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AmeriCommerce was founded in 2005 by three entrepreneurs in Beaumont, Texas. The platform now has slowly grown to become a serious contender in the industry. According to the official website, more than 5000 merchants are using their platform to build a sophisticated storefront for selling online. The name may be inspired by the country of origination being America. The company handles thousands of online stores, including some notable brands such as Kellogg’s and Xerox. Americommerce was acquired by Capital One recently, a big name in the finance industry.

Multiple Stores

If your online business has a complex structure with a need for more than one e-commerce store, Americommerce makes this issue a walk in the park. Quickly and easily setup different stores manage different products or different audiences with a unique theme and subset of products based on what you need.

Multiple Channels

If you have an established audience across multiple channels, instead of linking to one central store, you can easily integrate your store with various popular online services including Facebook, Wordpress (for blogs) and Twitter. This can boost engagement and give your customers a selection of avenues for them to reach you.


Recently, they have revamped the entire interface and design with support for a mobile and tablet version of the admin as well. The new interface is a lot easier to navigate with web 2.0 icons for better presentation. For those of you familiar with Wordpress, you will find a similarity in terms of choice of colors and layout of the website.

The service comes with less than 50 themes which may seem a little less than sufficient for many. The good news is that the more recent themes are comprehensive with full support for mobile e-commerce.

Marketing Tools

The platform provides an array of marketing tools out-of-box whether it is on-page optimization for SEO or tools to increase engagement. You can set up a customer reward system, provide coupons and offer special deals to garner more sales. The service also has a built-in blog.

Sell More

AmeriCommerce has incorporated some useful tools to improve how much you can sell on your website. They give you the option of displaying Top Sellers to show what products are more popular. You can also suggest certain items if they are related or if you have reason or another to give them more exposure. There is also a "Viewed this but bought these" option which is not something commonly found in online stores.

There are a number of ways of basically expressing similar item different titles such as "Spotlight Items" and "Featured Items".


Going hand in hand with their marketing tools, you have the liberty to heavily customize your key pages including product and checkout pages. You can also offer special discounts and offers during the checkout process to garner further sales.


Americommerce boasts a number of features geared towards protecting your website while you are online. They offer PCI compliant encryption along with powerful servers that can scale even the largest traffic spikes (make sure your limitations are in check though). The servers are also equipped with DDOS protection and optimized for faster processing to prevent hang time when users navigate your website.

Integrations and API

You can easily integrate with popular related services to extend functionality of your shop. For more compatibility, you can gain access to the service’s API which may cost you a bit, but may well be worth it depending on what you are looking to accomplish.


AmeriCommerce epitomizes some of the burdens that customers of the shopping cart software face such as limited support times and bandwidth caps. If these hindrances don’t bother you that much, AmeriCommerce should be a good option for you to look into.

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