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AfterLogic WebMail Pro is a webmail client software created and developed by AfterLogic Corp., a software company founded in 2002 and based in Newark, Delaware. The company specializes in providing software in the fields of email software development and email component development, while also providing professional software consulting services for businesses. The focus of the company is to help businesses to implement their easy-to-use email software solutions, with the best customer service available.


  • Provides a full-featured webmail client for corporations and service providers, with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features.
  • Has a mobile version that allows your users to use your webmail service via their mobile devices, with optimized design for small screens.
  • Server based and user based licenses.

Things that can be improved.

  • Although users do not need them to continue using, there is a renewal fee if user wants to get updates regularly.

Full-Featured Webmail Software With Commercial-Grade Maintenance

AfterLogic WebMail Pro is a complete webmail software that can be used by any corporations or service providers, with full features ranging from security to mobile compatibility. While the design of the software itself is simple and minimalist, it has the latest technology in HTML5 and CSS3, and the webmail technology is constantly being updated regularly. Users can expect common features that they need in a webmail, along with various additional features. Moreover, with the commercial-grade maintenance, this webmail client is constantly being upgraded with new features and improvements on a regular basis.

Seamless Third-Party Integration With Plugin Framework And API

This is the webmail client software that has the built-in third-party integrations with its plugin framework and API. It means that you can easily connect your webmail service with other third-party services and seamlessly integrate the functions between the different services. With this feature, you can easily install a plugin to your webmail system, and integrate the function of the system instantly. Or, you can use the API from other services in your webmail client to get the similar function. There are various plugins available, such as single sign-on and user interface adjustment.

Secure And Personal Email Web Client

One mandatory feature that any webmail client software needs to have is the security of the system itself. Without a good security, your users can’t exchange their emails with other people without worrying that their emails are not securely protected. With AfterLogic WebMail Pro, the users can easily send and receive emails over an SSL connection to ensure the security of their communication. This software can also be installed on a secure HTTPS server to enhance its security level. Email encryption features are also available via OpenPGP function.

Mobile-Compatible Features

When using this webmail client software, your users don’t need to worry about accessing their email account via their mobile device. The software is optimized for mobile viewing, as well as for touch inputs. There is a mobile version of the webmail client that your users can use to access their email account via their mobile device. Moreover, they can also perform mobile sync for their contacts, calendar, and mail. It means that your data can be synced across devices, and you don’t need to worry about losing any important information from your communication. It supports IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV. Apple iPhone and iPad devices are synced automatically.

Various Additional Features

There are various additional features that make AfterLogic WebMail Pro better than their competitors. Aside from providing the common features that are usually available in the basic webmail clients, it also provides features such as multiple IMAP accounts per user, signatures, mail filters, auto-responders, branding, drag-and-drop attachment, and more. It has a simple and an easy-to-use web admin panel with support for Dropbox and Google Drive. It also works with various mail servers based on Windows and Linux operating system, such as Qmail, Dovecot, Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange, IceWarp, MailEnable, and many more.


When it comes to finding the best webmail client for your business, whether you are a corporate user or a service provider, you can count on AfterLogic WebMail Pro to provide the service that you need. This is because this software offers a lot of features that your users really need, as well as many additional features to make their email communication more seamless. This webmail client provides all of those features, along with the professional support that they provide whenever you need it. The commercial-grade maintenance is also a feature that you might like a lot, since with this feature, this software can get better day by day. The constant upgrades and updates that are applied to the software regularly help you to constantly improve your webmail service.

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