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By: Kovid Goyal
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Calibre is an ebook viewer and management software created by Kovid Goyal in 2006, immediately after the release of Sony e-reader PRS-500. The goal of the software is to give a satisfying way to read ebooks on the regular desktop operating system, with the ability to manage your ebook collection and share your ebook library. Though started by one person, Calibre becomes an open source software that has been developed and tested by many members of the open source community.

Manage Your Ebook Collection Easily

Calibre is a complete ebook management solution that allows you to manage your ebook collection in the virtual library. Your ebook collection can consist of various types of ebook files, and you can manage all of your ebooks in one place. Once you add your ebooks to the library, you can easily access and read any ebook within your collection in just a single click. The software also downloads the necessary metadata information for your ebook whenever you add it to your library. In this way, you can have a complete information about each ebook that you have.

Read Ebook Files On Your Desktop Computer

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a good ebook reader software that allows you to read ebook files on the desktop, especially EPUB and MOBI files. You can easily read these files on mobile devices or e-reader devices without any problem, but to find a reliable desktop software to read the ebook on your desktop computer is not an easy thing to do. Thankfully, this software exists to provide the solution for such problem, since not all people feel comfortable reading their ebook on small devices. They would prefer to read their ebooks on their desktop computer, which is what this software allows them to do.

Share And Backup Your Ebook Library

With Calibre, storing your ebook in a single virtual library is an easy thing to do. Once you’ve got your ebooks stored within the software library, it is very easy to backup your library to the cloud. This feature allows you to keep your library up to date at all times, while storing your files more safely in the cloud. Not only that, you can also share your ebook library with others and allow them access to your ebook collection. With this feature, you can access your ebook library from anywhere since it is synced automatically with the devices that you use.

Book Editing Feature

This software not only allows the storing and management of your ebook collection, but it also allows you to edit the individual ebook that you have. The software has a built-in ebook editor tool that allows you to edit the EPUB and Kindle ebooks the way you want it. There are various ebook editing features that you can use in the software editor, allowing you to change the elements of the ebook in the way you want it to look. The ebook editor tool is also easy to use and can be used efficiently by anyone who wants to make their ebook look different than the rest.

Download News And Magazines From The Web

With Calibre, you can store your ebook files locally, and you can also download news and magazines from the web as well. The software is integrated nicely with various news and magazine feeds around the globe, allowing you to download the latest stories from popular websites right into the software interface. The built-in RSS feed allows you to grab any stories from popular news and magazine publications automatically every day. In this way, you can get the latest news from these publications whenever you open the software for the first time during the day. The supported channels include The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, BBC News, and CNN.


Calibre is currently the best ebook reader software that you can use on your desktop computer, and not only that, it is also a very good ebook management software that allows you to manage your ebook collection seamlessly. With the features that add more enjoyment to your ebook reading on the desktop, you can count on this software to give you a reliable ebook reading experience that cannot be given by other similar desktop ebook reader software. Also, the integration with the cloud is a feature that helps to keep your library intact, whenever you go. With all these features to offer, paying free to download this software is something you shouldn’t miss.

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