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AT&T Internet is a cable internet service provided by AT&T, a telecommunication company founded in 1983 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA. The cable internet service provided by this company offers various internet plans and packages, which you can use for various needs. You can pick the internet-only package, DirectTV package, or DirectTV with Home Phone package with this internet service provider.

More Than 99% Reliability For Your Internet Connection

AT&T Internet is a cable internet connection service that ensures the users get the best and most reliable internet connection. With this internet service provider, users can ensure that they get the best speed and reliability when it comes to online connection, and they can ensure that their connection is active all the time, capable of delivering consistent speed for their internet activities, whether it is browsing, streaming, downloading, or uploading. With more than 99% reliability, it means that you are always connected all the time, with only very small possible service interruptions that are barely noticeable.

Included Free Full Suite Antivirus Software With Your Subscription

Not many internet service providers in the US provide the additional benefits to their users, such as giving them extra protection for their internet activity. With this service provider, you get a full suite of antivirus software from McAfee for free with your subscription. It means that you not only be able to connect to the internet using this service, but also you can ensure that your connection remains secure all the time. The antivirus software can help you to protect your connection from various online threats, and make sure that you browse the internet safely.

Favorite Premium Channels With WiFi Router And HD DVR

AT&T Internet also provides the DirectTV option for the users, which offers various favorite premium TV channels that they can enjoy. With this option, you can not only browse the internet at full speed, but you can also enjoy various TV entertainment features anytime you want it, without any interruption. Additionally, with the subscription, you get the additional WiFi router to connect multiple devices to your wireless internet home network, so that many of your family members can enjoy the internet with their own devices. Also, there are some HD DVR devices included with your subscription, allowing you to watch and record your favorite shows in full HD.

Different Speeds For Different Needs

While the speed offered by this cable internet service is superb enough if you pick even the slowest internet speed, there are various speed options that you can choose according to your needs. This depends on how you plan to use your internet connection. If you want to use it just to browse the internet, then a 50 MBPS speed option is good for you. If you want to use it to browse the internet, as well as stream HD TV shows and videos, then the 75 MBPS option is great to fulfill your needs. But, if you want the ultimate speed that you can use for internet, HD streaming, and online gaming, the 100 MBPS option is the best option that you can choose.

Smart Home Manager To Manage Your WiFi Network

With AT&T Internet, you get your own WiFi router that allows various devices to be connected in one WiFi network in your home. It means that your family members can enjoy the home internet connection by simply connecting their devices to the router, and at the same time, you can always manage your WiFi network with a simple WiFi software manager provided by AT&T. The Smart Home Manager allows you to manage your WiFi network, see the connected devices, block the connection to certain devices, and more.


When it comes to choosing the best internet service provider for your everyday use, speed is not the most important point that you need to consider. In fact, you need to take a look at how reliable the network is going to be. This is because reliability is important to ensure that you always get connected all the time, as well as to ensure that you have less service interruption from time to time. AT&T Internet is the right internet service provider when it comes to speed and reliability, and it also offers various features that can enhance your internet experience, such as HD TV shows, antivirus software, and WiFi home manager.

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