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1ShoppingCart is Barrie, Ontario, Canada based company offering their service to more than 25000 businesses according to the official website. In 2006, the platform was acquired by web.com, a company focused on web products and covers a number of tools to improve your online marketing and website development efforts. Among their several products and services, they also operate the popular Network Solutions domain provider which may say a thing or two about the quality of its services.


Visiting the website, you immediately get the feeling that the service is in need of a major revamp to keep up with the times. 1ShoppingCart is notorious for their lack of user-friendliness with their features. While there have been a number of design modifications over the years, in recent times, the frequency of these updates seems to have slumped.

1ShoppingCart provides several themes to choose from however, like a few other competitors, the quality of themes may not be suitable in the present area where design is a major focus for websites. The site does offer a mobile version so that should bring in a few positive points.

Promotion Tools

Their promotion tools are one of their major advantages with the possibility of providing discounts which are seasonal or based on coupon codes as well as other offers such as the provision of free shipping for certain orders.

They also recommend up-selling and promoting further during the checkout process as well as the use of email marketing to garner more of a response. We would not recommend the email marketing tools provided by 1ShoppingCart because you could get a more reputed, feature-rich tool for a much lower price. Another useful tool is the option of providing a product complimentary which can induce a purchase.

1ShoppingCart allows integration with services like Doba, Doba is a leading dropship service platform which allows selling millions of products without actually keeping them in stock.


Lifeline provides additional extended support to carry out various aspects of your business. The services offered range from designing and marketing your online store to setting up your store for success. With their Jumpstart service, you can outsource the task of setting up your store and getting it up and running to one of 1ShoppingCart’s “e-commerce experts”. They also have in-house designers if you are looking for a completely unique design to brand your online store. They also have a marketing team to carry out advertising and marketing campaigns as well as email marketing in order to capture leads. If you are willing to pay for these extra services, it shouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Data Feeds

With 1ShoppingCart, you can leverage the power of online shopping directories and comparison websites. The service automatically submits your website content to popular online product directories and price comparison shopping sites to gain another avenue of traffic and in turn generation of revenue.

Outsourced Customer Service

1ShoppingCart gives you the option of centralizing your subscription services using one provider. You have the option of setting up customer service for your website by using their outsourced customer support service. This includes email, chat or phone support based on your requirement. We should warn you though; it may cost you a pretty penny.


The platform allows 500 products with its starting plan. There is also 1.25 to 0.75% fees associated with each transaction and depending on plan. Each plan offers many features including recurring billing, mobile friendly shopping cart, digital downloads, post-sale upselling tools and much.


1ShoppingCart used to be one of the best options for shopping cart services and their residual customer base is suggestive of that, but in the current trend of the internet, they have failed to keep up which has led to their slow decline.

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