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If someone wants to start an e-commerce business, marketplace model has become a proven model for it worldwide. It works because it not only helps in bringing down operating costs, but also in scaling quickly. No surprise e-commerce sites around the globe prefer this model over warehousing based model or hybrid model.

However, there are some challenges that come with this model: you need to manage far more services and far more suppliers than the warehousing based model. Therefore, in order to create an online marketplace that doesn't give bad experience to the customers, your need:

  • A very reliable (and easy to use) system to manage the items that are added to your marketplace by sellers;
  • A reliable order management system;
  • A shopping cart solution;
  • And another system to help you resolve the grievances that come with this model.

This is just a very basic list of what you need to be running smoothly in order to put up a positive experience through your online marketplace. Depending on the type of marketplace you're willing to create, the number of systems and services in this list may increase.

At this point, you must be wondering, isn't there a single service provider who can integrate all these systems for me? Is there be a better way? Fortunately, there is. It's called Arcadier Marketplaces.

What is Arcadier Marketplaces?

It's a solution that does precisely what it should do to help you create online marketplaces easily. It puts together all the different services that any entrepreneur may need to create online marketplaces, and tightly integrates them into one single platform. Let's have a look at some of its major features:

  • Self-Service On-Boarding: The on-boarding process is quite easy as and is based on self-service. You can quickly set up the platform according to requirements of your marketplace with a few clicks.
  • Items Management System: Aracadier's very reliable items and seller management system allows you to track and disable not only items listed on your site but also sellers, whenever you wish.
  • Transaction Reports: You can extract the entire history of your transactions in form of CSV files without needing help of any other 3rd party solution.
  • Marketing solutions: It doesn't only provide you solutions to build your e-commerce site but also to market it. It has got SEO tools, Google Analytics and a performance dashboard built right into it that you can use to track performance of your various marketing campaigns.
  • Hosting: You don't need to host Arcadier on a 3rd party server to build your website because it provides unlimited data storage for your online marketplace.
  • Order Management System: The order management system included with Arcadier allows you to access your orders and update their details.
  • Customer Account Management: You can also manage the accounts of all your buyers within Arcadier's platform. And it's a very powerful account management system as it allows people to create accounts using Facebook, Google or OpenID.
  • API: If you're an enterprise customer, you'll still find Arcadier quite useful for your needs, thanks to its advanced API that provides enterprises more features to meet their needs.
  • SSL Included: Complete peace of mind as Arcadier comes with SSL support to help you bring not only ease of use but also security to your marketplace.

And now the best part: all of these features make it look like a premium and highly priced platform, but it's very affordable. Yep – their packages start from $169 and there's special competitive pricing for enterprise users according to their needs. Moreover, the basic version is available for free until February 2017. In short, Arcadier doesn't leave any excuse to its customers for not giving it a try. You should certainly try it at least once to see its power in action.

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