly used for local and international transactions and money transfers.

By: Payoneer From USA
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Green Dot

Green Dot is a reliable and trustworthy prepaid debit card provider service that allows anyone to have a prepaid card without credit check.

By: Green Dot Corporation From USA


CARD dot com specializes in MasterCards and Visa prepaid debit cards customized with featured brands.

By: Card Corporation From USA


Bluebird is a very convenient prepaid debit card account that gives you complete control over your money without needing to spend much.

By: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. From USA


smiONE Visa prepaid card is a standard prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere a Visa debit card is accepted.

By: Visa U.S.A. Inc. From USA

American Express Serve

American Express Serve offers multiple prepaid debit card options to suit different needs of different users.

By: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. From USA

PayPal PrePaid

A PayPal PrePaid card is a simple prepaid debit card that enables its users to eat, drink and shop anywhere, anytime without cash.

By: Total System Services, Inc. From USA


RushCard prepaid visa debit card can be used to receive money, accept payments, online and in store shopping, cash withdrawals, and much more.

By: UniRush, LLC From USA


AccountNow Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are available for users, who need a more secure and better alternative to cash.

By: AccountNow, Inc. From USA

ACE Elite

ACE Elite visa prepaid cards give users a more convenient and secure way to manage their money.

By: ACE Cash Express, Inc. From USA

Mango Card

Mango Card is a prepaid debit card that can be issued to anyone with no activation money and no credit check requirement.

By: Mango Financial, Inc. From USA


Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card is used for easy management and control of money and finances.

By: Kaiku Finance, LLC From USA

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit Visa or MasterCard that can be used to pay online bills, pay rent, shop online or in store, recharge, and much more.

By: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc From USA


AchieveCard is a simple Visa prepaid card that can be used for early clearance of checks with direct deposit.

By: AchieveCard From USA


PayPower Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid debit card that can be used to make purchases and transactions same as a standard debit card.

By: Blackhawk Network California Inc. From USA


NexisCard is a prepaid card service that provides Visa prepaid cards to its customers to allow them better control over their money and expenses.

By: Prepaid Ventures, LTD From USA

PEX Card

PEX Card is a prepaid card mainly used by businesses to manage employee spending.

By: Prepaid Expense Card Solutions, Inc. From USA

Bento for Business

Employee expense management solution for small and medium sized businesses featuring prepaid debit cards that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, with built in controls to set budget, limit categories and card usage.

By: Bento for Business From USA
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MasterCard Everyday

MasterCard Everyday prepaid card allows users to make their everyday transactions without cash.

By: MasterCard International Incorporated From USA

Akimbo Prepaid

Akimbo Prepaid MasterCard is used by thousands of people to easily manage allowances, control budgets, and share money.

By: FiCentive, Inc. From USA


UPside VISA prepaid card is used to manage money and finances with a simple mobile application.

By: MetaBank From USA

Prepaid Debit Cards are a smart alternative to carrying cash. They provide users with the freedom to go and shop with a single card at any store that accepts all major cards. Prepaid cards work differently than Credit Cards and Debit Cards. The majority of the Debit Cards and Credit Cards are linked with a bank account, and most of them only allow users to make normal transactions with a swiping charge, or they treat the amount as a credit taken by the user from the bank. They then charge users for the same on a monthly basis with or without interest rate depending upon the provider. In the case of Prepaid Cards, users have to refill the card with some cash, and they can then carry it and swipe it at stores without any issues or hidden charges.

We will cover the Prepaid Debit Card in two sections – how do these cards work, and what are the advantages associated with them. 

No Cash, No issues

Prepaid Debit Cards give their users the liberty to go cashless anywhere they want. Users just have to load the card with the required balance, and they’ll be good to go. Now, how do these cards work, and what makes them unique? Well, to start, several companies provide users with the service of Prepaid Cards, and the consumers use them as it gives them the convenience to go cashless. What makes these cards unique is that they have little to no rate of interest or hidden charges, and therefore, users never have to pay extra for whatever they shop. Just swipe the card and balance will be deducted automatically. But wait? How to load balance in these cards and how to keep track of balance left in it?

Well, this is where the mobile apps linked with these cards come to users’ rescue. They keep users updated with the status of their card and allow them to add balance to their Prepaid Card using their conventional Debit Card or Credit card without any issues. Not able to find your card? No worries here as well, because Prepaid Cards got you covered with Cheque as well. Just write the amount on Cheque, click a photo of it, upload it in the app, and you’ll soon have the credit in your card without any issues. Payments is not the only way where these make their users’ lives simple. The regular customers get points for each transaction, and once they’ve got enough points, they can avail attractive offers that can save them some bucks when they go for shopping next time.

Apart from all the features mentioned above, some prepaid cards also facilitate users with some extra features. These include – transferring the balance to a friend’s or family member’s card in case they run low on balance. This can be done using the smartphone app. Other than that, some cards also have an extra spend limit. This comes in handy in case users have shopped to their heart’s desire, but they are short of bill amount by a few bucks. Cards handle the transaction for that moment, and users are charged for that extra amount later.

Best in class service and security

Prepaid Cards allow users to customize their cards like they wish to. They can get the card with their favorite picture on them, or a card of their favorite color. And no, it’s not all about looks. Prepaid Cards are highly secure, and users need not worry about stealth even in case they lose the card because, in that case, they have the power to block the card right from their smartphone app. As soon as they report about stealth, their amount will be credited back to their bank account in no time. Go cashless in style with security with Prepaid Cards at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. How do they stand out from Credit Cards when Credit Cards indeed provides users with the same facility?

Answer: Prepaid Cards are a better option than Credit Cards because they don’t charge users with a rate of interest on money, and users never have to pay inflated card bills. It’s just their money that gets utilized rather than the extra credit for the bank. Credit Cards are beneficial for a large amount of purchase while Prepaid Cards take the cake for day to day shopping.

2. What Prepaid Card should I use to get the most benefits?

Answer: All Prepaid Cards come with different plans to attract users. The popular ones are highly reliable as they have been in this market for quite some time and provide cards that can be used at most stores seamlessly.

3. What happens if I try to recharge the card and transaction fails, but money is deducted from the side of the bank?

Answer: In most cases, the amount comes back to the user’s account in 2-4 business days, and if they still have some doubts, they are always free to contact customer care services that are available 24/7.