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By: 8x8, Inc. From USA

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8x8 business phone system is offered by 8x8, Inc, a telecommunication company headquartered in San Jose, California, with an additional office in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The company was first established in 1987 as Integrated Information Technology, Inc. (IIT), with the main focus in supplying semiconductor products. In 1997, the company changed its name into 8x8.

Phone System Features

The basic phone system features offered by 8x8 include auto-attendant, extension dialing, hosted PBX, music on hold, ring groups, directory assistance, and number porting. With these features, you will be able to get a virtual receptionist for your business, call any number within your company just by dialing the extension number, let your caller listen to a specific music track while waiting for their call to be answered, and port your number and allow you to receive calls anywhere.

Collaboration Features

The collaboration features offered by 8x8 include chat, presence, conference bridge, call recording, online meetings, and contacts integration. With these features, you will be able to chat with your contacts within the same company as well as within your Facebook or Gmail contact list, see who is online in your contacts, free conference call, record your calls, create online meetings with your contacts, and integrate your contacts across multiple platforms.

Mobility Features

The mobility features include virtual office mobile for iPhone and Android platforms, as well as softphone. With these features, you can connect your Apple and Android smartphones in your 8x8 virtual phone system, as well as transform your computer into a fully-functional web-based telecommunication system.

Online Management Features

The online management features from 8x8 offer online administration, virtual office online, and virtual office desktop. These features allow you to manage your 8x8 account more easily. You can set up and configure your virtual phone system account in any way you want, whether online or via a desktop application.

Business Features

The business features offer unlimited calling, 3-way calling, business SMS, call forwarding, conference bridge, caller ID, caller ID blocking, call waiting, and more. With these features, you will have the full control of your business telecommunication system. You can call any number and receive calls from any number for unlimited minutes, which means that you can use this service for as long as you need. With business SMS, you will be able to send SMS to your customers with your caller ID as the sender of the message.

Integration Features

Integration features offer integration for eAgent, ACT!, NetSuite, Outlook, Salesforce, Zendesk, and SugarCRM. It also offers web dialer, which will allow you to dial any number from any web page in just a single click. With a web dialer feature, you can also search the caller ID or the caller phone number and show the result right away on your computer screen, so that you know who you are talking to.

Optional Features

Aside from standard features, there are also optional features offered by 8x8 service, which include toll-free numbers, branch office, additional auto-attendant, professional installation, fax plans, virtual office analytics, and more. These features are not typically included in the standard features and require additional fees to be paid for the service.


8x8 virtual phone service is good to be used in enterprise-level business, with a more complex features being offered by the company to fit the needs of any basic corporate business. Those features are typically used in big companies, so once you have the system installed in your office, you will be able to run your communication system in the same quality as the big companies. However, the price for the service might be different for each customer, depending on how many features you want to get and how big your company is. And the drawback is that there is no flat-rate pricing plan available for you to choose from. 

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