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Bizness Apps is an app builder tool that was created in 2010 by Bizness Apps, a mobile software development company based in San Fransisco, California, USA. The mission of this company is to provide a good solution for small and medium businesses in building their business apps quickly and easily.

Free App Building Tool

Building an app with Bizness Apps is free to do. However, you will need to choose the pricing plan once you are ready to launch your app in the app market. The free building tool will provide you the chance to learn more about how Bizness Apps works, without having to sign up for a monthly plan first. Thus, it will provide you as much time as needed to build your first app with this tool.

Easy To Launch & Promote Your App

Once you are finished with the app building process, you will be given the option to launch and publish your app to a specific app market depending on the platform that you choose. The entire process is done automatically via the software, and you don?t need to sign up manually for each app market in order to do so. Once you?ve published your app, you can promote your app with ease as well, as this tool will provide a lot of promotional materials for your app. You can also track your app performance with ease, to ensure that you get the maximum return of investment for your app.

Design & Customize Your App With Ease

A good app is the one that you can build according to your style and taste. With Bizness Apps, it will be possible for you to design and customize your app with ease. In this way, you will be able to make your app unique, stylish, and beautiful as the one you intended it to be. The complete set of features available in Bizness Apps will allow you to do the maximum customization for each of your app.

Mobile Shopping Cart

With this tool, you can create a mobile shopping cart for your business, which will allow your customers to use the mobile shopping chart to buy your product. You can also integrate your online store with your mobile app, and in this way, you will be able to expand the online business platform to handle your sales. With this feature, you can set the delivery fees and taxes, accept payment from within the app, manage your orders, as well as customize your product photos and description.

3rd Party Integration

You can integrate your app with many 3rd party applications such as food ordering, multimedia, email, reservation, and e-commerce applications. With a simple integration, you can combine your app functionality with other third-party applications to make it even more useful and functional.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications will allow you to send specific messages to your app users. With Bizness Apps, you can send unlimited push notifications via your app. You can even target the users based on their location, and only send notifications to the users of your app in specific locations. This will allow you to segment your audience and launch different promotions through the push notification system based on their location, and you can do this anytime you want.


Bizness Apps can help you to build high quality apps for Android, iOS, and HTML5 platforms easily, with lots of great features you can use in your app building process. The free app building feature will allow you to try this software and spend as much time as necessary to build your app, before you finally choose the pricing plan that you want to use before launching your app. However, the limited platforms that are supported by this app will only allow you to build and distribute your app in Android, iOS, and HTML5 platforms, which is a disadvantage if you want to maximize the distribution of your app.

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