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By: Acclivity Group LLC. From USA

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Are you a big fan of Account Edge Pro but wish to work it on the Internet or in cloud? Account Edge is a comprehensive small business management and accounting program for Windows or Mac with all utilities for payroll, sales, purchases, billing, inventory, and contacts. Having it in the cloud is certainly a more efficient approach. This is because it allows multiple users to connect and coordinate for prompt accounting data recording and precise analysis of cash flows. However now, the introduction of Account Edge Cloud allows linking the Pro version to it.  

Designed as a Software as a Service application, Account Edge Cloud aims to work together with Account Edge Pro. Without being installed on your desktop, the cloud version extends the Account Edge’s functionality to your contractors and employees for entering, tracking, and reporting accounting data. All they have to do is access Account Edge Cloud via a desktop or tab browser from any location.


Available with a monthly subscription, the Cloud platform comes in four different plans each varying in terms of number of users permitted for access. Once you choose the right plan, you need to sign up for the account after which an email confirmation with instructions is received. You also have to have a DropBox account offering free cloud storage for storing data of your Pro 2014’s company file.

You now need to connect the Pro version 2014 to your DropBox account. For this, you have to open your company file and go to Setup. During this setup process, you need to enter the DropBox account credentials. You also need to specify a device name to be used for identifying the opened company file with Cloud. Finally, you will have to synchronize the data of company file with DropBox. Once this is done, the desired data is synced back and forth between Cloud and Pro. You can now use your Cloud account.


Once you log into your Cloud account, you see a neat and organized interface or dashboard. The top panel shows three tabs on the extreme right namely, Time Tracker, Sales, and Admin for performing the desired tasks. These are actually called modules.


AccountEdge can be integrated directly with file syncing service Dropbox. During the sync, the program scans for new records on DropBox regarding customers, sales, and so on, which you create in the Cloud and updates the different lists required by the Cloud version. Likewise, Cloud accepts new data sent to DropBox by Account Edge Pro and stores it in its database.


This module allows creating and managing orders in multiple currencies, invoices, and quotes. Due to synchronization, this module shows the populated lists of customers and jobs retrieved from company file of Account Edge. You can simply select them to manage them or add new records that are synced to the file stored on your desktop.

The Cloud version also allows adding payments to an invoice, printing and emailing sales, and processing credit cards through a Merchant Account. While you cannot view the current sales, you can easily create invoices and quotes on the go rather than waiting to access the desktop in office. Your employees enjoy the flexibility to enter sales transactions and create bills at anytime.

Time Tracking

The Time Tracking module has actually seen some improvements recently for making it more functional for the employees or contractors (users). You can create users for allowing your staff to access Cloud for business tasks. They can enter the total duration spent and can even time their tasks, which can be synced to the company file.

As an administrator, you can set what each user or employee can access, so that there is no intentional loss of confidential or private information. In short, this module can be used as a clock for having precise payrolls and time billing invoices.


The Cloud version is yet an evolving platform with more functionality to be added to these modules in near future. At present, it is recommended for those who already have a Pro version and wish to give access to their employees or contractors for performing some business tasks on the go.

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