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Ally Invest is an online trading platform provided by Ally Financial Inc., a financial holding company founded in 1919 and based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The focus of the company is to provide various financial services and products for the customers, corporate clients, automotive dealers, and businesses across the United States of America. Ally Invest is the online trading platform that focuses on helping traders and investors in their investment strategies, as well as build their investment portfolio.

Lots Of Investment Choices With Low Pricing And Monthly Fees

Ally Invest provides lots of investment choices, both for new investors and experienced investors, so that they can pick and choose the best investment strategy that brings them more profits. The variety of investment strategies offered by this platform are available with low pricing plan and very small monthly fees that won’t reduce your profits significantly. Whether you want to invest in stocks, bonds, Forex, futures, and many other investment options, you can do it using this platform very easily. You just need to set up the type of account that you want to have and start investing right away.

Self-Directed Trading For Independent Traders

There are two types of accounts that you can create with this platform. The first is self-directed trading account, and the second is the managed portfolio account. The self-directed trading account is designed for independent traders who want to trade their online stocks in the way that they want, with full freedom on how to operate their account. In this account, there is no minimum amount of money that you need to deposit into the account before you can start investing. There are also tools that can help you to perform some in-depth market research analysis to find the best investment strategy that you can use.

Managed Portfolios For Professionally-Managed Investment Accounts

If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of managing your own account with Ally Invest, you can open the managed portfolios account with this platform and assign a professional account manager to manage your investments. With this type of account, you can set back and relax, while the professional manager helps you to find the best investment strategy for you. There is a minimum amount of deposit for this type of account, and you can direct this account toward reaching your investment goal. There are tools that can help you to keep track of your account and keep your investment in good standing.

Advanced Charting Tools And Calculator Software With Intuitive Platform

This platform offers various premium tools that help you to analyze your financial market and find the best investment opportunities intuitively. You can use these tools on your browser from any operating system with HTML 5 support, and you can also access the tools via your mobile devices. In this way, whenever you are and whatever device that you use, you can always perform any stock trading activities, such as buy stocks and sell stocks as quickly as possible, while watching the movement of your stock investment in real time.

Account Protection For All Traders

Investing is a high-risk business, and in order to ensure that you have all the profits that you can earn from your investment, you need to protect your account from any kind of unnecessary risks that you may experience. Fortunately, Ally Invest provides a robust account protection system for all traders who want to trade stocks using this platform, and thus, you don’t need to worry about various security risks that you may encounter while using your account. The platform covers customer claims and cash claims in case it fails to protect the funds that you have deposited into your account. However, you need to understand that this protection doesn’t include the protection from investment losses due to your own bad decisions.


For any traders who want to trade seamlessly and securely, Ally Invest is one of the best online trading platforms that you can choose. It offers various investment strategies, with two types of account available for choosing. The self-directed account allows you to manage your investments by yourself, while the managed portfolio account allows you to get a professional manager to manage your account for you. Aside from that, this platform also offers a wide range of professional tools that help you in your trading activities, which you can access from any device. Moreover, the protection system that is offered for your account allows you to protect your full investment in case any security problems happen that cause you to lose your investment funds.

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