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Detailed Reviews is a content delivery service powered by OnApp, a cloud computing software developed by OnApp Limited and released for the first time in 2010. has the main headquarter in Brick Lane, London, UK. The vision of is to provide fast web experience for users anywhere in the world, and provide an affordable price for their customers.

With a solid infrastructure, can reliably host your content and deliver it to the end users, no matter where they are located.

Quick Setup and Activation is designed with simplicity in mind, which means that you don’t need to go through complicated steps just to set up your account. The account setup process is done instantly, as do the activation process. Once you are signed up to the service, you can configure the content delivery resources quickly, and start using the service instantly once you have done the configuration process.

Easy Account and Content Management provides an easy account and content management that help you to control your account and manage your content easily. The control panel for your account can be accessed via web browser and mobile device, so that you can manage your account from anywhere. With easy content management, you can purge your content easily. There is also a GZIP support available for compression purpose.

Reliable Content Delivery

The service is designed to give the maximum performance that you can expect from any CDN service. guarantees fast and reliable content delivery with its persistent connection from their edge servers to the end users. The service also ensures that your content is always available for your website visitors to grab, by switching automatically between different locations to bring the content to the end users. Also, with an intelligent technology to determine the end user’s location, automatically matches the nearest location of the end users to minimize latency.

Support for Various Media Types with Free Shared SSL provides support for various media types that you might use on your website, including rich media types. The types of media that are supported by this platform are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, JPG and other image formats, flash, audio files, and video on demand. It also provides a free shared SSL service to ensure that the communication between the CDN server and your end users is secure and private. Custom SSL service is available, but it will cost you an additional fee.

Security Protection from DDoS Attacks

While DDoS attacks might not be a common occurrence, it is good to have a protection from such malicious attacks right from the start. provides security protection from DDoS attacks. This is done with the DDoS Protector Location that comes as a standard protection that is automatically included in your subscription with the service.

Detailed Reporting Analysis

This feature allows you to get a detailed report for your account. This includes information regarding usage data, traffic information, user information, and so on. The report helps you to understand more about your site performance. It can be accessed from the control panel.

Conclusion provides a solid infrastructure for content delivery network with data centers located in 113 cities. This allows the CDN platform to deliver your content from the nearest server location. This way, the end users can experience the fastest connection with the server, which allows continuous availability of your content. With the Pay As You Go service and no minimum monthly commitment, can be the best content delivery network that you can use for your website. Besides, it offers unlimited traffic, and you can use unlimited websites with it.

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