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By: Avanquest North America Inc. From France

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Avanquest WebEasy 10 is a handy software to design and publish websites without requiring HTML or CSS language knowledge as the software generates the codes itself. You can download and install the software to start using it. The key features of the software are discussed below.


Avanquest WebEasy 10 can be used to create professional websites for multiple business types in an easy yet efficient manner and it worth its price. Below are some top features of the software.


Avanquest WebEasy has a package of thousands of templates to choose from. The templates have been designed to give a professional look to your website. There is a huge variety of templates for all kinds of requirements. You can also create your own template from scratch to make the perfect website for your business.


The templates are highly customizable. You can make changes in a convenient manner. Adding or deleting pages, changing links, fonts, text, background color, images is a simple task.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

You can add objects like images, forms, services, videos etc. just by dragging and dropping them in the workplace. Objects can be dragged to reposition.

Visitor Interaction

You can collect contact information of your visitors by inserting dynamic forms to your website. This information can be used to send them promotional newsletters and email and help your sales grow.

E-Commerce Tools

Avanquest Webeasy 10 allows you to make an effective online store using the e-commerce tools. The software provides you secure transaction processing, shopping carts, real-time, email capture and much more to make buying for your clients easy and comfortable.

The software has an eBay page wizard which enables you to create pages compatible with eBay and boost your sales. You can add a PayPal shopping cart to receive payments from your customers any time of the day. Multiple products and services can be bought with a single payment via PayPal shopping cart.

Website Hosting

Websites can be published directly from within the Avanquest Webeasy workspace in a matter of just a few minutes. You can do this by connecting your web server (ftp credentials) with your server and upload files directly from software. This can be a good time saver for quickly testing website layouts and designs.

Photo Albums

The built in photo albums wizard enables you to select your photos and insert description to them. You can select pictures from a bunch of photo page themes. WebEasy then showcases your pictures in an elite style. You can use the Picasa, PhotoBucket and Flickr tools to create albums and slideshows.

Compatibility with Browsers

Websites designed using Avanquest WebEasy are compatible with web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and more. The software optimizes the appearance in small screen devices automatically and this is really an important feature as mobile users and their mobile web activity is growing rapidly.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Assistant tool helps your website increase its online visibility by optimizing and making your page more search engine friendly. This tool offers basic on-page optimization features such as the insertion of keywords, page title and description. Although, considering growing list of onpage search enging ranking factors, this feature alone may not be enough if you're thinking to create serious business website.

Additional Tools

Many other small and handy tools are available which make your website more interactive. You can use the slider controls to zoom in and zoom out for easy viewing. The Spell Checker tool helps you create an error free webpage. This tool comes with auto correct and word suggestions.

You can use the YouTube streaming to embed the videos to your website via YouTube. Adding videos to YouTube with your website's backlinks also improves your visibility. With Social Media Integration tool you can integrate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. to your website. Use the Google Maps to help your visitors  locate your stores, offices and other locations easily.

Free Hosting and Personalized Domain

New users can receive 3 months of free hosting when they buy this software directly from Avanquest. You can use a personalized domain name to match your business and attract more clients to your website. In case you already have a domain name, your registration can be transferred to it by contacting the customer assistance team. You will also get personalized email address branded with your website name. It will help to promote your business.

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