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aMember is a membership software created in 2002 by CGI-CENTRAL, a software company that focuses on developing web-related tools to help online businesses do their business online. The specialty of the company is to make software based on Python, PHP, CGI, and Perl.

Easy Membership Administration

All membership administration and management of the software is done via web-based control panel. Thus, you can customize everything from there. If you want to add or remove members, you can simply log in to your control panel to do that. The control panel is designed to be easy to use, and there are settings for beginners as well as professionals, so that you can change the settings based on your current preferences and the level of your familiarity toward the software.

Free Installation

The free installation service is included with the purchase of your software. If you cannot install the software by yourself, the professional team at aMember can help you to manually install the software for you. This installation service is already included in your membership fee, so there is no hidden or additional cost involved with it. Not only that, the professional team at aMember can also help you to get started using the software for the first time.

Payment Integrations

There are multiple payment integrations available in the aMember software, which you can customize based on your personal preference. No matter what the payment gateway that you are using right now, aMember can use that as the payment gateway for your membership website. The supported payment gateways include PayPal, Wordpay, Clickbank, 2CO, and a hundred more payment gateways that are available online. There is no complicated process involved when you integrate your payment gateway with your membership website.

Affiliate Module with Full Features

If you want to create an affiliate program for your membership website, you can do that by using the affiliate module provided within the software. The module provides fully featured affiliate system for your membership website. You can accurately track your affiliate sales, as well as log the recurring transactions of your affiliates with the real-time tracking feature.

Protection for Your Content

With aMember, you can easily and securely protect each of the content within your website. Each aspect of your membership website can be protected using this protection feature. This includes forums, folders, blog posts, site URL, files, and other types of content that you might want to protect from any unauthorized access.

Easy Integration for Various CMS Platforms

No matter what your current CMS platform is, aMember can easily be integrated with it without any problem. It has various integration plugins that you can purchase separately based on the platform that you are using right now. There are WordPress integration, Joomla integration, vBulletin integration, and many others.

Help Desk System

The aMember software also includes a module that helps you to provide excellent support for your subscribers. The integrated help desk system provides an easy way for your subscribers to contact you. Your subscribers can submit their support ticket via the helpdesk system, and you are able to respond to those tickets in an organized manner. It helps you to keep your customers happy with the service.


aMember is a complete membership software that can help you to create a solid membership website for your business, without worrying about any limitation. The pricing is set as a one-time payment, which means that you only pay for the software once, and you can use it without any limit on your website. However, what seems to be the disadvantage of this software is that you still need to pay for additional plugins associated with this software, such as CMS integration, sub-user module, soft sale module, and so on, which can add the cost of the software very quickly.

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