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BillingOrchard is an online invoicing tool created by BillingOrchard in 2001, a software development company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The mission of BillingOrchard is to provide the best all-in-one invoicing solution for small business owners so that they can get paid quicker and save more time.

Schedule Your Invoice

With BillingOrchard, you can schedule your invoice and set it to be paid at certain intervals to certain clients. What you need to do is just create the invoice and then let it be delivered to your clients’ email addresses automatically. You can set the custom billing schedule as well as automate the notifications for the invoices that are past due. On top of that, you can calculate the late fee payments for your clients who don’t pay their bill on time.

Online Invoicing Without Attachment

BillingOrchard allows you to send online invoices without the need to put attachments in your email. In this way, your customers can see your invoice directly from their email address, and pay it right away. There is no need for them to download a file attachment in order to see the whole invoice details. You will also be able to personalize your invoice and put the tracking code on it so that you will know when it is delivered and read by your clients.

Give Your Customers The Useful Information

BillingOrchard has a feature that allows your customers to get useful information regarding the invoice that they have paid. The customer portal from BillingOrchard software will allow your customers to track their own payment with your company, update their billing information, pay their invoices online, review their invoice notifications as well as their billing schedule, and contact you directly to inquire about their billing information. All can be done easily in the customer portal that is provided by BillingOrchard software.

Accept Payment Quickly

BillingOrchard provides the necessary technology for you to accept payment from your customers quickly. You can process your customer’s payment directly from your invoice. You can also offer an alternative payment method for your customers. The funds will be deposited to your account within 48 hours. The charges from the credit card and e-check transactions can be set into recurring. All these features will be available for you without any additional software installation.

Track And Manage Your Billing Time

The time tracking feature of the BillingOrchard software will allow you to log billable hours and update your invoice data accordingly. It means that you will no longer spend your time on a project without getting paid for that time. This feature will also allow you to assign your employees to log the hours that are used for the client’s project, and you can change your invoice based on their data instantly.

View The Data About Your Cash Flow

Not only will BillingOrchard help you to manage your invoice, it will also allow you to view the complete data about your cash flow in any given period of time. It means that you can see how much money that you have in your account right now, as well as see the amount of income that you have received in any given period of time. In this way, you can predict your income, create plans for your future earnings, and forecast your company growth.


BillingOrchard is worth a try if you are looking for an easy and simple online billing and invoicing solution. And since this software will provide only two different pricing plans with support for unlimited users, you can rest assured that you will not get billed with additional charges if you have a lot of users using the same system within your company. This is a plus side that will give you a big advantage, especially if you have a lot of team members that need to use the same online invoicing solution within your company.

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