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This is the era of apps. Rapid adoption of smartphones around the globe has made apps arguably more important than websites. Whether you're a big business or a small business, with an app you can multiply your reach in your target market. However, building one can be a bit discouraging, especially for small business owners with little-to-no coding expertise. Businesses with deep pockets can get started with apps easily by hiring a developer, but what about small businesses? Fortunately, mobile app builders are out in the market to help them.

Mobile app builders allow anyone to create an app easily, often without any coding knowledge. And since we're on the topic of small businesses, here we're going to review an app builder primarily aimed on that segment of businesses. It's known as Bobile. Does it really help small business owners in building apps easily? If yes, then how? Let's find out in our review:  

Feature Rich Editor

Bobile has built a very feature-rich yet easy to use editor that you can use to develop or customize your app. It'll allow you to easily add all popular features that're trending in mobile app ecosystem. For example:

  • Mobile shop: You can include the functionality of a mobile shop in your app, thus allowing your customers to purchase anything from your business.
  • Mobile bookings: If you're offering services, you can also allow your customers to easily book appointments through your app. The Bobile editor has got features  to help you do so.
  • Push messages: Your app will be able to push notifications and messages as per your desire.
  • Coupons: You can also include the functionality of coupons in your app developed using Bobile editor.
  • Live chat: Last, but certainly not least, you can also include the functionality of live chat in your Bobile developed app,thus allowing your customers to chat with your business through your app.

In a nutshell, the Bobile app editor will allow you to add any popular feature of modern mobile app ecosystem to your app.

Hassle Free Submitter

Once you develop your app, the next step is submission. And fortunately, Bobile is here to take care of that as well. It'll submit your app to all popular app stores on the click of a button. That's super convenient.
However, there's one small shortcoming here. The basic plan of Bobile will submit your app to Google Play Store only. No love for iOS there!

In-Built Assistant

And this is the the best part. Maximizing the ROI from a mobile app requires periodic review and proper planning. Just pushing an app to the app stores does no good. Bobile folks understand this, and that's why they've built an assistant into their app builder that'll help you not only in retaining your customers but also in increasing your revenue from those customers.


While its features make it sound like an expensive app builder, you'll be surprised to learn that it's very affordable. The most basic plan, which is their Individual plan, costs only $10 per month. Then they've a blogger plan costing $20, and a Business plan costing $30. All plans provide you a powerful ad-free app builder and submission to all app stores. The mobile commerce plan includes a number of interesting business features too.

Moreover, you'll have to purchase the plan of your need only after a month because it comes with a 30-day free trial. So initially you can get started for free!


One of the great things about Bobile app builder is that it's aimed particularly on the needs of small business owners. As a result, its tools are aimed at maximizing the convenience of small businesses. While its editor and submitter will help you in developing and submitting your app, the in-built assistant and their support team will help in ensuring that your customers keep engaging with your app and you continue to earn more and more revenue from them. All of this is not bad, especially when compared against their rock bottom prices. A highly recommended tool for small business owners!

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