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Advanced System Optimizer Review

By: Systweak Software From India

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The market of PC maintenance software is already a crowded one. There're many products and majority of them do the same things in same manner. In such a market if a solution comes with some distinguishing features, it's bound to earn some serious attention. Systweak Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is one such software. Though its feature-set is similar to that of its rivals, it has some unique features too that're not found in most of its rivals.

But having some different features alone can't make a software good enough if it fails in doing its core job. So the key question is this – how well does this software perform the core task of PC maintenance? Let's take a look at its major features to figure out:

Feature set

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is packed with all the features that should be present in any decent PC maintenance Program. For example:

  • Smart PC Care, which sits atop all other features and allows you to perform all important scans quickly with a single click. It's the place where you get a view of your system's overall health;
  • Registry cleaning and optimizing features, which include a registry cleaner and a registry optimizer, both of which do their job as expected;
  • Disk cleaning and optimization tools like a system cleaner (which cleans the PC of junk files), an optimizer (which defrags the drive), a disk explorer (which provides details about data lying in your drive) and some other tools as well that you can use to check the overall health of your hard drive;
  • Security and Privacy Features like anti-virus, malware protection, web browser security features (i.e. adware detector), file shredder and encryption. The anti-virus and malware scanners are fast enough at performing quick scans, but deep scans take time, often more than an hour.
  • Windows Optimization tools, which include a game optimizer, a memory optimizer and a driver updater;
  • And finally, Backup and Recovery Tools like undelete (which recovers files deleted from the drive), a backup manager (to schedule backups) and a dedicated option to backup and restore system files.

As you can see, it has all the features that must exist in any PC maintenance program. However, unlike some of its rivals it doesn't include anything extra. There're many advanced tools that you won't find in it, which include file shredder, SSD optimizer etc.

User Interface and User Experience

No bells and whistles here. The UI is very simple, clean and not too rich in visuals. For that reason it's also not as easy to understand as  that of some other costlier products in its category. But don't get me wrong here – it's very well organized in different categories, so at least you won't be searching for different utilities here and there in it. A sidebar in the left side of software organized features of all six categories outlined above in different sections so you can find them easily. The sections include:

  • Smart PC Care
  • Registry Optimizers
  • Disk Cleaners and Optimizers
  • Windows Optimizers
  • Security and Privacy
  • Backup and Recovery

Besides these sections there're dedicated section for Common Problems and Regular Maintenance as well. In short, the developers of software have done a very good job when it comes to putting together everything provided in the software.


Though the functionality of this software could've been better in certain sections (i.e. game optimization and memory optimization  namely), it can't be refused that it does a satisfactory job in most departments. The easy to use interface is another major point in its favor to justify its $39 price tag. Therefore, if you're a new user in the market of PC maintenance software, you can consider giving it a try.

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